Domme Chat

Gather around girls... It's story time.

Next Saturday, at 9PM (EST) I'll be hosting the first LIL Domme Chat. Many of you have questions, concerns and / or thoughts about LIL and I thought it would be useful to schedule a good old fashioned sit down and see who shows up. I will be creating a SPECIAL chat room that will appear that evening, so make sure your chat is turned on (you can do that in your profile) and look for it in the pop up chat window in the bottom right of the screen next Saturday.

Caption Winner

I'm proud to announce that Sabrina has won the first official Caption Contest at Locked in Lace. Hers showed the best use of space, content, originality and overall tone. (Although there were many fun ones to choose from... you girls didn't make this easy). Please congratulate Sabrina and give her butt an extra pinch when you see her!

Chatty Kathys

So I've reinstated the chat module and instead of running custom javascript on our server, I'm going through a paid chat system. This is good for a multitude of reasons (predominantly stability). You'll see some improved functionality too (such as the embedded chat room in the chat tab up top).

That being said... this is costing me an extra $20 / month.

If you like it... (and if you can)... help out.

Enjoy sissy girls...


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