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Mom in Charge

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TITLE: Mom in Charge  PostPosted: May 24, 2007 - 08:48 PM #337524
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A war is raging. Casualty rates are high. Miss Jones' 18-year-old boy (Stephen) will be home soon. Through a bureaucratic error, he was not drafted. There is a possibility that he will not have not serve if he can lay low until it is over.

Miss Jones has alway wanted her "little baby" to be a girl, so she (deviously) informs the military that her son will be home soon. She asks if her son would have to serve if he becomes a girl and is told "no." The military has sent her a letter informing her that her son will have to report to a recruiting center 30 days after he gets back home. Stephen arrives home and Mom shows him the letter.

He distraught can't believe it. "How could this have happened?" Mom says "I don't know son. I'm sorry." Mom says "there is one way out of this son." "What is it Mom?" "You could become a girl. I've spoken to the doctor at the hospital across the street. She can do the operation on a week's notice and supply the needed female hormones."

Stephen immediately realizes what his mother has done. He is upset and enraged. At the same time, he does not want to be drafted. He does not know what to do or say. He begins to think about what being a girl would be like. He walks into his bedroom and looks in his closet; there are about a dozen pretty dresses (all his size) there.

Mom says "they were on sale. I couldn't resist." He looks down at the floor and sees half a dozen pretty, high-heeled, open-toed shoes. Mom says "Aren't they gorgeous Stephen? They were on sale too." He looks in the drawers next to the closet and sees lacy pink and white panties, bras, and stockings.

Mom has obviously been busy. Mom says "the thing is Stephen, in order to be ready for the operation, you have to start taking the hormones today." He wants to yell at his Mom, but he can't say or do anything. He sits on his bed and thinks. Maybe being a girl would not be so bad. "Okay Mom I will take the hormones." Mom says "Good Stephen. They are in the kitchen. follow me."

He takes the hormones and Mom says "I am going to help you be a girl Stephen. In 30 days it will all be over and you will be a girl named Stephanie. You will stay here with me. You will not leave home as other boys do. I will train you to clean, cook, knit, and sew as other girls do. I will choose your friends and, when the time comes, a boy friend for you."

Stephen is ambivalent. He does not really want to be a girl, but he does not feel that he can defy Mom. He does not ever remember Mom being so demanding. He would like to call someone and ask for help out of this situation, but he does not have any friends, and he suspects that no one will sympathize with his plight.

Mom says "Now go to bed stephanie. You must be very tired. Tomorrow we will have a discussion about your new life." Stephen lies down and falls sleep. Mom wakes him up precisely at 6am. "Wake up Stephanie, you've got a big day ahead of you. I have prepared this document for you to sign. Read it and sign it. I will be back in a few minutes."

Stephen looks at document titled "Rules for Living." It reads:

1. You (Stephanie) will leave the house only with my permission and be accompanied by me, and you will stay at my side the entire time we are out.

2. You will immediately obey all my commands without question or comment.

3. You will keep your hands raised and yours wrists bent back, unless you have a compelling reason not to.

4. You will look to me for guidance and advice.

5. You will be passive, timid, and docile at all times.

6. You will never raise your voice or "talk back" to me.

7. You will

8. I (Mom) will guide you, direct you, and make decisions for you.

9. (to be continued)

Stephen can't believe it. He is not only to be castrated and feminized, but he is going to be his Mom's personal slave as well. Mom has his whole life planned out for him. He wants to live his own life, but he can't do that if he dies in the war. Of course he is sure that Mom will take good care of him. He decides to sign the document.

Mom comes back into his room, looks at the signed document, and says "good stephen. Here are your hormones today." She hands him a small paper cup with a pill in it and a glass of water. He swallows the pill. "Now go take a shower and I will decide what you will wear today."

In the shower, stephen realizes that he has lost the ablility to have an erection. After he gets out of the shower, he sees the very sexy ultrashort dress, sexy high-heeled shoes, sheer stockings, garter belt, and panties lying on his bed. Mom says "get dressed stephen." Stephen slowly puts the clothes on. "Now go to the kitchen and make breakfast for me. I will show you how to do it." Stephen makes breakfast for Mom and cleans up afterward. Mom spends the rest of the day teaching Stephen how to do the household chores: cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

At the end of a long day, Mom and stephen are in the living room. Mom says "you have done a good job today stephen. Now kneel down and don't move or speak until I give you permission." Stephen kneels down on the carpet in front of his Mom. 15 minutes later, Mom says "got to your room, take a shower, and then go to bed stephen." In bed, stephen thinks about his day; he never realized how much work went into cooking, cleaning, knittng, and sewing. He is exhausted.

After a few more days, the hormones start have a major impact. Stephen can't believe how passive and docile he has become. He looks forward to each day of housework with great enthusiasm. He finds great satisfaction in his new role as a girl and Mom's personal servant.

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TITLE: RE: Mom in Charge  PostPosted: May 25, 2007 - 02:29 AM #337636
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TITLE: RE: Mom in Charge  PostPosted: May 25, 2007 - 08:49 AM #337679
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Sounds as though Stephanie will be in good hands.

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