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A bit of RL Lissa land news

So as of tomorrow I'm traveling for a bit. I'm in the process of moving to sunny californication and the next few days / weeks are going to be a bit transitory for me. Whilst I'm bringing my computer, I will be living in a hotel room for a couple of weeks before getting established in my new apartment. My lovely blonde bondage babe will be joining me shortly after that, but in the meantime, we are in a state of transition.

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Spam spam spam spam sexy sissy spam


I need your help. Part of the issue with the load on the server seems to also be coming from the automated mailer. I'm not sure where this is coming from on the site, but we are getting a huge number of email pings from
a php script:

I have shut down the legacy areas of the site in an effort to curtail this, but can all you wannabe blood hounds out there poke around and make sure this isn't appearing on this part of the site (or in the new Lacy?)

Any help is appreciated.

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Backup Issues

Just to keep you all 'in the know'. We have arrived at the point in our LIL adventure where we have grown too large for our current automated backup system.

*mutters* stupid success...

You may have noticed that each morning we are experiencing a minor crash where access to the site is down. This happens because during the automated nightly backup the database is getting corrupted due to a memory time out and then the site is down until I log in and repair the database.

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lacy is back

Well that took forever.

Over 40 solid work hours on it and it still has issues... but the core problem is solved. I'm going to go sleep now. Change updates are listed on the Lacy main page.

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Lacy Update

Just a quick update on the state and mind of Lacy... Do NOT be alarmed.

In trying to implement a fairly simple if/then condition into the forums, I discovered a core insecurity that would have eventually caused a bit of a collapse of our delicate little feminine card structure. Imma gonna fixit.

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