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Jodie Anderson stories...

So many of you know that I am a true slave to Denver's stories...and I like Jodie Anderson almost as much. I was wondering since LiL has the no-longer updating Storysite as a link ... if anyone here "has the goods" on what went down between Jodie and the site. She has 23 stories in the author index...and when you go to the landing page it tells you "Stories removed by authors request..." Clearly, some bad blood was spilled. Now, I like juicy gossip as much as the next girl, but I really want to re-read those classic tales. Any leads...ladies?

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Evie, you should still be able to view her stories if you look up the story name instead.

I believe some of the authors asked for their work to be withdrawn from the site after a bit of fall out over some of the content on the site.

I may be wrong but I think Jodie used to be a Domme at Corporation too?

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I had mixed success with Story Name Look-up... The One Series that has TIOGA in it... How does that go? Drawing of the Starlet is easy enough...

It's a shame the Storysite doesn't take new stories. Smaller archives have popped up but with no back catalog and a small number of authors. Nifty's search tool is horrible...takes me back to newsgroup days. There's some fiction on Deviantart but Denver pretty much has only his poser stuff. BigCloset has these serials that are in Episode1876...??? Hard to navigate even with keyword...storysite had different stuff than fictionmania. For instance Con Job from Denver is not on Fictionmania, but is on Storysite. I digress...

It would be great to run into one of the writers here. A special thrill. I never made comments after the stories I liked on fictionmania...was a lame lurker, but here I am a reformed girl. When I see caps of fiction I like...I chime in. Fictionmania...didn't seem like a community like this does. Maybe it's the warm avatars... Oh well, talking your ear off...
Thanks for the response...


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Yes its seems that storysite is no longer being updated, which is a shame as it was one of the best.

Talking about writers, quite a few of them do play here or at least take a peek.As long as you give them plenty back in story threads they will be happy to play with you.Melissa herself is a brillant writer and has quite alot of alts she uses to get a bit of site action so just look carefully at some of the new threads in the role play sections and you never know who you might meet here? ;)

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That's what makes this site special. If you love forced femme fiction, you get to really step into a story. I have the this insatiable appetite for the stuff and I love meeting players whose approach is distinctive. People who love Bimboization, Sissification, Cuckolding, Chastity play, there are all distinct 'spices' that flavor the stories in special ways. It seems that if I learn someone's fetish from the 'inside' I learn quite a bit about myself. I didn't think I could do 'Cuckolding' but there is a story on Ficitionmania...that turned me around...plus Sara Desmarais's writings are amazingly hot...so I sort of 'get it' now. It's a turn-on. Not like any of the deep hooks that are sunk so far inside of me that I jump when they are pulled...but full of intensity and promising in potential.
Nice to have a back and forth with you...
I prefer to read instead of write...but on a site like this...it is give&take!


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I love Jodie Anderson's stories. I have only read a few of them before they were taken off the Storysite. I did not realise there were so many written until now. I will have to look for them.

It's also a nice concidence that some of the characters in her stories are also called Jacqueline :)

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I found "My, My Are You In Trouble Now" on a russian website. Without knowing titles of JA stories, I can't help more for now...hopefully this link will have more:


The Negotiations, The Love Lair, and Midnight Transformations are still on Fictionmania.TV


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"The Drawing of the Starlet"...found it embedded inside Storysite. The pages and stories youre looking for may still be on the server, just not viewable publicly.


The Inner Realm Of Tioga








Sequel to above story:

While In The Arms Of Morpheus



Be Careful What You Wish For



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Jacqueline... Sonja's right. I think the links and index are gone, but the stories are still there. I used to use Storysite's Google engine to find the JA stories until 'The site' thought I was a Spambot and locked me out....

If you love Jodie look up Jackie Pett too


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You know, that's kind of shitty that Crystal did that...if someone wants their stories removed, they should be physically removed from the server, not just gone from the list of links.

Anymore if I read a story, I'll download it whether or not it was good, in case this exact situation comes up. But I don't really frequent sites outside of Lacy much anymore....the best talent in Femdom on the internet is right here and only one bookmark away.


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I wonder what happened to Jodie. She used to haunt this place as well. (If you search the Classic Forums you'll find all kinds of Jodie goodness. :D Hint: http://lockedinlace.com/Classic/search.php and search for "Jodie Anderson")

Someone should track her down and drag her back here. We miss her!

Have you done your affirmation today, pretty girl?