Role-Play Etiquette

By Melissa Daniels and Renee Carter ~ 2006

Little Sissy Sally just emailed me to say she's never playing here again. Here... let me show you what she said.

Dear Miss Melissa:

I just wanted to let you know that I'm never going to role play here again. It's just too frustrating! This isn't your fault. I just feel like everyone hates me! Any time I try to play with someone they get mad and I don't see that I'm doing anything wrong! I'm always nice. I don't try to hurt their feelings. But they keep saying that I'm writing their characters, or being rude. I give up. Thanks for letting me play as long as I did.

Mournfully Yours,
-Little Sissy Sally

Hard not to feel sorry for the silly little thing, isn't it? Are people that mean around here? Or did Sally just unintentionally rub people the wrong way? Let's examine some Role Play Etiquette and see if we can get to the bottom of this shall we?


The first post of Little Sissy Sally's that I came upon was one with a lovely little bimbo called Betty McHooters. It didn't take long to see why Sally was having trouble...

Please read the following post and see if you can discover what Role Playing 'no-no' Sally did and why Betty McHooters is so upset with her.

Little Sissy Sally wrote:

Betty comes over and takes off her dress. She says to me, “Ooh baby I want to show you something.” She strips down and dances for me. I enjoy the show.

QUESTION: Why is Betty McHooters upset with Little Sissy Sally?

ANSWER: (Highlight past this point to find out) Sally made one of the easiest blunders to make when trying to roleplay. She wrote Betty's actions and words for her instead of focusing on her own character.

If you re-read Sally's post, look at it from Betty's point of view. What if Betty didn't want to take off her dress (as hard as that is to believe). Betty may not be an eager girl. She may not be the wanton slut that would say something as corny as 'Ooh baby I want to show you something'. By putting words (and actions) in Betty's mouth, Sally played Betty's character instead of letting Betty play it.

But Miss Daniels. This is a forced feminization site, correct? Aren't we supposed to force the girls to act a certain way and say certain things? -confused in a corset

Dear Confused ~ Yes and no. Role-played forced feminization works best when you manipulate a male into behaving like a girl. Writing their words and actions for them doesn't make them feel nearly as out of control, helpless, feminine and submissive as when they have to write their own girlie responses. -M. Daniels

So lets see... Betty McHooters is upset with Little Sissy Sally because Sally wrote the actions and words of Betty's character. Let's help Sally rewrite her post to make Betty less angry.

Little Sissy Sally wrote:

“Betty, why don't you take your dress off for me and do a little dance.”

I sit back and watch to see what she'll do and say.

Compare this post with the one above. Do you see the difference?

The top one writes Betty's character for her. The second one allows her to play as well. If Sally had written this post to begin with, Betty might have actually danced for her. Poor little Sissy Sally.



Well Betty and Sally have made up. But apparently it wasn't just McHooters that Little Sissy Sally ticked off. I stumbled across another post of Sally's... this time with Jugs McKenzie.

Jugs McKenzie wrote:

It was dark in the room and I felt her smooth skin sliding up next to mine. Her lips were soft and wet, slick with the lipstick that had only been recently applied. I devoured her mouth with my own, wishing that the horrible belts between our legs could be removed if only just for one second.

“I want you,” I whispered into her ear, as I kissed down the nape of her neck. Her frilly white blouse covered the objects of my lust. The very things I so longed to kiss.

“Will you let me, my darling?”

Her response is not immediate, so I kiss back up to her lips.

“Be mine,” I moan, grinding up against her. Her supple body lithe and supple against my own. I yearn for her. I need her.

Woot. That's a bit steamy... and they seem to be getting along fine. Let's see how Little Sissy Sally responded...

Little Sissy Sally wrote:

Ooh that feels good. Take me nw. I want it so badly i can tate it.

QUESTION: What did Little Sissy Sally do wrong?

ANSWER: (Highlight past this point to find out) Well apart from horrible typos, Sally committed a major sin in RP Etiquette. If you look at the first girl's post, it obviously took her a little bit of time to write. It's not very long, but she did take a few minutes to type out a nice and fairly well written post that was proof read, spell checked and has no real errors in it. Now imagine you spent the time on such a post and received an answer like the one that Sally sent. Sally's message was no doubt typed in less that one minute. She also didn't even bother to read over the message before hitting the 'Submit' button. Why should Jugs ever bother to play with such a girl again? Even if she does, why should she bother to spend any real time with her? If it's not important enough for Sally to spend even a few minutes to respond, then why do it in the first place, right?

Did you figure it out?

Poor little Sissy Sally just needs to slow down and take her time a bit more. With any luck Jugs will give her another chance.


Complex Concept #1:

Just because a post isn't long, does not mean time was not spent writing it. Length does not always indicate time spent. The issue in question here is one of respect. Sally obviously didn't care enough about what Jugs was doing to give her even a half hearted response and THAT'S bad RP Etiquette.



Ok, so Jugs forgave Sally, provided she play a little more considerately from now on. Unfortunately Sally had pissed off a LOT more people.

The Pretty in Pink club has decided never to play with Sally again. It turns out that Sally 'hijacked one of their threads'. What did Little Sissy Sally do?

  1. Stole some of their clothes
  2. Had sex with their leader
  3. Snuck off with their sewing kits
  4. Jumped into one of their stories and turned it into a story about herself

ANSWER: (Highlight past this point to find out) 4

Apparently the Pink Ladies had convened together to discuss the joy and wonder of pink hair bows. Things were going along just fine, until Little Sissy Sally came in and demanded that they all pay attention to her and her wonderful red lipstick. Not only did she offend the Pink club by mentioning the word Red, but she also committed yet another RP Etiquette error. Taking over an existing thread and making it all about you will rub people the wrong way. Do it too often and you'll soon find yourself with no one to play with at all.


Well it looks like Little Sissy Sally may get to stick around after all. The Pretty in Pink club has decided to give her another chance (provided she not thread steal or wear red lipstick). After a long, considerate post to Jugs, the two girls kissed and made up. Betty McHooters ended up dancing for Sally, once Sally gave her the chance. All seems right with the little sissy.

So what have we learned today girls? Lets review...

  1. Be considerate
  2. Don't write words or actions for other people.
  3. Try to spend time, energy and thought on your responses.
  4. Don't 'thread-steal'.
  5. When in doubt...communicate.

Now scurry off and go role-play. Just stand up straight and keep that etiquette book on your head at all times.