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New Server Migration

As some of you may have noticed, we had a couple of weeks of downtime here at LIL. Many of you found your way to the NEW iteration of LIL ( where I laid out the big issue. LIL has grown expensive to run and in needing a bigger server, generating money to help cover the cost was discussed. In the end, the community has decided to help donate towards keeping the site free (and ad free). If you play here all the time, please consider donating. You can find donation goals set at the new site. In any case, welcome back... the new server ensures we can keep the epic stories created on this site for all to read and enjoy! -Lissa

New registrations for this version of LIL have been suspended due to an overwhelming amount of spam accounts. The newer version of LIL is now open for testing HERE! You will need to register for the new site if you haven't. The Role Playing areas are not quite open yet, but will be shortly. This site and the existing forums here will NOT be deleted,

Welcome to Locked in Lace

Locked in Lace
Welcome to Locked in Lace: The Premire site for Interactive Forced Feminization. If you're new here, please take a look around. There is lots of fun stuff to explore, but be careful... guys tend to stop in out of curiosity and then find themselves here all the time, trapped in some frilly little outfit. Don't say you weren't warned!

If you don't know where to start, I suggest taking a look at some of the forums. We have a few to choose from. The Lacy Place is what we like to call 'Forced Fem Lite'. It's a role playing environment where you can create a character who is forced to work at a casino as a girl. No experience necessary, just jump right in. You might also check out the forums that started it all: Classic M&R. These focus on an evil Corporation that is turning helpless men into submissive sluts. And coming soon: M&R version 3.0 which is for the hard core forced feminization enthusiasts. So lots of fun is to be had.

And if that's not enough we have an OOC (Out of Character) area that you can chat with your friends, an ever evolving link archive of TG sites and people around the interweb, a few arcade games, stories and all kinds of other easter eggs hidden around.

So kick your heels up (you are wearing heels, right?) and dive right in...
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Locked in Lace