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Main link categories

  Captioned Images (9) 

Collections of captioned images that focus on Forced Feminization or Transgender Characters.

  Fun Stuff (11) 

Sites that don't fit the other categories but are here just for fun.

  M&R Corporation Fan Sites/Spinoffs (2) 

Sites that further the adventures of the M&R Corporation.

  Models (3) 

Possible avatars and images. Some are available for hire (if you wish to spend the money on your online persona)... Make sure not to link to a site directly if you use a picture as an avatar but to host it on your own. See the FAQ for more info.

  Personal Pages (16) 

Home pages, blogs, diaries and photo collections.

  Phone Mistresses / Sissy Training (7) 

For those times when you need to hear a Mistress in person tell you what a silly airheaded girl you are.

  Stores (24) 

Shops and Businesses that cater to the TG community.

  Story Sites (11) 

Places that collect stories about Forced Feminization or Transgender characters.

  TG Resources (17) 

Support services for TG questions, concerns and support.

There are 100 Links and 9 Categories in the database
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