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We also recommend you read the Key Concepts posts in this FAQ, as they cover important points to be aware of.
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Step 2: Look Around & Learn *Click me!*

Take your time exploring the site before doing anything, so you know what's on offer and what's expected of you. In particular:
  • Read this FAQ, especially the Key Concepts posts. There's a lot here, so focus on a bit at a time.
  • Read our Top 10 Tips For Newbies in the New Users forum.
  • Look at what others are doing on the site, to get a feel for how it all works, and to see if anyone looks like a potential playmate.

Step 3: Introduce Yourself *Click me!*

Say hello on the Welcome New Users forum to let us know who you are and what you're into. Be descriptive here, as it'll help you get attention. How did you find us? What do you like about feminization? Do you crossdress in real life? What other hobbies and interests do you have? You'll get an achievement point for the post, and some friendly players will drop by to welcome you (who may become playmates).
You can also contact people directly by sending Private Messages (PMs). You'll find the option to do this on every user's profile page. Please be polite and respectful when contacting people, as they won't like it if you're demanding or impatient.

Step 4: Get Involved! *Click me!*

Roleplaying is very popular here. It involves creating a character and telling their story, interacting with other users along the way. To find our more, read the entries about Roleplaying Games and Key Concepts in this FAQ. Those posts will help you understand things and avoid common mistakes. Take it slowly!
Apart from that, you can also talk to people in the chat rooms, discuss things on our forums, read and post stories and captions, become a better sissy in our Academy, explore our library of links to other sites, play games and so on. There are lots of fun surprises, so do explore!
It's all free to use, but it does cost money to keep it running. So if you spend lots of time here and are able to donate to help us out, however small, we'd really appreciate it. :)

Step 5: Where To Find Help *Click me!*

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Thank you to all our users for helping LiL to survive and be exciting for so many years. We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you! :D

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On our roleplaying game sites, you can have multiple characters in a single account, which makes things easier.
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    • If you really do need to step away, just stop logging in. That way, your account will stay open, so you can return when you feel ready. In our experience, the vast majority of people who claim they're leaving for good change their minds later. So never say never, because it rarely is never. ;)

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Finally, as you browse the site, here are the most common features you'll come across:

  • Usernames - People's usernames are shown next to everything they post. Simply click the user's name or picture to see their profile. From there, you can send them a private message (if you're logged in) and track everything they've posted.
  • Bookmark this - You'll only see this if you're logged in. If you like a particular forum topic, caption, or story, use this link to add it to your Library. The option will then change to say Unbookmark this, which you can click to remove the bookmark at any time. To see your bookmarks, hover over the Account tab at the top of the site and click Bookmarks on the drop-down menu.
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  • Permalink / Post Number - When people leave comments, you will see a 'permalink' option next to each one, or a number at the top right of the post (e.g. #1). That is a direct link for that particular comment. This means you can right-click on it and select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location, so you can then paste it elsewhere.

So those are the basic, important things to get you started. But the only way to really understand the site is to explore and try it out. So give it a go, and have fun! :D

Our roleplaying games allow you to create a character and tell their story, interacting with other characters (played by other users) along the way.

If you're new to it, don't worry. Just take things slowly and you'll be fine. Before we tell you about the games, here are some important points and links:

  • All characters and stories must comply with our site rules (no under-18s, no bestiality, incest, etc).
  • We strongly suggest reading these posts - Getting Started Advice, Forced Fem and Roleplaying and Posting Etiquette. They stress the importance of communication and respect between players, and will help you avoid common newbie mistakes.
  • The Welcome New Users forum is where you can introduce the real you before you start playing.
  • The Bulletin Board is a good place to post requests for help as you go along. You can also (politely) contact players directly using Private Messages as well, to see if they're willing to help you out.
  • You can have multiple characters in a single account. You don't need to register multiple accounts, though you can if you wish (see the Account Registration FAQ for detailed help).

With that out of the way, here are the options you have for roleplaying here. Click one to find out more about it:

The Lacy Place *Click me!*

The Lacy Place game is set in a casino, where customers are tricked into debt, then have to work as girls to pay it off:
  • You play this game on the Lacy Place website - but you must register and login here on the Main site to access it. The Lacy site has its own FAQ to help you. Note: The Adventures From The Lacy Place forum here on the Main site is a temporary area which we will be locking down, so please use the new site to play.
  • It is a freeform, sandbox-type environment. This means there is a very basic structure, with everything on top created by the community.
  • The level of force is quite low, but how you play is up to you. You can play everything from happy girlies to humiliated sluts.
  • It is set in the real world, so no magic or sci-fi is allowed (other than slightly advanced transformation technology).
  • You can see the history of Lacy on our old site, the Classic Archive threads in our Lacy Discussion forum and temporary Main site forum, which people were using before the new site went live.
  • If you're only just moving here from the old site, don't worry. You don't have to restart your story. Just create your character profile, then continue playing from where you left off. It's still the same game you know and love.

The Corporation *Click me!*

The Corporation game is about an evil company that forcibly turns men into sexy submissive girls. It then trains them in various roles to serve, pleasure and entertain the company's wealthy clients.
  • You play this game in our Corporation Tales forum. This is a temporary home until we've finished building the actual Corporation site.
  • It has a well-defined structure, but there's loads of freedom for storytelling within it.
  • The level of force is heavier than for the Lacy Place, with more emphasis on defined rules and areas.
  • It is set in the real world, so no magic or sci-fi is allowed (other than slightly advanced transformation technology).
  • You can see the history of the Corporation on our old site, the Classic Archive threads in our Corporation Discussion forum and the temporary Main site forum.
  • If you're only just moving here from the old site, don't worry. You don't have to restart your story. Just create your character profile, then continue playing from where you left off. It's still the same game you know and love.

Main Site Forums *Click me!*

You can use the forums here on our Main site to play out stories that don't fit in each of those games, specifically:
  • The magic and sci-fi forum is for any stories not set in the real world
  • The New Players forum can be used for stories that don't fit anywhere else.
  • You can use the Submissive and Dominant registries to store character profiles and preferences (note that the Lacy Place website also has its own registry in its Front Desk forum).

The Isle Of Submission *Click me!*

The Isle Of Submission is a complex game planned for the future. It's a long way away yet, but you can read a bit about the early history and concepts of it here.

In Forced Feminization there is a dominant person, of any gender, who forces a male (or a 'masculine' female) into taking on a feminine and submissive role. The submissive is often seen as unwilling and reluctant, hence the force. Deep down, however, the submissive actually WANTS it to happen, even if they act like they don't.

Roleplaying is a safe way of exploring that fantasy. In our games here at LiL, you can create a fictional character (who is dominant or submissive) and tell their story, interacting with other characters played by our other users. Each game has its own guidelines and story ideas to help you get involved. We also have a few basic Role Playing forums here on the Main site that you can use for practice and general fun outside of the games.

It's VERY important to understand the difference between Players and their Characters:

  • Players are the real-life people using this site on their computers.
    Anything written from a Player's point of view is Out Of Character (OOC).
  • Characters are the fictional people in the stories, created by the Players.
    Anything written from a Character's point of view is In Character (IC).

That might seem obvious, but some people get so deeply involved that it's hard to tell the difference. Yet there is a big difference, because they can each act very differently.

For instance, a Character might beg not to be spanked, but the Player might really want it. But if the Player hasn't told you that, how can you be sure they want it? Or if you have a new idea for the story, how do you know if they'll like it?

Likewise, if there’s something you want to happen, how will people know unless you tell them? Nobody can read your mind, so don’t make people guess, or they may well get it wrong.

The same applies if another player upsets you. They won’t understand what’s wrong unless you tell them, so you need to discuss it in a polite, adult manner. Don’t be rude to them, as it’ll just make you look bad. Just talk about it properly, and you should be able to sort something out. But if you can't settle things, don’t be afraid to contact one of the admins, they're here to help you.

So remember - OOC communication is vital. We cannot stress it enough. When you play with someone, keep in regular contact with them outside of the story (e.g. using Private Messages). If you're friendly and clearly understand each other's fantasies and limits, it's a lot easier to make things fun for each other and resolve problems.

Have a look at this link or the video below, to understand why this is all so important.

Video adapted from this essay.

If you’re new here, you probably have a mixture of feelings. You’re (hopefully) keen to get involved and have fun, but you’ll also be anxious to make a good impression and find new friends. Truth is, you'll settle in pretty quickly once you get used to it all, but it can be hard at first.

If you want to get on with people, then you need to show respect for other players on the site. Doing so will earn you a lot of respect in return.

It's actually quite easy to do that, as long as you take your time and keep the following important tips in mind. Click each heading to reveal the explanation:

Take things slowly *Click me!*

Don’t just dive in and post in lots of random places to get attention. And never interrupt other people's stories without permission. At best you’ll look impatient, and at worst you’ll really upset people if you dive into private threads uninvited. You’re much better off making a single, well-thought out post to request help or to start your story, as people will appreciate the effort.
And talking of stories - if you speed through them to the end, the experience won’t be anywhere near as exciting as it could be, and you might run out of things to do. It's all very well getting a 'quick fix', but the satisfaction doesn't last long then. So build things up slowly and naturally - don't be afraid to involve plenty of foreplay before the story’s climax. It'll be more interesting for you to write and for others to read.
On a similar note, you also need to be patient. We’re not a chat room, so you won’t get instant replies to your posts. We’re all in different time zones and log in at different times. And we all have real lives away from LiL, which can be very demanding and time-consuming for some people. So don’t put pressure on people to respond - there's plenty of other goodies around here to entertain you while you wait. :)

Communicate your desires clearly *Click me!*

If people don't get what they want or they fall out, it's pretty much always because they haven't communicated properly or respectfully. Remember, nobody is a mind-reader, so people won't know what makes you the most happy unless you tell them. We cannot stress this enough.
So don’t just say you’ll do anything or that you have no limits. It’s actually very unhelpful. It means people have to guess how to please you, and it suggests you haven’t given any real thought as to your fantasies and limits. Fact is, there will be certain things that really turn you on, and things that you would rather avoid. Everybody has limits of some sort, even those who claim they don't. And your playmates need to know what turns you on and off. Ideal places to tell us are your profile, an OOC comment attached to your first story post, and also when exchanging messages with new playmates.
This is REALLY important, because everybody is different. There will be some players and characters who you really click with, and others who are just not suitable for you at all. So being open about your fantasies and limits is vital, to help match you up with the right people, and so those people know how to make stories fun for you. And if you get to know their fantasies as well (which you should), you can help them have fun too.

Don’t force things on other players *Click me!*

That might sound bizarre on a forced fem site, but remember the distinction between Players and Characters. You must always respect the wishes and desires of other Players, especially about their characters and stories. After all, they’re here to have fun just like you.
So don’t write the words and actions of other people’s characters, don’t cross any player’s limits, and don’t change stories in a radical way if people aren’t happy for you to do so. Instead, get to know your playmates by communicating regularly, so you can reach agreement on how to make the stories work for everyone involved. Don’t be demanding or put pressure on anyone - just work together to ensure everyone has fun.

Think before you write *Click me!*

If you’re not prepared to put a bit of effort into your writing, then other players won’t either. In other words, if your playmates have given up their time and creative energy to help you, then at least try to do the same in return.
So, before you type, put yourself in your character’s shoes and immerse yourself in the scene. What can they sense around them (use all their senses - sight, sound, etc). What are they doing, feeling, thinking, saying, etc? If you’re starting a new thread, or moving to a new location in the story, try to set the scene and get a clear picture in your head. And if you’re replying to someone, think about how your character will react. Be careful not to respond to a character’s private thoughts, you can’t read minds.

Make your posts clear and easy to understand *Click me!*

Once you’ve got the scene clear in your mind, you must then put it into words. The post doesn’t need to be long, but try to be descriptive so we can understand what’s in your head and enjoy what’s going on. And then, try to ensure the post is readable - following these tips will help:
  • Clearly separate speaking and thinking so your readers don’t get confused. And don’t respond to another character’s private thoughts - your character can’t read minds!
  • Use sentences, paragraphs and punctuation to break the text up - people won’t want to read lengthy, unbroken blocks of text.
  • Check your spelling and grammar as best you can (we appreciate it’s difficult for some, so just do what you can).
  • Adding text effects and images can help your post to look more attractive - as long as you don’t go over the top with them. These are discussed later in this FAQ.
  • Make sure your playmates have something to respond to, so the story keeps moving forward bit by bit (but not too quickly - again, there’s not much to gain by rushing stories).

The idea of serving a mistress is amazing, whether it's in stories here or in real-life. However, you must be very careful and realistic. Otherwise, if you rush into things, you won't get the experience you hoped for, either on the forums here or in real-life. You could even come to serious harm.

So please read the following advice carefully, as it summarises what you need to know. Click each heading to reveal more information.

Real-Life Training and Fake Mistresses *Click me!*

We are not a contact site for finding real-life Doms. We're about fantasy roleplay - which will actually give you great experience of what the Dom/Sub relationship is like, in a safe and virtual way. You'll learn a lot from it. However, when it comes to actual real life training, we strongly advise that you read these two posts:
How To Find A Professional Mistress And Avoid Fakers
How To Become A Permanent 24/7 Sissy Slave
Remember, a genuine, professional mistress will NEVER EVER approach people on a site like this to offer real-life training. If a complete stranger tries to offer you such training here, and/or tries to get personal info from you, please report them to one of the admins immediately. NEVER EVER give personal info, contact details or money to complete strangers online.
It's a very important point, because we've had fake mistresses trying to recruit slaves every so often. They approach users via Chat or Private Messages, asking for private contact by email, Skype or phone, away from the site where we can't monitor them. They also try to get personal info, photos and, ultimately, money. These people are dangerous, and we will ban them as soon as you tell us about them. A true mistress will have a solid reputation and presence elsewhere online - with a well-written website, regular activity on social media, photos, videos, etc. They will wait for slaves to approach them via their own pages - they will NEVER go fishing on sites like ours.

Finding A Mistress For Your Stories *Click me!*

If you're new here, we strongly suggest you focus on starting your character’s story first, before you try to be anybody's slave. This will help you settle into the game, and will allow the Doms to see what your playing style is like. The friends you make during your intro will also be able to recommend people you can approach.
Once you've settled in a bit, you can then look at politely approaching a Dom via Private Messages or Chat.
DO NOT just say you'll do anything. It's not at all helpful, because it doesn’t tell the Dom anything. You need to put in more effort than that to stand out from the crowd, and you need to understand how the Dom/Sub relationship works. So be clear about what you're looking for:
  • What kind of domination do you want? Do you want a loving, caring Dom to gently guide you on your journey? Or do you want a dom to tease you and humiliate you in a fun, sexy way? Or do you want a dom to treat you like dirt and make you do all sorts of horrible things? Or do you want something else?
  • What are your fantasies and limits? Doms need to know what you do and don't like - they can't read your mind to find out! And everyone has limits of some sort. So, by telling a dom what you're particularly into (or not into), they can make the experience as fun for you as possible. Don’t write a massive list, but do give them a general guide to work with. It'll make their job a lot easier.
  • Are you looking to be marked as their property (e.g. collared)? Marking isn’t a required part of the relationship, but if you want it, don’t beg for it too early. Most Doms won’t mark Subs they barely know, and marking should symbolise a well-developed, close relationship. So just chat and play with them first, to build up trust and respect for each other. Then you can consider asking - or, indeed, the Dom might offer.

If you take the time to consider things like this, it will earn you a lot of respect, and will give you a much better chance of finding a Dom that's a good match.

Don’t treat Doms like slaves *Click me!*

Many Subs wrongly assume that Doms are there to do everything for them and have to satisfy their every demand. But that’s wrong and unfair. It’s not just about you, and that sort of attitude can put off Doms from playing.
Fact is, Doms are just here to have fun. They are not obliged to do anything for you. Once you’ve told them what you’re looking for, it's their choice if they play with you or not, and which of your fantasies they feel able to satisfy. Don’t demand things from them or write a long list or script for them to follow. And don’t get impatient when waiting for their replies
Of course, you can politely refuse things you genuinely don't like, because Doms cannot cross your limits. Just make sure you communicate Out Of Character to make your limits clear, else it won't be obvious (e.g. even if a Character resists something, the Player may still want it).

Communicate regularly and show respect *Click me!*

Even if the Sub and Dom Characters don’t get on, it’s essential that the Players do. There must be respect, trust, loyalty and understanding for the relationship to work - and the best way to earn this is through Out Of Character communication (e.g. Private Messages, email, chat, etc). If you get on well outside the game, then you’ll have more fun in the game.
So get to know your Dom. Find out their interests, limits, playing style, etc. Ask what they expect from you, and how you can make the experience fun for them. And then, as you play your story together, keep in touch to make sure you’re both having fun, and to bounce ideas off each other for how to continue. And if something isn’t going quite right, have a polite discussion to figure out how best to fix it.
Also, in the story itself, make sure you put effort into your posts. If your Dom writes a few, well-written paragraphs for each post, they won’t be impressed if you come back with just a line or two every time. So think about it. Describe how your character is thinking, feeling and reacting, and explore the situation. Don’t rush the story, just do enough to keep it moving along at a natural pace.
And finally, thank your Dom if you really enjoy playing with them. Lots of Subs forget to do this, but it means an awful lot to a Dom if they feel appreciated. It means they’ll be more willing to play with you again, and more likely to stay on the site in general. And you want that, right?

Doms are very much encouraged here, and are naturally in high demand from our Subs. Of course, being a Dom isn’t as easy as it looks - it carries a lot of responsibility and can be hard work. But it's also very rewarding when you get it right, resulting in some very special friendships. So it's well worth the effort, and your confidence will grow as you settle in. And we hope you have fun with it all!

As always, the key thing is to have respect, trust and communication between all players - meaning the Players must get on well, even if their Characters don’t. So it must be clear that you’re friendly and approachable as a Player, especially if your Character is an evil type. You’ll therefore need to communicate regularly (using Private Messages, email, chat, etc), both before and during your stories. It’s vital so you can develop a good friendship, help each other have fun and know how to avoid each other’s limits.

Here’s some other important advice to bear in mind, please read it through carefully, by clicking each heading to reveal the information:

First Steps *Click me!*

Have a good look around to start with, especially if you’re new. Make sure you understand the rules and guidelines, and get a feel for the stories and players we have here. And don’t be afraid to ask questions - other players and the admins will be happy to help you.
Then, when you feel ready, you can create your character and start their story, setting up their arrival and establishing the type of person they are. Also be clear about your fetishes and limits - particularly in your profile, but it’s also helpful to summarise them in your very first story post too. as this is the first thing many people will see. For instance, is your Character a loving, caring Dom, or do they prefer to humiliate and punish the Subs? Are they into kinky games? Do they want a maid to serve them? And so on, there are lots of possibilities.

Contacting Other Players *Click me!*

Once the Subs become aware of a new Dom in town, some might get in touch to ask if you’ll play with them. You can also contact any players on the site that you like the look of. That includes other Doms of course, who can give you useful advice and add extra variety in your stories. You’re certainly not restricted to playing only with Subs.
In any case, you’re not obliged to play with anyone who asks - it’s your choice who you play with and what stories you agree to. So don’t let people pressure you. Do some research to decide if they’ll be a good match for you. Chat to them about their desires, limits, etc, and read their posts and profile info.
If a Sub claims they’ll do anything and gives you no guidance, don’t be afraid to ask for more detail - after all, you’re not a mind-reader! Likewise, if you’re given a huge list of demands or a long script, you can ask them to scale it back so it’s not too overwhelming or restricting. And if they’re not right for you, it’s perfectly fine to say no.

Doms Have No OOC authority *Click me!*

All Players are equal, regardless of each Character's status. The only authority you have is In Character in roleplay scenes - provided you and your playmates are in agreement Out Of Character (OOC). And when it comes to other players (at an OOC level), you cannot cross their limits, dictate how their stories should go, decide who they can interact with onthe site, or order them around in any other fashion. This still applies even if the other player's submissive character is the 'property' of your dominant character, because that ownership is really just an In Character fantasy.
Also, you’re not in competition with other Doms either. It doesn’t matter if people do things differently to you or if multiple Doms share the same job title, as long as everyone’s behaving within the rules. The variety is important, and working together with other Doms can make things very interesting.

Acting Submissive *Click me!*

You can also do stories where your Dom character is dominated by someone else - perhaps your character is a bit of a switch for instance. Just be a bit careful here - if the Subs form the impression that your character is actually rather submissive, it can really diminish any authority you want them to have. So
If you do find you have a really submissive streak, then you might want to create a separate Sub Character to satisfy that side of you. It’s surprisingly common - many Doms here have previously played, or are currently playing, a Sub character. As well as giving you extra variety in your play, it also helps you to gain an understanding of what it’s like to be a Sub, which you may find very useful when you go back to dominating them.

Owning Subs *Click me!*

It’s not essential or required, but some Doms like to 'mark' one or more Subs as their property, to signify the closeness of their relationship - e.g. using a collar, tattoo, jewellery, etc. Most of them will show this in their signatures or profiles, so it's clear to others.
If you want to do this, then don’t rush it. As your relationships with other players develop, it’ll naturally become clear if you’d like to adopt a particular Sub. Of course, some Subs will start asking or begging to be marked early on, but you don’t have to say yes straight away. If they’re serious about it, they’ll be willing to prove themselves worthy first.
Make sure you discuss it first before you actually mark them. After all, you need the Player\s consent, even if their Character doesn’t want it. And there are other things to consider. For instance, will the Sub still be allowed to play with other Doms? Can other Doms punish them when they misbehave, or do they have to report it to you? You need reach an agreement that you’re both comfortable with. Don't force lots of restrictions on them, as the Sub might not want their playing limited too much.
It’s also important to understand that it’s not a competition. Having lots of marked subs doesn’t prove anything or give you any privileges. And don’t try to 'steal’ or mark a Sub that’s already owned by another Dom either, unless both the Dom and Sub in question say it’s ok. A Sub can certainly be owned by multiple Doms, but everyone involved needs to agree on how it’ll work.

If you're new, you don't need to worry too much about the following concepts to begin with. But as you get more involved, or if you're just curious, you may find it useful to be aware of them and make use of them. Click each heading to reveal the information:

Alternate Characters (Alts) *Click me!*

Alts (Alternate Characters) are extra characters created by a player for their own, private use. Nobody else can post as those characters. So, if you create multiple characters in your account, in order to tell different stories, they will usually be alts (unless you consider any of them as an NPC - see below).
Alternatively, some people create separate player accounts for each character, to keep their alts secret - but it then means you have to log in to a separate account for each character, which isn’t as convenient.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) *Click me!*

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) are supporting characters that everyone can write. Unlike alts, they are not the sole property of just one player.
NPCs are extremely useful. If you need an extra character in your story, and you can't find someone else to play them, then just write the character yourself. It may be just for one post, or you might use them regularly. Examples could be a bartender serving you a drink, a casino customer, a manager, etc.
Just don't use a character that's private to another player, that's the important thing.
The Lacy Place actually has a few NPCs already created for you to use. Go to the pages for each area of the casino, and some of them will have NPCs listed. These are characters that everyone can use at any time.
You can write an NPC in one of two ways:
  • Write them into your main character's posts, making it clear the NPC is a different character (e.g. add a picture or heading, use different coloured text, etc); or
  • Create them as an additional character in your account, and then post as that character. If you do this, make it clear they're an NPC - e.g. state it in their name and/or signature. That way, other people will know they can use the character as well. Otherwise, they might mistake it for a private alt of yours.

So don't be afraid to use them, as NPCs can add a great deal of variety and freedom to your stories.

First vs Third Person *Click me!*

This refers to the style of writing being used in the stories. Most people write in the first person style, but it's fine to use the third person style if you prefer.
First Person involves writing from the character's own point of view - e.g. "I did this", "I said", "We decided", "We did", etc.
Third Person involves writing as a narrator (a non-existent 'third person') who observes the character's actions - e.g. "Sally did that", "He said", "She thought", "They decided" etc. If you write this way, please make sure you're only describing your own character, not anyone else's.
As for Second Person, that's where descriptions are aimed at another player's character - e.g. "You look around", "You kiss her", "You wonder what to do", etc. Here at LiL, however, you must never write the actions of other people's characters for them, unless they've said you can, so this style is very rarely seen here. That said, you may come across it in interactive stories written by our webmistress Melissa, but that's another matter... *grins*

The Theory of ReLILtivity *Click me!*

ReLILtivity is a word our users have invented, to reflect the fact that character (story) timelines differ to player (real-life) timelines.
Put simply, it takes longer to write a story than it does for the events to happen. A story covering an hour of your character's life can easily take days, weeks or months to write. And if you're only doing one story at a time, it's easy to keep track of the order in which those stories occur.
As you get more involved, however, you're likely to do multiple stories at once. These will all take place at different points in your character's timeline - after all, they can't be in two places at once. But even so, is still isn't a problem in a most cases. The order of the stories might be obvious, or it just won’t matter.
But sometimes the order does matter, especially if something changes about your character. For instance, let's say your character gets massive breast implants in one of your stories. Your friends are bound to notice! But some stories are still taking place before you had the implants, so you can't talk about them there. And some stories will happen after. So you may end up playing two variations of your character for a bit, and you'll need to remember which is which!
Sometimes it’s easy to keep track, but sometimes it can be confusing. So you need to try and keep things consistent and in some sort of order in your head. Your character's diary is the ideal place to organize things this way, so that you (and others) can make sense of what's going on. Or you can make some notes on your own computer if you prefer. In any case, it's just something to think about.

The forums here in the main hub of Locked In Lace allow you to introduce yourself, try a bit of roleplaying, tell us about your real life adventures, and discuss any other topic you like. So please feel free to get involved!

If you want to use the roleplaying areas, please read the Getting Started instructions in the New Players area first, and have a look at the Key Concepts FAQ posts for additional advice.

Each forum contains a group of Topics (sometimes called threads), and each topic is made up of a number of Posts (or comments). In other words, it's a set of conversations, which everyone can join in with.

To see the forums, click on the Forums tab at the top of the site (or hover over it and click General Forums on the drop-down menu). In the main forums index, click a forum title to see the list of topics within it, and click the name of a topic to see the posts it contains. The posts will be in order, with the earliest post at the top.

How do I start a new topic? *Click me!*

Go to the relevant forum and click the New Topic button. You'll see these options:
  • Subject - Give the topic a meaningful name.
  • Forums - If you want to post in a different forum, select it from this list.
  • Body - Enter the main text of your post here. It can be as long as you like - the text will scroll if necessary - and you can drag the bottom of the box to make it bigger.
  • Edit Summary - Ignore this, we don't use summaries on the forums.
  • Text Formats - Allows you to add effects to your text. See the entries on posting effects later in this FAQ for details.
  • Flags - Click this to reveal a tick box. Ticking it adds the topic to your bookmarks.
  • Publishing Options - Keep Published ticked, else nobody will see your post! Tick the option for Subscription Notifications to get email alerts of replies (see the FAQ entry on email alerts for help setting these up).
  • Preview - Click this to see how your post will look. You'll be able to keep editing it on the preview page.
  • Save - When you're happy, click this to add your topic to the forum.

How do I reply to an existing topic? *Click me!*

Open the topic and click Quick Reply above the first post. This takes you to the text box at the bottom of the page. Or, click the Reply button below any individual post, and you'll be taken to a page showing just the post you're replying to.
In either case, type your message in the box provided, then click Preview to check your post, and Save to publish it. Your reply will be added to the end of the conversation. Plus, if you clicked reply by a specific post, the forum will add a reference to it above your reply.

How do I edit/delete posts I've made? *Click me!*

To modify a post, click the Edit button below the post. You'll be taken to a page where you can edit your message. As usual, click Preview to check your post, and Save to publish it.
It currently isn't possible to delete posts, but it is on the list for the future. If you really need a post removed, please contact the admins.

What if my text is too long for the box? *Click me!*

The text will simply scroll up - you won't lose anything. You can also resize the box by 'dragging' its bottom edge up and down.

How can I add effects to my posts? *Click me!*

Look at the sections on posting effects here in the FAQ for full help with this.

How do I bookmark a thread? *Click me!*

At the bottom of the first post in a thread, click Bookmark this to bookmark it. The link will then say Unbookmark this, which will then remove the bookmark if you click it. To see your bookmarks, hover over the Account tab at the top of the site and click Bookmarks on the drop-down menu.

What other options are available in forum threads? *Click me!*

When you're reading a topic, you also have the following useful options:
  • Last post - Sends you straight to the last post in the thread.
  • First unread - Takes you to the first new post in the thread, if there are any since your last visit.
  • X Posts / Y New - This tells you how many posts are in the thread (it's just above the first post, on the right).
  • Permalink - Within every story or discussion, every post has a number in the top-right. This is actually a direct link to that post in the thread. To grab the link, right-click on the number and choose Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut. You can then paste the link in a PM, forum post, email, etc.
  • Reply to #1, #2... - Shows if a user has replied to a particular post - click it to jump to that post.
  • Usernames & Avatars - These appear next to each post - click the name or picture to see that person's profile. From there, you can send them a Private Message if you wish.
  • Top - Appears below every post, and sends you back to the top of the page, to save you scrolling.
  • Page Numbers - These appear at the bottom of the topic, allowing you to jump to other pages.

What other options are available in forum indexes? *Click me!*

When you're browsing forum indexes, the following options are available:
  • If a forum or topic has new posts, the icon to its left will be highlighted (see the bottom of the index for icon descriptions). The number of new posts will also be displayed. The Last Post column shows the very latest post - click the topic name in that column to read it, or the user's name to see their profile.
  • To see all the latest topics, click the New & updated topics tab, or click the option in Forum Tools at the bottom of the page. Use the Show .... topics box to see topics for single forums.
  • To remove all the 'new' markers, go to Forum Tools at the bottom of the page and select Mark all forums/topics read. Fresh content posted after that will still be marked as new of course.
  • To view the most active topics, click the Active topics tab on the main forum list, or use the option under Forum Tools at the bottom of a forum index. Active topics are marked by an icon in each forum too.
  • To view unanswered topics, click the Unanswered topics tab on the main forum list, or use the option under Forum Tools at the bottom of a forum index.
  • To sort topics in a forum in different ways, click the column headings. Click a column heading a second time to reverse the direction. You can also use the drop down boxes below the list of topic - just select the item and order to sort by, and then click Sort. By default, topics are sorted in order of the last posts made.
  • Sticky topics are fixed to the top of forum indexes, and are used to highlight important information.
  • Locked topics cannot be replied to. Topics may be locked if they are for information purposes only, or if they cannot continue for some reason.
  • Forum groups are used to keep similar themes together (e.g. Role Playing). To view a single group on its own, click the group name. To hide the contents of a group, click the minimize icon at the top right of the forum description. Click the plus sign to make it show again.

To see captioned images and stories about Forced Feminization that have been posted by our users, point to the Fiction tab at the top of the site, and click Captions or Stories on the drop down menu that appears.
You'll then have a few possibilities:

  • For captions, you can click the image to zoom in on it, or the comments link underneath to open it in its own page. You can close a zoomed image by clicking the X button in the bottom right corner, or clicking in the dark area of the page around it.
  • For stories, you open them just by clicking their titles.
  • To see older captions or stories, click the page numbers (or the arrows next to them) at the bottom of the list.
  • To filter captions by type, use the options at the top of the index. Just pick a category from the list and the page will reload.
  • To filter stories by type, click one of the categories you see below each story in the index.
  • To see all the captions and stories by a particular user, click their name or avatar anywhere on the site to visit their profile page. Scroll down a short way and you'll see a separate list for each type of post. On the captions page, there's also a link at the top of the page to bring up a list of caption creators.

When you open the page for a caption or story, you get the following options:
  • Comments & Ratings - Below the caption or story are people's comments, then a box for you to add your own.
    • Ignore the Subject box, as it won't show with your comment anyway.
    • If your text is too long for the Comment box, it will scroll up (it won't be lost). You can drag the bottom of the box to enlarge it.
    • You can add effects to your text, as described in the sections on posting effects here in the FAQ.
    • Below the text box is an optional Ratings list you can choose from. You must have text in the comment box in order leave a rating.
    • Finally, click Preview to check your comment, and Save to publish it.
    • Please be respectful and constructive with your comments!

  • Bookmarks - Next to each caption, and at the end of each story, is a link called Bookmark this. Click it to set a bookmark. It will then say Unbookmark this, which you can click to remove the bookmark. To see your bookmarks, hover over the Account tab at the top of the site and click Bookmarks on the drop-down menu.
  • Domination Type, Keywords, Content Rating - These categories are shown next to captions, or above and below stories. If you click on one of the phrases here, you'll see all captions/stories matching that type. Note that captions will actually be shown full-size using this option, so some will be very big!


To post a caption or story that you've created, hover over the Create tab at the top of the site, then select Caption or Short Story on the drop-down menu. Or, to edit an existing story or caption, open up its page and use the Edit option provided.
Stories will be sent to the admins for approval first, but captions will be published instantly. Please read the notes at the end of this post to see what we accept.
When you create or edit a story or caption, you'll have the following options:

  • Caption / Story Title - Essential. Try to give your work a meaningful title. There is a limit of 255 characters.
  • Caption / Story Cover Image - Essential for captions, optional for stories. The site will scale the image to an appropriate size if necessary, and a small copy of the image will be shown on the index page by the title. Please ensure the image is one of the file types specified on the page. It must not a picture owned or copyrighted by someone else. To choose your image:
    • Click Browse to search for the image on your computer
    • Click Open/OK when you've selected the image.
    • Click Upload to send it to LiL. Be patient while it uploads.
    • If the image is accepted, a small version will be shown.
    • If you want to remove the image and try again, click Remove.

  • Alternate Text - Optional, and only appears if you've uploaded an image. It can be used to give a short description of the image (up to 80 characters), and is displayed if the image hasn't loaded in the viewer's browser. Search engines also use this text when examining the site, as do screen readers that translate text into speech.
  • Title - Optional, and only appears if you've uploaded an image. This shows as a 'tooltip' if you hover your mouse over the image. There is a limit of 500 characters.
  • Body (Stories Only) - Enter the text of your story here. If your text is too long for the box, it will scroll up (you won't lose it), and you can resize the box by dragging its bottom edge. For help with formatting text, look at the sections on posting effects in this FAQ, or click More information about text formats below the text box.
  • Keywords / Domination Type / Content Rating - These allow people to search for similar types of caption or story. You can only pick 1 option per list, so choose sensibly. Tips are provided with the options to help you decide.
  • Flags - You can tick the box on this tab to bookmark your work. Click My Library in the left-hand Navigation pane to see your bookmarks.
  • Revision Information - When you first post something, it counts as the first revision. Every subsequent edit then counts as a new revision.
    So here you can add some text to say why you've changed it. The text will scroll up if you type a lot (you won't lose anything), and you can drag the bottom edge of the box to resize it.
  • Save & Preview - Before saving, you can preview the caption/story to see how it looks. Then, if you're happy with it, click Save to submit it. Captions will be published straight, while Stories will be published when an admin approves them, so please be patient.
  • Remove - You'll see this option at the bottom of the page when editing stories only. Using this will delete your story from the site. To delete a caption, however, you'll need to send a note to the editors, with a link to the caption and the reason you want it removed. Please be patient while waiting for their response.

Important Notes:
  • Stories must be your own work. If you want to recommend stories by others, then you can submit a link to an appropriate story site in our Links area, or create a thread on the Bulletin Board forum to gather individual story links together.
  • Captions should also be your own work, but we don't pre-approve them as we get so many. So you may post captions by others, but please credit the original author/website if possible, and remember that we will remove them if the original author asks us to.
  • Your work must contain some element of forced feminization, and must not involve children, pedophilia, bestiality or incest.
  • Please also be careful about extreme themes that may cause widespread offense to our users. Stories can be thought-provoking or challenging, but we reserve the right to reject anything we feel will be too controversial or upsetting.
  • You must check your work for spelling, grammar and mistakes, to ensure it is easy and pleasing to read. Otherwise we may reject it. If this is tricky, consider sending it to a friend (e.g. via a Private Message or email), so they can double-check it for you.
  • You always have full rights over your work. However, we cannot take responsibility if anyone copies it elsewhere, given the nature of the internet. We also reserve the right to remove items created by other people, if the original author contacts us with such a request.


If you want to submit captions of your own, but have never made one before, then here are a few tips to help you.

First of all, you need to find a picture that you want to add a caption to. You might already have a picture on your computer you like, or you can copy one from a website, or you can search image sites like Google Images, Flickr or Photobucket (to name just 3 examples). To save an image to your computer, open it full size (by clicking on it if you have to), then right-click on the image and use the Save option provided.

You now need to add some text to it, and save it as a new image file. The text will tell a short story relating to the image. Usually, it tells us why the character is in their present situation, and what they're thinking, feeling and saying. This text will normally be added above, below or to one side of the main picture, so it's easy to read. In other words, you'll need to expand the image area to create a blank space, add the text to it, then save it as a fresh new image.

There are many ways to achieve this. A few examples of programs you can use are given below, but here are 5 tips that apply to almost all programs and images:

  • Your text must be easy to read. Please check your spelling and punctuation, just as you would when submitting a story. Also make sure there's good contrast between the text and background colors. Dark text on a dark background, or light text on a light background, will be very hard to read.
  • Don't be afraid to experiment to see what works best. If you make a mistake, use the Undo option to reverse it. This will often be an icon, or can be found under the Edit menu at the top of the program screen.
  • We recommend saving pictures in JPEG (.jpg) format, because it tends to work well for photos, and it's designed to keep the file size reasonably small. You can also save images as PNG (.png) or GIF (.gif) files if you want to though, which can be better for drawings, although their file sizes can also be larger compared to the JPEG format. But feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.
  • If you don't want to overwrite the original picture, use the Save As option to save your caption as a separate file.
  • If you need detailed help on a particular function, use the program's Help facility.

With all that in mind, here are a few examples of some programs you can use:
Most computers have a basic program like this. In Windows, it's under Start / Programs / Accessories. Follow these steps to create a caption in Paint:

  • Go to the File menu, click Open, and load the original picture.
  • To add some space for your text, go to the Image menu and select Attributes. Increase the width or height and click OK to see the effect. To adjust it, return to the Attributes box and try again.
  • To add your text, select the Text tool icon (the big letter A). Click and drag with your mouse to create a box where you want the text to be. A toolbar will appear that you can use to change the font name, size, etc, and you can pick a color from the palette at the bottom. To resize the text box, just click and drag its corners or edges. When you're done, click away from your text to keep it, or press Escape if you want to cancel without saving it.
  • To change the color of the background, select a color and use the Fill tool on it (the icon looks like paint being poured out).
  • When you're done, go to Save As on the File menu, give the file a name, make sure JPEG, PNG or GIF is selected in the Save As Type box, then click Save.

Programs like this are very powerful, and are well beyond the scope of this FAQ. However, they will all have basic options for changing the document or canvas size, and an option for adding text as well. At a very basic level, it should be somewhat similar to the instructions given for Paint above. But do look through the menus and toolbars to see what's available, and use the program's manual or Help facility to assist you as well.
Powerpoint & Publisher
Powerpoint slides and Publisher pages, which allow you to place images and text next to each other, can all be saved as images:
  • Use the Insert menu to add pictures and text on the page. You can click and drag items to move them around. You can also click their edges and corners to resize them (drag the corners for pictures, so the program keeps the width to height ratio).
  • Use the Format menu to adjust things like the background.
  • To save as an image, go to Save As on the File menu, and make sure JPEG, PNG or GIF is selected in the Save As Type box. Then, make sure you give the file a name and click Save.
  • In Powerpoint, you'll then be asked if you want to save the current slide, or every single one. The latter is a handy way to save multiple images at once, if you've created multiple captions in your presentation. However, you might have to rename them manually afterwards, as they'll all be given similar names.

Pixlr & Sumo Paint
These are free graphics programs that you can use directly into your internet browser. See their help pages for details on how they work.
This is a free graphics program that you can download to your computer. It's very powerful with lots of features - but you might find it difficult to use if you're not already familiar with software such as Photoshop. Documentation is provided on the site though.[/table]
Please note: We are not responsible for the content of external sites. To the best of our knowledge, the software linked to above is believed to be safe and free of viruses. But we can never guarantee that completely, hence this disclaimer. So please browse safely - and if you do come across a link that you feel is harmful, please report it straight away. Thanks!

The Academy lessons are currently closed for renovations. However, you can still do the daily affirmations there in the meantime.

Please Note - The Academy is a completely optional game, that is separate from our roleplaying forums. It is designed to help you think like a sissy - at LiL and in Real Life (RL) - by completing tasks on a regular basis. It is just meant to be fun, so please:

  • DON'T do anything that crosses your RL limits; and
  • DO stop playing if you ever feel uncomfortable.

To access the lessons, hover over the Forums tab at the top of the site and click the LiL Academy link on the drop-down menu. If you're using a mobile device, you may have to click the Menu bar below the site logo to reveal this option.

There are various things you can do in the Academy - but to begin with you must do your affirmations. Click each heading below to find out more about each part of the Academy:

Affirmations *Click me!*

To enrol in the Academy and unlock the other lessons, you must get in the habit of doing your Daily Affirmations regularly. They will help you to think more like a sissy on a daily basis.
To post your affirmation (once per day only), click the link on the Academy page and carefully follow the instructions to fill in the form:
  • The Sissy Thought For The Day box is where you write your title for the affirmation. It can say anything you like, but keep it short. It's not for writing an essay in - if you do that, it may be trimmed down when affirmations are reviewed.
  • For all the other boxes, you must copy the phrase provided exactly. You must match uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation and spaces. Making a single error will cause it to be rejected.
  • Some boxes also require you to add some text of your own, to replace the question marks, so make sure you do this too.
  • You can use the Tab key on your keyboard to jump from one box to the next as you type.
  • At the bottom, hit Preview to see how it looks, and Save if you're happy to post it.

It's also important to note the following:
  • You earn 1 point per affirmation. Each point expires (and is thus deducted) after 7 days.
  • When you reach 5 affirmation points, the other lessons will be unlocked.
  • However, be careful not to drop below 5 points, or the lessons will be locked again.
  • The number of points you currently have is shown on your Account page.
  • Affirmations will also be monitored, so you may get additional feedback sometimes.

So remember, keep posting your daily affirmations, if you want to continue your studies! Links to the latest affirmations are posted on our Home page, and other people can comment on them - the hope being that dommes (and other Sissies) will read them and leave encouraging and 'dominant' remarks.

Student Roster & Profiles *Click me!*

Once you have unlocked the main classes, you can decide if you want to enrol as an Academy student. Have a look at the classes to see if they grab your interest. If they don't, that's fine - you can still do affirmations without attending classes if you wish.
If you do want to appear on the student roster, you must enter a sissy name in your Student Profile. To do this, click the Student Profile link on the Academy page (just below the affirmation options). You can then click Edit to update the information.
In your student profile, you can enter the following information:
  • Basic Sissy Details - You must enter a name here (first name only, no surnames) to appear on the student list. Ideally, you should attend the Nomenclature class to get your name approved first. The profile will ask you a few other questions as well, if you want to answer them.
  • Real-Life Pictures (optional) - If you want to, you can add pictures of yourself in the relevant boxes provided. Just read the guidelines for each box, then click Browse, select the relevant image on your computer and hit Upload. Please ensure photos are of the real you, and that you only upload images you're comfortable with sharing publicly. If you post pictures of others, or of general hopes and dreams, they will be removed.

Other questions and picture boxes may be added to the profile as time goes on, and you may sometimes be asked to add information to it by a teacher. You can return to your profile to add, delete or replace anything at any time.
To view the profile of another student, just click their name or avatar in the list of students below the classes on offer. If the student has posted any pictures, you can click on the small versions to view them full-screen. Just click away from the large picture to close it again.

Lessons *Click me!*

When you have at least 5 affirmation points, the other lessons will be revealed (they'll disappear if you drop below 5 points). The lessons are designed to be quite personal, and the teachers may even contact you directly from time to time, with additional tasks or requirements. So it's an experience that will be unique to you.
Posting your reply to a lesson is easy:
  • Click a lesson to open it. Carefully read the instructions, and look at the responses underneath, to understand what's required.
  • Click Add New Comment, just above the first reply, to jump to the text box at the bottom of the page.
  • Type your reply in the text box, following the rules of the lesson. The text will scroll if it gets too long for the box (you won't lose any of it), and you can resize the box by dragging its bottom edge.
  • For help with formatting text, look at the sections on posting effects in this FAQ, or click More information about text formats below the text box.
  • If you want to add a picture, you can either embed an image from the web (see the FAQ entry on posting images), or use the upload box provided (read the guidelines below the box, then click the Browse button, select the image on your computer and hit Upload). Note: You must include some text in your post as well - you won't be able to submit it if you haven't typed anything!
  • If you're asked to add a video, just post a regular link to it (see the FAQ entry on text effects). Or, if it's on Youtube, you can embed it directly into your post if you wish (see the FAQ entry on posting videos).
  • Click Preview to check your reply looks ok, then hit Save to make it public.

Punishments *Click me!*

If you are naughty, you may have to write lines and post them to the Punishment Corner. Please only post there if asked to do so. The link to this is just below the classes on offer, next to the list of students.
In that section, just click Submit to punishment. enter a suitable title, and upload your image (just like you do for a lesson or caption). Then save it, and wait for it to be approved - it won't appear on the site until a teacher is happy with it.
You can also view other people's punishments of course - clicking a punishment image will zoom it to fit the screen, while clicking the title of a punishment will take you to a page where you can read and post comments on it.

Other Information *Click me!*

When reading the various lessons in the Academy, you can also do the following in some or all cases:
  • Click any username or picture next to a post to visit that user's profile.
  • Click Top below any post in a lesson to jump back to the top of the page.
  • Click Reply below any post to respond to that specific post. The site will add a reference to that post when you submit your comment (Reply to #…), which you can click to jump to the post in question.
  • Use the Permalink option at the top of any reply, to get a link to that specific post. To do this, right-click on the word Permalink and choose Copy Link Location or Copy Shortcut. You can then paste the link in a PM, forum post, email, etc.
  • Get email alerts for new replies. At the bottom of the lesson instructions, just before the first response, is a link called Subscribe. Click it to reveal an option called Subscribe to this page. Tick the box and click Save, and you'll get email alerts when the lesson gets new comments. To unsubscribe, you can untick the box here and click Save. You can set preferences for alerts on the Subscriptions tab of your Account page. See the entry on email alerts later in this FAQ for further details.

Our Links section allows you to discover sites that have been recommended by our users, all on themes relevant to Locked In Lace of course.

How do I view the links? *Click me!*

Point to the Info tab, then click the Links option from the drop down menu. You can then click on a category to view the links within it. Each link has the following options:
  • Link Title / Read More - Click one of these options to see more detail about the link. You can then leave a comment in the text box provided (please be respectful). The text will scroll if it gets too long for the box (you won't lose any of it), and you can resize the box by dragging its bottom edge. For help with formatting text, look at the sections on posting effects in this FAQ, or click More information about text formats below the text box. Finallly, click Preview to check your comment, and Save to make it public.
  • Type (Category Name) - A link can be listed in more than one category here. Click on any category name to search for other links in that category.
  • URL - Click this link to go straight to the website itself.
  • Bookmark this - Simply click Bookmark this to bookmark the link. The link will then say Unbookmark this, which you can click to turn the bookmark off any time. To see your bookmarks, hover over the Account tab at the top of the site and click Bookmarks on the drop-down menu.
  • Report this Link as Broken - Use this to tell us if the link needs to be changed or removed, and we'll deal with it accordingly.

How do I submit links of my own? *Click me!*

Please be aware that links you submit will be sent to the admins for approval. Therefore, before you post it, please ensure that:
  • It fits our core rules (i.e. it doesn't involve under-18s, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, etc).
  • It's relevant to the themes of LiL (forced fem, LGBT issues, BDSM, girly things, etc).
  • It's safe to visit (e.g. no viruses or spyware, no overly intrusive adverts or pop-ups, etc).
  • It's not on the list (we'll check anyway, but you can use this search page too).

To add a link, hover over the Create tab at the top of the site, and click the Link option on the drop-down menu. You then have the following settings:
  • Title - Enter the website name in this box. Don't use a title of your own, as we'll change it to the website name anyway. It means people know what they're clicking on, and it's easier for us to spot duplicates. There is a limit of 255 characters.
  • Description - Enter a short description of the site here. Note that you cannot use BBCode/HTML formatting or blank lines, so please enter a single paragraph of plain text only. Please try to keep it short and concise - but if you do enter too much text for the box, you can scroll up and down to see it all, or drag the bottom edge to resize it.
  • URL - Enter the address of the link here. You MUST include the http:// prefix, or it won't work properly. Where possible, please link to the home page of the site, not an individual page within it.
  • Type - Tick the categories that your link best applies to.
  • Revision Information - Only the admins can edit links (see below), so ignore this setting.
  • Save & Preview - Before you save, you can Preview the link to see how it will look. If you're happy with it, click Save to send it for approval. Approval won't happen instantly, so please be patient. It could take hours or days. Once the link has been approved, it will appear on the Links list for all to see.

If you want to edit an existing link you've added, bring up its page and use the option to Report this Link as Broken, to tell us what needs to be changed. You can find your link on the Links list, or by clicking the Account tab at the top of the site and going to your Track tab.

In the Polls section, you can vote on a variety of questions about forced feminization and other related topics.

How do I view the polls? *Click me!*

Hover over the Forums tab and click Polls on the drop-down menu that appears. The list of polls is arranged with the newest at the top, showing the question and the number of votes so far. It also tells you if the poll is open (meaning you can still vote) or closed (meaning you can't). Simply click on the name of a poll to open it. Each poll has the following options:
  • Choices - To vote in the poll, click a choice and then hit the Vote button. You'll be taken to the results page, where you can click Cancel your vote if you've changed your mind. You can only vote once per account. Please don't use lots of accounts to skew results.
  • View & Results Tabs - To see the results without voting first, click the Results tab. To return to the voting page, click the View tab.
  • Tags - Click the tag here to see related polls of a similar type.
  • Comments - You can comment using the text box at the bottom of the page (please be respectful). The text will scroll if it's too long for the box (you won't lose any of it), and you can resize the box by dragging its bottom edge. For help with formatting text, look at the sections on posting effects in this FAQ, or click More information about text formats below the text box. Finally, click Preview to check your comment, and Save to make it public. You do not need to vote in the poll - you can post comments at any time.

How do I add or edit a poll? *Click me!*

Hover over the Create tab and click the Poll option on the drop-down menu. Or, to edit a poll you've already created, go to the poll and click the Edit tab. Either way, you'll then be taken to a page with these settings:
  • Question - Enter the question you want to ask.
  • Choices - Enter the choices for people to choose between in the boxes provided. To add more boxes, fill in the first two choices, then click More choices. To re-order them, click and drag (up and down) the cross-arrows on the left of each row, or click Show row weights and use the numbers to sort the rows (the lower the weight, the higher it sits in the list).
  • Poll Settings - The poll must be Active if you want people to vote. If you want to close the poll manually, you can edit it and select Closed later on. Or it can be closed automatically after a set time using the Poll duration setting.
  • Tags - You can choose a tag from the list to assign to the poll. People can click this tag to see polls on a similar subject all at once. Note: If the tag is None, only you will be able to see any comments people make (on the Results tab). Others can still comment, but they won't see the comments below the poll.
  • Preview & Save - Click Preview to check your poll looks ok, then Save to publish it!

The Chat system here on our Main site allows you to interact live with other registered members. Please note:

  • You must activate Chat before you can use it. You can turn Chat on or off by going to your Account page and clicking .
  • You must be respectful and welcoming to everybody who uses Chat. Please ensure you are familiar with the rules in the first question below. They are necessary to help everyone feel comfortable using the service.
  • Chat is free for you to use, but we are paying a monthly subscription to keep it running. Therefore, please consider donating towards the cost, if you use it a lot and feel able to make a contribution. It's not mandatory, but we would be extremely grateful. :)

What are the rules of Chat? What is and isn't allowed? *Click me!*

At a basic level, you must be respectful and welcoming to everybody who uses Chat, to ensure that everybody feels comfortable using the service. But we have been asked to clarify this point in various ways. So here are our top 10 pieces of advice, which we may amend occasionally if other issues come to our attention:
You must NOT:
  1. Attack, threaten, or be offensive towards, other users.
  2. Post content involving under-18s, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, or requests for people's real-life information or money.
  3. Post excessive pictures, videos and links. They're fine in small doses, but it will annoy people if you flood Chat with it.
  4. Dictate what other users can post or who they can interact with. All players, even subs owned by doms, are free to choose what they do (within these rules) and with whom. All players are equal, so doms do NOT have any OOC authority over other players. The dom/sub divide only counts in IC (In Character) roleplay terms.
  5. Dominate Chat with topics that detract from the theme of the site and/or make other people uncomfortable. Topics like smoking, vampires, furries, weapons, magic, toilet play, adult babies, etc have proven particularly unsettling here. So please keep those kind of topics to private chats and private forum threads. That way, you can still do them, but others can avoid them easily, and newbies won't get the wrong impression as to what we're about. The topics above are not a definitive list either - we reserve the right to rein in any topics that we feel are causing disruption or unrest. So please consider the feelings of others at all times.

On the other hand, you MUST:
  1. Be welcoming and supportive of newbies (as well as all other users). Newbies will feel very intimidated, and are likely to make innocent mistakes. So please be patient and friendly with them at all times. And before you try any roleplay or domination, ask them what they do and don't want. Never assume anything.
  2. Use Private Chats or the Blue/Red rooms for roleplay scenes, parties and heavy sexual content, whenever possible. This helps to ensure that the General Chat room is as welcoming as possible for everybody, and isn't overwhelmingly busy. Think of General Chat as a lobby or meeting place, from which you branch off to other areas for more intimate or detailed play.
  3. Be respectful towards anyone who says they're uncomfortable with something you're doing in Chat. People rarely speak up without good reason, so you must be willing to discuss things, in order to put their mind at rest or agree a compromise (e.g. toning it down or moving to a Private Chat). Never ignore people's concerns.
  4. Provide evidence if you report aggressive or offensive behaviour to the admins (e.g. send us copies of the messages, or the dates and times of the incidents). We cannot possibly monitor everything that goes on in Chat, and the logs contain many thousands of messages, so it's impossible to find and investigate incidents if you don't tell us exactly what we're looking for. It's like needles in a haystack.
  5. Enjoy yourself! It may seem like a lot of rules, but when you boil it down, we're just asking you to respect other users and help them to enjoy Chat along with you. :)

How do I open the chat rooms? *Click me!*

To open Chat, point to the Forums tab at the top of the site and click Public Chat Room on the drop-down menu. This will open the General Chat room in a full page. You'll also see a smaller Chat box in the bottom-right corner of that page, which you can click on to see the other rooms and a list of active users. Click a room in that list to enter it, or click a username to start a private chat with them.

What rooms are available? *Click me!*

The rooms available are as follows:
  • General Chat - This is the main room, and we need it to be as welcoming as possible for everyone. So if you're going to have a lengthy roleplay session with someone, or if you want to post lots of sexual content, please start a Private chat with the other person, or use the Blue or Red rooms if there's a group of you.
  • OOC - No Role Play - This is for chat only, not roleplaying, as the name suggests.
  • Academy Gossip - This is for chat about the [u]Academy[u] ([u]here[u]
  • Blue & Red Rooms - These are for roleplaying and sexual content, so people can play together without disrupting other chat rooms. The colours don't mean anything special, so you can choose either room if both aren't being used. Of course, if there's just two of you, then you can also use a private chat to play.

How do I use chat? *Click me!*

When you open the chat page or a popup chat window, you can do the following:
  • To post a message, just type it in the box below the list of messages and hit Enter.
  • To open a user's profile, click their name in the conversation.
  • To start a Private Chat with someone, click their name in the list of active Chat users (and politely ask if they're available and willing to Chat to you)
  • To display an image or add a clickable link, just post the address of the picture or webpage.
  • To add emoticons, click the smiley face on the right of the text box. That's only a small selection though - go to the emoticons FAQ for the full list.
  • To change the color your name appears in, click the letter A on the right of the text box.
  • To upload a file, click the paperclip to the right of the text box. Please be sensible with this e.g. keep file sizes small.
  • To turn the message alert sounds on/off, click the speaker icon. On the Public Chat page, this is on the right of the text box. Or if you open the Chat box in the corner, you can click the down arrow by your name at the top of the list and use the Mute/Unmute option.
  • If you're in a different tab in your browser, and a new chat message arrives, the chat tab will flash to say so.

When you bring up the smaller chat box in the corner, you also have the following options:
  • The underscore and X buttons at the top-right of the box allow you to minimize or close it.
  • The Trash can at the bottom of the window for Private Chats will clear the list of messages from the window (they'll still be in your archive though).
  • To search for a particular user, start typing their name in the search box above the user list. As you type, the list will shrink accordingly.
  • Users marked with a green circle are available for chat. Other circles will appear if users are busy or unavailable. To see the list of icons and state your own availability, click the down arrow by your name at the top of the list. This also gives you the option to mute/unmute the new message alert sounds.
  • Users listed in bold are the admins, who can deal with abusive and inappropriate behaviour, so please alert them to any problems.

All your private chats are kept as an archive, which will include any messages you've missed. To see it, hover over the Forums tab and click Chat History on the drop-down menu. You can then click a person's name to see the messages you've exchanged with them.

Note: If you want to chat live to other users - publicly or privately - don't forget we have a Chat system as well, which is designed for that purpose.
Private Messages (PMs) allow you to communicate with other users, without anyone else seeing your conversations. It's a great way to get to know people here, plan your stories, check your playmates are having fun, etc. PMs are generally considered Out Of Character, because they're sent between users, not their characters. However, you can also roleplay privately this way, if everyone involved has agreed on it first (in which case, make it clear those messages are In Character instead).
You actually get a separate messages area for the Main Core site you're reading now, and each of our roleplaying sites. But they all work in the same way.

How do I access my messages? *Click me!*

To access your Private Messages here on the main site, click the Messages tab at the top of the site. You'll then see the following sections:
  • Inbox - This is the home of your messages. All the PMs people send you arrive here.
  • Sent Messages - Here you'll find all the PMs you've sent or replied to.
  • All Messages - Contains all messages you've sent and received, including any that you've archived out of your inbox.
  • Blocked Users - Allows you to block certain users from contacting you.

Messages are listed as conversation threads, which work much like a forum thread (only private). Each conversation thread can involve up to 15 users. You can have up to 500 conversations in your messages area - but there are no limits on the number of posts within each conversation.
Please Note: If you reach the 500 conversations limit, you won't be able to send or receive new conversations, and the message option in your profile will not be available to others. So you'll have to delete something. The amount of space you have is given below the list of conversations.

How do I send someone a message? *Click me!*

The easiest way is to go to a user's profile by clicking their name (this is the Player name on our roleplaying sites, NOT their character name, which may differ). Then click Send this user a private message (the link won't appear if their inbox is full). A message form will then appear with the username filled in for you.
Alternatively, you can click Messages on the relevant site (here on the Main site it's in the menu bar at the top), then click Write new message. You'll have to enter the username manually this way.
Either way, you'll then have the following options on the form:
  • To - Enter the username(s) of the people you want to contact. You can include up to 15 people, using a comma between each name. If you pause while typing, LiL will show a list of all users matching your text so far - just click a name to fill in the rest. If you came to the form via a user's profile, their name will be filled in for you.
  • Subject - Give your message a title, so the recipients know what it's about.
  • Message - Type your message here. It can be as long as you like, and the text will scroll up as necessary (you won't lose any of it). You can also change the size of the box by dragging the bottom edge up or down. Click More information about text formats for help with formatting, or look at the sections on posting effects here in the FAQ.
  • Preview Message - Click this at any time to see how your message will look. You can use the text box on the preview page to edit your message further.
  • Send Message - Click this when you're happy, and the message will be sent.
  • Cancel - Click this if you want to delete the message without sending it.

How will I know if I've received a new message? *Click me!*

The Messages link will change - e.g. Messages (1 new). If you have email notifications turned on, you will also be told via email. You can turn these alerts on or off by going to your Account settings.

How do I read my messages? *Click me!*

To see your messages list, click Messages at the top of the site. If a conversation contains a new, unread message, it will be marked as such. Click on a conversation title to open it. It will list who's involved, then show the messages in order, with the relevant username and picture next to each comment. Any new messages will be added to the end of the sequence. As with other areas of the site, you can click a user's name or image to visit their profile at any time.

How do I reply to a conversation? *Click me!*

To reply to everyone in a conversation, use the Reply box at the bottom of it. Or, to send a message to just one person in the conversation, click their name to visit their profile, then click Send this user a private message. This starts a new conversation - see the notes for writing a new message above. You can format your text in the usual ways for replies and new messages.

How do I delete a conversation? *Click me!*

Tick the box next to the conversation's title in your list of messages, and hit the Delete button. Or, open the message and click the Delete link you'll find there. You'll then see this message - "The previous action can be undone". This is your only chance to rescue it if you've made a mistake - just click the word "undone" to restore it. Remember, you have a limit of 50 conversations in your Messages area.

How do I mark a conversation as unread? *Click me!*

Tick the box next to the conversation's title in your message list. Then, click the Actions arrow and select Mark as unread. This will mark the conversation as being new again. This is a useful way of marking important conversations for your reference. However, if you open the conversation again, the new flag will disappear. You can also select Mark as read under Actions to remove the mark.

How do I archive conversations? *Click me!*

Tick the box next to the conversation's title in your inbox. Then, click the Actions arrow and select Archive. This moves the message out of your inbox, but doesn't delete it. You can still read it by going to the All Messages tab. Note that you cannot do this on the Sent Messages tab. Also be aware that archived conversations still count towards your limit of 50 conversations.

How can I sort the list of conversations? *Click me!*

Conversations are usually sorted by date, with the newest at the top. To reverse the order, click the Last updated column heading. Click the heading again to restore the original order. To sort the messages by subject instead, click the Subject heading, and click it a second time to reverse the order. To restore the date order, click the Last updated heading again.

How can I block a user from contacting me? *Click me!*

Go to your Messages area, and click the Blocked Users tab. Enter the username(s) in the box provided, separating multiple users with commas. If you pause while typing, LiL will show a list of all users matching your text so far - just click a name to fill in the rest. Then, click Block user. They'll appear on the list below the username box.
You can sort the list of blocked users by clicking the Username heading. To unblock a user in the list, click the Unblock link to the right of their name. You will be asked to confirm that you wish to unblock them.
Important: If a user is seriously bothering you, please report it to an admin. This is especially important if they're being abusive or hurtful. Blocking won't stop them creating a new account to bother you with, and it won't stop them hassling and upsetting other users either. So please discuss serious concerns with us - we're happy to help!

You can add special effects to your text in most places on the site, including posts, comments, stories and private messages (but not Chat).
You'll know if you can do this if you see a Text Format option below the text box, with these options:

  • BBCode - The default setting, as it's the most common and versatile format. The toolbar gives you access to the most common options.
  • Filtered HTML - This is a highly restricted set of codes, but they're listed towards the end of this post.
  • Plain Text - Ignores any formatting instructions, although the site will still make links clickable.

You will also see a toolbar just above the text box in most cases, giving you quick access to some common options. There are many more, however, as listed below.
To create an effect, you add tags around your text - [b]like this[/b] - and the site will then convert your text accordingly. You must use an opening and a closing tag, so LiL knows when to start and stop the effect. The closing tag usually contains an extra slash character ( / ). Some browsers have BBCode add-ons available that can help you with this stuff (as well as add-ons for spell-checking and form recovery), so it might be worth searching for those too.
The full list of codes is below (all BBCode unless stated otherwise). Click each section to reveal them. There are also separate FAQ posts dealing with images and videos.
Text Styles *Click me!*

[b]Text to be in bold[/b] = bold formatting
[i]Text to be in italics[/i] = italic formatting
[u]Text to be underlined[/u] = underline formatting
[s]Text to be struck out[/s] = strikeout formatting
[sub]Text in subscript[/sub] - e.g. H2O
[sup]Text in superscript[/sup] - e.g. X3
[dom]Text[/dom] = Text formatting suitable for a dom.
[domme]Text[/domme] = Text formatting suitable for a domme.
[sissy]Text[/sissy] = Text formatting suitable for a sissy.
[slut]Text[/slut] = Text formatting suitable for a slut.
[ooc]Text[/ooc] = Comments in this tag will be given a clear Out Of Character heading.

Colors *Click me!*

[color=name]Text[/color] - Color your text by specifying the name e.g. blue for [color=blue]text like this.[/color]
[color=code]Text[/color] - Color your text by specifying RGB codes e.g. #0000FF for [color=#0000FF]text like this.[/color]
You don't need to specify black, as it's the default color. For a full list of color options, see our Colors FAQ Entry.

Font Name *Click me!*

[font=fontname]Text[/font] - Replace fontname with your chosen font
Because everyone has different fonts available on their devices, we strongly suggest you stick to common web-safe fonts like Arial, Arial Black, Comic Sans MS, Courier, Courier New, Impact, Lucida Console, Lucida Sans Unicode, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS and Verdana.

Font Size *Click me!*

[size=0em]Text to resize[/size] - Set 0 to scale our current font size (e.g. 2em to double it). Works well for mobile devices.
[size=0px]Text to resize[/size] - Set 0 to a pixel size. Different screen settings on different devices will affect how this displays.
[size=0pt]Text to resize[/size] - Set 0 to a points value. These are the units that are used in word processing programs.
There are other measurement units available, but those above are the most common and recommended ones for use on screen. Don't make your text too big, else it will just look messy and get on people's nerves.

Text Alignment *Click me!*

[left]Text[/left] = Text aligned to the left. This is the default setting, so you don't need to specify it.
[right]Text[/right] = Text aligned to the right.
[center]Text[/center] = Text aligned to the center.
[justify]Text[/justify] = Text justified to both the left and right margins.
[indent]Text[/indent] = Indents text from the left margin.

Links *Click me!*

[url=Address]Text[/url] - Creates a link to any web page. You must write it like that, as [url]Website[/url] will not work.
[email=Address]Text[/email] - Creates a link to an email address.
[google]Search term[/google] - e.g. [google]Forced Feminization[/google] = Forced Feminization
[wikipedia]Article name[/wikipedia] - e.g. [wikipedia]Cross-dressing[/wikipedia] = Cross-dressing
Note: If there are brackets in the address and your link's not showing correctly, replace the left bracket with ( and the right bracket with ).
There are also special shortcuts to pages within LiL, which may be particularly useful for signatures:
[node=number]Text[/node] - Links to a thread here on the Main site.
[post=number]Text[/post] - Links to an individual post on the Main site.
[lacynode=number]Text[/lacynode] - Links to a thread over on the Lacy site.
[lacypost=number]Text[/lacypost] - Links to an individual thread on the Lacy site.
[faq] - Creates a link to this FAQ. You must not use a closing tag for this one.
[lacy] - Creates a link to The Lacy Place. You must not use a closing tag for this one.
To get the relevant numbers above:
  • node or lacynode - Open the relevant thread and look for the value after /node/ in your browser's address bar.
  • post - At the top-right of every post on the Main site is a number, which is actually a link. Use the 'comment' value in the address of that link.
  • lacypost - The post number is given at the top left of each post, so you don't need to look at the address of it.

You can also create shorter addresses for any webpage (e.g. to save space in signatures) using sites like Bitly, Google's URL Shortener, Owly and TinyURL.[/list]

Quotes *Click me!*

[quote]Text[/quote] - This inserts a basic quote.
[quote=name]Text[/quote] - This inserts a quote with the person's name or other text as a heading.
This is a quote.

Melissa said
This is a quote with a heading.

Whispers (Spoilers) *Click me!*

[whisper id=X title="T" color=C]Text[/whisper] - Use this to create a section of hidden text (e.g. for spoilers). Users will have to click a link to see it.
  • id=X - Replace X with a short reference for the whisper (a single word or a number). DO NOT use spaces. This is vital if there are multiple whispers on a page, so that browsers know which whisper to open when the links are clicked.
  • title="T" - Optional. Replace T with the title you want to appear for the whisper link. Enclose the title in speech marks "like this", especially If you want to use. The text *Click me!* or *Hide me!* will always appear, even if you don't specify a title.
  • color=C - Optional. Replace C with a color name or RGB code to add a background to the hidden content.

Lists - Bullets & Numbers *Click me!*

[list] - For a numbered list, replace this with [list=ol].
[*]Item 1
[*]Item 2
  • Bulleted item 1
  • Bulleted Item 2
  • etc

  1. Numbered item 1
  2. Numbered Item 2
  3. etc

Lists - Definitions *Click me!*

Term 1:Meaning of Term 1
Term 2:Meaning of Term 2
Term 3:Meaning of Term 3
Notice that you don't need any tags for each item. Just separate the term and its meaning with a colon. The result will look like this:

Term 1
Meaning of Term 1
Term 2
Meaning of Term 2
Term 3
Meaning of Term 3

Tables *Click me!*

Note: Your finished table code must all be on one line in your post, otherwise lots of blank space will appear above your table.
[table] - Starts the table.
[r] [/r] - Creates a row.
[h]Text[/h] - Creates a heading cell. This must go between the [r] and [/r] tags.
[c]Text[/c] - Creates a regular cell. This must go between the [r] and [/r] tags.
[/table] - Closes the table.
For example, here's a table with 1 heading row and 2 normal rows:
[r][c]Melissa Daniels[/c][c]Writer[/c][/r]
[r][c]Renee Carter[/c][c]Artist[/c][/r]
Melissa DanielsWriter
Renee CarterArtist

You can have as many rows as you like - but make sure you have the same number of cells within each row, otherwise it will look weird. We suggest you create 1 row first, with all the columns you need, then copy and paste it to create more rows.
You can also specify optional extras by expanding each opening tag as shown here. You don't need to use all the options, just pick the ones you want in each case.
[table border=number bordercolor=color] - Allows you to specify the size and/or colour of the outside border.
[r color=colorname] - Allows you to specify the color of the row.
[h rowspan=number colspan=number] - Instructs a header cell to span one or more columns or rows.
[c rowspan=number colspan=number] - Instructs a regular cell to span one or more columns or rows.
If you're merging cells together with those last 2 codes, you only need to specify the remaining cells (if any) for each affected row. Use the Preview function to make sure you're getting the result you want, as it can get confusing!

Headings *Click me!*

You can use headings to separate sections of text. Level 1 is the biggest heading and level 6 is the smallest. You can use any headings you like e.g. you can just have a post using headings of level 5.

This is a Level 1 Heading

This is a Level 2 Heading

This is a Level 3 Heading

This is a Level 4 Heading

This is a Level 5 Heading

This is a Level 6 Heading

Acronyms & Abbreviations *Click me!*

These allow you to specify what an abbreviation or acronym means. It shows as a 'tooltip' when the mouse hovers over the text e.g. LGBT.

Scrolling *Click me!*

[scroll direction=D style=S color=C]Text[/scroll]
  • Direction, style and color are optional. If you use [scroll]Text[/scroll] on its own, the text will scroll right to left.
  • direction=D - Replace D left, right, up or down, to specify which way the text moves.
  • style=S - Replace S with scroll (so it continuously scrolls), slide (to make it slide in and stop) or alternate (to make it bounce).
  • color=C - Replace C with a color name or RGB code to add a background to the scrolling area.

Horizontal Line *Click me!*

[hr] - Adds a horizontal dividing line to your post.

Code Display *Click me!*

Outputs fixed-width text and displays any other code it contains as raw text. Useful for posting BBCode for others to copy.

HTML Codes *Click me!*

By setting the Text Format as Filtered HTML, you are restricted to using these codes, instead of the ones listed above:
Bold Text - <strong>Text</strong>
Italic Text - <em>Italic text</em>
Quoted Text - <blockquote>Quoted text</blockquote>
List (Bulleted) - Start with <ul>, add items in <li> & </li> tags, and end with </ul>.
List (Numbered) - Start with <ol>, add items in <li> & </li> tags, and end with </ol>.
List (Definitions) - start with <dl>, add items as <dt>Term</dt> <dd>Definition</dd>, and end with </dl>.
Code Display: <code>Text</code>

Special Characters *Click me!*

If you want to add special characters to your text, or if a particular character isn't displaying correctly, try these methods:
  • Use character reference codes. Make sure you use the entire code, including the & (ampersand) and ; (semicolon), or it won't work. For example:
    Non-breaking space = &nbsp; (insert this to stop LiL removing blank lines or multiple spaces)
    Heart (♥) = &hearts;
    Currencies = &pound; or &cent; or &dollar; or &euro; or &yen;
    Copyrights = &copy; or &reg; or &trade;
    Greater/less = &lt; or &gt;
    Fractions = &frac14; or &frac12; or &frac34;
  • Use UTF-8 characters, which many browsers also support.
  • Windows users can use Alt Codes. To use these, turn on Number Lock, then hold down the Alt key and type the relevant number on the numeric keypad (not the numbers on the top row above the letters).
  • Copy and paste from lists of symbols and emoticons online. Be careful though, as many won't work here (including any that use colour). In some cases your post may not go through at all, or may not display correctly to others. So you'll have to experiment. As far as we know, the following characters (copied from this site) can be pasted in. But let us know if any fail, or if you find others that work which we haven't listed:
    ಠಠ ☮ ✿ ✈ ♋ ☠ ☯ ♥ ✌ ✖ ☢ ☣ ☤ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ♡ ✗ ✘ ♒ Ω ♦ ♠ ♥ ♣ ♢ ♤ ♡ ♧ ✦ ♔ ♕ ♚ ♛ ★ ☆ ✮ ✯ ☾ ☽ ☼ ☀ ☁ ☂ ☃ ☺ ♪ ♫ ♬ ✄ ✂ ✆ ✉ ∞ ♂ ♀ ☿ ▲ ▼ ₪ ✓ ✔ ✕ ☥ ☦ ☧ ☨ ☩ ☪ ☫ ☬ ☭ ™ © ® ℗ ¿¡ № ∃ ⊥ ∀ ☹ ∞ ⌘ 文 ⑂ ஜ ๏ ت ツ ッ シ Ü ⅟ ½ ⅓ ¾ ⅔ ⅕ ⅖ ⅗ ⅘ ⅙ ⅚ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞ Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ Ⅴ Ⅵ Ⅶ Ⅷ Ⅸ Ⅹ Ⅺ Ⅻ ⅰ ⅱ ⅲ ⅳ ⅴ ⅵ ⅶ ⅷ ⅸ ⅹ ➀ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄ ➅ ➆ ➇ ➈ ➉ ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎ ➏ ➐ ➑ ➒ ➓ ⓐ ⓑ ⓒ ⓓ ⓔ ⓕ ⓖ ⓗ ⓘ ⓙ ⓚ ⓛ ⓜ ⓝ ⓞ ⓟ ⓠ ⓡ ⓢ ⓣ ⓤ ⓥ ⓦ ⓧ ⓨ ⓩ ☚ ☛ ☜ ☝ ☞ ☟ ✙ ✚ ✛ ✜ ✝ ✞ ✠ ❂ ⋆ ✢ ✣ ✤ ✥ ✦ ✩ ✪ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★ ✱ ✲ ✳ ✴ ✵ ✶ ✷ ✸ ✹ ✺ ✻ ✼ ❄ ❅ ❆ ❇ ❈ ❉ ❊ ❋ ╰☆╮ ✡ ❂ -‘๑’- ✽ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❃ ❋ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯ ° ø ⊙ ☉ ❣ ✉ ✍ ✎ ✏ ✐ ☑ ☐ ☒ ␟ ␘ ❢ ➟ ➡ ➢ ➣ ➤ ➥ ➦ ➧ ➨ ➚ ➘ ➙ ➛ ➜ ➝ ➞ ➸ ♐ ➲ ➳ ➳ ➴ ➵ ➶ ➷ ➸ ➹ ➺ ➻ ➼ ➽ ← ↑ → ↓ ↔ ↕ ↖ ↗ ↘ ↙
    ♈ (Aries) ♉ (Taurus) ♊ (Gemini) ♋ (Cancer) ♌ (Leo) ♍ (Virgo) ♎ (Libra) ♏ (Scorpio) ♐ (Sagittarius) ♑ (Capricorn) ♒ (Aquarius) ♓ (Pisces)

You can use colors to make your text look interesting and emphasize parts of it. For instance, you can use it to show when your character is speaking or thinking. Or, if you're using a second, supporting character in your posts, you can use a different colour to separate their speech and actions from your main character. And so on. There are many possibilities - just make sure you use colors that show up well against the background, so we can read your posts easily.
To add color to your text, start with this code:

Then, replace colorname with either:

  • A name e.g. Black, Navy, Blue, Green, Aqua, Purple, Gray, Red, Pink, Violet, Yellow, White.
  • A code, in the format #000000. Each pair of digits represents amounts of red, green and blue to mix together, as shown. For each individual digit, values can range from 0-9 and then A-F (think of these as 10-15).

Below is a comprehensive list of color codes and names you can use. You can also use a color picker or color mixer to find a particular color code.
Reds *Click me!*

█ #FFC0CB Pink
█ #FFB5C5 Pink1
█ #EEA9B8 Pink2
█ #CD919E Pink3
█ #8B636C Pink4
█ #FFB6C1 Lightpink
█ #FFAEB9 Lightpink1
█ #EEA2AD Lightpink2
█ #CD8C95 Lightpink3
█ #8B5F65 Lightpink4
█ #FF69B4 Hotpink
█ #FF6EB4 Hotpink1
█ #EE6AA7 Hotpink2
█ #CD6090 Hotpink3
█ #8B3A62 Hotpink4
█ #FF1493 Deeppink
█ #FF1493 Deeppink1
█ #EE1289 Deeppink2
█ #CD1076 Deeppink3
█ #8B0A50 Deeppink4
█ #FF0000 Red
█ #FF0000 Red1
█ #EE0000 Red2
█ #CD0000 Red3
█ #8B0000 Red4
█ #8B0000 Darkred
█ #CD5C5C Indianred
█ #FF6A6A Indianred1
█ #EE6363 Indianred2
█ #CD5555 Indianred3
█ #8B3A3A Indianred4
█ #C71585 Mediumvioletred
█ #FFE4E1 Mistyrose
█ #FFE4E1 Mistyrose1
█ #EED5D2 Mistyrose2
█ #CDB7B5 Mistyrose3
█ #8B7D7B Mistyrose4
█ #FF4500 Orangered
█ #FF4500 Orangered1
█ #EE4000 Orangered2
█ #CD3700 Orangered3
█ #8B2500 Orangered4
█ #DB7093 Palevioletred
█ #FF82AB Palevioletred1
█ #EE799F Palevioletred2
█ #CD6889 Palevioletred3
█ #8B475D Palevioletred4
█ #D02090 Violetred
█ #FF3E96 Violetred1
█ #EE3A8C Violetred2
█ #CD3278 Violetred3
█ #8B2252 Violetred4
█ #B22222 Firebrick
█ #FF3030 Firebrick1
█ #EE2C2C Firebrick2
█ #CD2626 Firebrick3
█ #8B1A1A Firebrick4
█ #FF6347 Tomato
█ #FF6347 Tomato1
█ #EE5C42 Tomato2
█ #CD4F39 Tomato3
█ #8B3626 Tomato4

Browns *Click me!*

█ #F5F5DC Beige
█ #A52A2A Brown
█ #FF4040 Brown1
█ #EE3B3B Brown2
█ #CD3333 Brown3
█ #8B2323 Brown4
█ #DEB887 Burlywood
█ #FFD39B Burlywood1
█ #EEC591 Burlywood2
█ #CDAA7D Burlywood3
█ #8B7355 Burlywood4
█ #D2691E Chocolate
█ #FF7F24 Chocolate1
█ #EE7621 Chocolate2
█ #CD661D Chocolate3
█ #8B4513 Chocolate4
█ #CD853F Peru
█ #BC8F8F Rosybrown
█ #FFC1C1 Rosybrown1
█ #EEB4B4 Rosybrown2
█ #CD9B9B Rosybrown3
█ #8B6969 Rosybrown4
█ #8B4513 Saddlebrown
█ #F4A460 Sandybrown
█ #D2B48C Tan
█ #FFA54F Tan1
█ #EE9A49 Tan2
█ #CD853F Tan3
█ #8B5A2B Tan4

Whites *Click me!*

█ #FFFFFF White
█ #FAEBD7 Antiquewhite
█ #FFEFDB Antiquewhite1
█ #EEDFCC Antiquewhite2
█ #CDC0B0 Antiquewhite3
█ #8B8378 Antiquewhite4
█ #FFFAF0 Floralwhite
█ #F8F8FF Ghostwhite
█ #FFDEAD Navajowhite
█ #FFDEAD Navajowhite1
█ #EECFA1 Navajowhite2
█ #CDB38B Navajowhite3
█ #8B795E Navajowhite4
█ #FDF5E6 Oldlace
█ #F5F5F5 Whitesmoke
█ #DCDCDC Gainsboro
█ #FFFFF0 Ivory
█ #FFFFF0 Ivory1
█ #EEEEE0 Ivory2
█ #CDCDC1 Ivory3
█ #8B8B83 Ivory4
█ #FAF0E6 Linen
█ #FFF5EE Seashell
█ #FFF5EE Seashell1
█ #EEE5DE Seashell2
█ #CDC5BF Seashell3
█ #8B8682 Seashell4
█ #FFFAFA Snow
█ #FFFAFA Snow1
█ #EEE9E9 Snow2
█ #CDC9C9 Snow3
█ #8B8989 Snow4
█ #F5DEB3 Wheat
█ #FFE7BA Wheat1
█ #EED8AE Wheat2
█ #CDBA96 Wheat3
█ #8B7E66 Wheat4

Greens *Click me!*

█ #00FF00 Green
█ #00FF00 Green1
█ #00EE00 Green2
█ #00CD00 Green3
█ #008B00 Green4
█ #006400 Darkgreen
█ #BDB76B Darkkhaki
█ #556B2F Darkolivegreen
█ #CAFF70 Darkolivegreen1
█ #BCEE68 Darkolivegreen2
█ #A2CD5A Darkolivegreen3
█ #6E8B3D Darkolivegreen4
█ #8FBC8F Darkseagreen
█ #C1FFC1 Darkseagreen1
█ #B4EEB4 Darkseagreen2
█ #9BCD9B Darkseagreen3
█ #698B69 Darkseagreen4
█ #228B22 Forestgreen
█ #ADFF2F Greenyellow
█ #7CFC00 Lawngreen
█ #90EE90 Lightgreen
█ #20B2AA Lightseagreen
█ #32CD32 Limegreen
█ #3CB371 Mediumseagreen
█ #00FA9A Mediumspringgreen
█ #F5FFFA Mintcream
█ #6B8E23 Olivedrab
█ #C0FF3E Olivedrab1
█ #B3EE3A Olivedrab2
█ #9ACD32 Olivedrab3
█ #698B22 Olivedrab4
█ #98FB98 Palegreen
█ #9AFF9A Palegreen1
█ #90EE90 Palegreen2
█ #7CCD7C Palegreen3
█ #548B54 Palegreen4
█ #2E8B57 Seagreen
█ #54FF9F Seagreen1
█ #4EEE94 Seagreen2
█ #43CD80 Seagreen3
█ #2E8B57 Seagreen4
█ #00FF7F Springgreen
█ #00FF7F Springgreen1
█ #00EE76 Springgreen2
█ #00CD66 Springgreen3
█ #008B45 Springgreen4
█ #9ACD32 Yellowgreen
█ #7FFF00 Chartreuse
█ #7FFF00 Chartreuse1
█ #76EE00 Chartreuse2
█ #66CD00 Chartreuse3
█ #458B00 Chartreuse4
█ #F0E68C Khaki
█ #FFF68F Khaki1
█ #EEE685 Khaki2
█ #CDC673 Khaki3
█ #8B864E Khaki4

Yellows *Click me!*

█ #FFFF00 Yellow
█ #FFFF00 Yellow1
█ #EEEE00 Yellow2
█ #CDCD00 Yellow3
█ 8B8B00 Yellow4
█ #FFEBCD Blanchedalmond
█ #B8860B Darkgoldenrod
█ #FFB90F Darkgoldenrod1
█ #EEAD0E Darkgoldenrod2
█ #CD950C Darkgoldenrod3
█ #8B6508 Darkgoldenrod4
█ #FFFACD Lemonchiffon
█ #FFFACD Lemonchiffon1
█ #EEE9BF Lemonchiffon2
█ #CDC9A5 Lemonchiffon3
█ #8B8970 Lemonchiffon4
█ #EEDD82 Lightgoldenrod
█ #FFEC8B Lightgoldenrod1
█ #EEDC82 Lightgoldenrod2
█ #CDBE70 Lightgoldenrod3
█ #8B814C Lightgoldenrod4
█ #FAFAD2 Lightgoldenrodyellow
█ #FFFFE0 Lightyellow
█ #FFFFE0 Lightyellow1
█ #EEEED1 Lightyellow2
█ #CDCDB4 Lightyellow3
█ #8B8B7A Lightyellow4
█ #EEE8AA Palegoldenrod
█ #FFEFD5 Papayawhip
█ #FFF8DC Cornsilk
█ #FFF8DC Cornsilk1
█ #EEE8CD Cornsilk2
█ #CDC8B1 Cornsilk3
█ #8B8878 Cornsilk4
█ #FFD700 Gold
█ #FFD700 Gold1
█ #EEC900 Gold2
█ #CDAD00 Gold3
█ #8B7500 Gold4
█ #DAA520 Goldenrod
█ #FFC125 Goldenrod1
█ #EEB422 Goldenrod2
█ #CD9B1D Goldenrod3
█ #8B6914 Goldenrod4
█ #FFE4B5 Moccasin

Oranges *Click me!*

█ #FFA500 Orange
█ #FFA500 Orange1
█ #EE9A00 Orange2
█ #CD8500 Orange3
█ #8B5A00 Orange4
█ #FF8C00 Darkorange
█ #FF7F00 Darkorange1
█ #EE7600 Darkorange2
█ #CD6600 Darkorange3
█ #8B4500 Darkorange4
█ #E9967A Darksalmon
█ #F08080 Lightcoral
█ #FFA07A Lightsalmon
█ #FFA07A Lightsalmon1
█ #EE9572 Lightsalmon2
█ #CD8162 Lightsalmon3
█ #8B5742 Lightsalmon4
█ #FFDAB9 Peachpuff
█ #FFDAB9 Peachpuff1
█ #EECBAD Peachpuff2
█ #CDAF95 Peachpuff3
█ #8B7765 Peachpuff4
█ #FFE4C4 Bisque
█ #FFE4C4 Bisque1
█ #EED5B7 Bisque2
█ #CDB79E Bisque3
█ #8B7D6B Bisque4
█ #FF7F50 Coral
█ #FF7256 Coral1
█ #EE6A50 Coral2
█ #CD5B45 Coral3
█ #8B3E2F Coral4
█ #F0FFF0 Honeydew
█ #F0FFF0 Honeydew1
█ #E0EEE0 Honeydew2
█ #C1CDC1 Honeydew3
█ #838B83 Honeydew4
█ #FA8072 Salmon
█ #FF8C69 Salmon1
█ #EE8262 Salmon2
█ #CD7054 Salmon3
█ #8B4C39 Salmon4
█ #A0522D Sienna
█ #FF8247 Sienna1
█ #EE7942 Sienna2
█ #CD6839 Sienna3
█ #8B4726 Sienna4

Blues *Click me!*

█ #7FFFD4 Aquamarine
█ #7FFFD4 Aquamarine1
█ #76EEC6 Aquamarine2
█ #66CDAA Aquamarine3
█ #458B74 Aquamarine4
█ #F0FFFF Azure
█ #F0FFFF Azure1
█ #E0EEEE Azure2
█ #C1CDCD Azure3
█ #838B8B Azure4
█ #0000FF Blue
█ #0000FF Blue1
█ #0000EE Blue2
█ #0000CD Blue3
█ #00008B Blue4
█ #00FFFF Cyan
█ #00FFFF Cyan1
█ #00EEEE Cyan2
█ #00CDCD Cyan3
█ #008B8B Cyan4
█ #000080 Navy
█ #40E0D0 Turquoise
█ #00F5FF Turquoise1
█ #00E5EE Turquoise2
█ #00C5CD Turquoise3
█ #00868B Turquoise4
█ #F0F8FF Aliceblue
█ #8A2BE2 Blueviolet
█ #5F9EA0 Cadetblue
█ #98F5FF Cadetblue1
█ #8EE5EE Cadetblue2
█ #7AC5CD Cadetblue3
█ #53868B Cadetblue4
█ #6495ED Cornflowerblue
█ #00008B Darkblue
█ #008B8B Darkcyan
█ #483D8B Darkslateblue
█ #00CED1 Darkturquoise
█ #00BFFF Deepskyblue
█ #00BFFF Deepskyblue1
█ #00B2EE Deepskyblue2
█ #009ACD Deepskyblue3
█ #00688B Deepskyblue4
█ #1E90FF Dodgerblue
█ #1E90FF Dodgerblue1
█ #1C86EE Dodgerblue2
█ #1874CD Dodgerblue3
█ #104E8B Dodgerblue4
█ #ADD8E6 Lightblue
█ #BFEFFF Lightblue1
█ #B2DFEE Lightblue2
█ #9AC0CD Lightblue3
█ #68838B Lightblue4
█ #E0FFFF Lightcyan
█ #E0FFFF Lightcyan1
█ #D1EEEE Lightcyan2
█ #B4CDCD Lightcyan3
█ #7A8B8B Lightcyan4
█ #87CEFA Lightskyblue
█ #B0E2FF Lightskyblue1
█ #A4D3EE Lightskyblue2
█ #8DB6CD Lightskyblue3
█ #607B8B Lightskyblue4
█ #8470FF Lightslateblue
█ #B0C4DE Lightsteelblue
█ #CAE1FF Lightsteelblue1
█ #BCD2EE Lightsteelblue2
█ #A2B5CD Lightsteelblue3
█ #6E7B8B Lightsteelblue4
█ #66CDAA Mediumaquamarine
█ #0000CD Mediumblue
█ #7B68EE Mediumslateblue
█ #48D1CC Mediumturquoise
█ #191970 Midnightblue
█ #000080 Navyblue
█ #AFEEEE Paleturquoise
█ #BBFFFF Paleturquoise1
█ #AEEEEE Paleturquoise2
█ #96CDCD Paleturquoise3
█ #668B8B Paleturquoise4
█ #B0E0E6 Powderblue
█ #4169E1 Royalblue
█ #4876FF Royalblue1
█ #436EEE Royalblue2
█ #3A5FCD Royalblue3
█ #27408B Royalblue4
█ #87CEEB Skyblue
█ #87CEFF Skyblue1
█ #7EC0EE Skyblue2
█ #6CA6CD Skyblue3
█ #4A708B Skyblue4
█ #6A5ACD Slateblue
█ #836FFF Slateblue1
█ #7A67EE Slateblue2
█ #6959CD Slateblue3
█ #473C8B Slateblue4
█ #4682B4 Steelblue
█ #63B8FF Steelblue1
█ #5CACEE Steelblue2
█ #4F94CD Steelblue3
█ #36648B Steelblue4

Violets *Click me!*

█ #EE82EE Violet
█ #9400D3 Darkviolet
█ #8B008B Darkmagenta
█ #9932CC Darkorchid
█ #BF3EFF Darkorchid1
█ #B23AEE Darkorchid2
█ #9A32CD Darkorchid3
█ #68228B Darkorchid4
█ #FFF0F5 Lavenderblush
█ #FFF0F5 Lavenderblush1
█ #EEE0E5 Lavenderblush2
█ #CDC1C5 Lavenderblush3
█ #8B8386 Lavenderblush4
█ #BA55D3 Mediumorchid
█ #E066FF Mediumorchid1
█ #D15FEE Mediumorchid2
█ #B452CD Mediumorchid3
█ #7A378B Mediumorchid4
█ #9370DB Mediumpurple
█ #AB82FF Mediumpurple1
█ #9F79EE Mediumpurple2
█ #8968CD Mediumpurple3
█ #5D478B Mediumpurple4
█ #E6E6FA Lavender
█ #FF00FF Magenta
█ #FF00FF Magenta1
█ #EE00EE Magenta2
█ #CD00CD Magenta3
█ #8B008B Magenta4
█ #B03060 Maroon
█ #FF34B3 Maroon1
█ #EE30A7 Maroon2
█ #CD2990 Maroon3
█ #8B1C62 Maroon4
█ #DA70D6 Orchid
█ #FF83FA Orchid1
█ #EE7AE9 Orchid2
█ #CD69C9 Orchid3
█ #8B4789 Orchid4
█ #DDA0DD Plum
█ #FFBBFF Plum1
█ #EEAEEE Plum2
█ #CD96CD Plum3
█ #8B668B Plum4
█ #A020F0 Purple
█ #9B30FF Purple1
█ #912CEE Purple2
█ #7D26CD Purple3
█ #551A8B Purple4
█ #D8BFD8 Thistle
█ #FFE1FF Thistle1
█ #EED2EE Thistle2
█ #CDB5CD Thistle3
█ #8B7B8B Thistle4

Grays *Click me!*

The alternate spelling of Grey is also acceptable in most cases below.
█ #BEBEBE Gray
█ #000000 Gray0
█ #030303 Gray1
█ #050505 Gray2
█ #080808 Gray3
█ #0A0A0A Gray4
█ #0D0D0D Gray5
█ #0F0F0F Gray6
█ #121212 Gray7
█ #141414 Gray8
█ #171717 Gray9
█ #1A1A1A Gray10
█ #1C1C1C Gray11
█ #1F1F1F Gray12
█ #212121 Gray13
█ #242424 Gray14
█ #262626 Gray15
█ #292929 Gray16
█ #2B2B2B Gray17
█ #2E2E2E Gray18
█ #303030 Gray19
█ #333333 Gray20
█ #363636 Gray21
█ #383838 Gray22
█ #3B3B3B Gray23
█ #3D3D3D Gray24
█ #404040 Gray25
█ #424242 Gray26
█ #454545 Gray27
█ #474747 Gray28
█ #4A4A4A Gray29
█ #4D4D4D Gray30
█ #4F4F4F Gray31
█ #525252 Gray32
█ #545454 Gray33
█ #575757 Gray34
█ #595959 Gray35
█ #5C5C5C Gray36
█ #5E5E5E Gray37
█ #616161 Gray38
█ #636363 Gray39
█ #666666 Gray40
█ #696969 Gray41
█ #6B6B6B Gray42
█ #6E6E6E Gray43
█ #707070 Gray44
█ #737373 Gray45
█ #757575 Gray46
█ #787878 Gray47
█ #7A7A7A Gray48
█ #7D7D7D Gray49
█ #7F7F7F Gray50
█ #828282 Gray51
█ #858585 Gray52
█ #878787 Gray53
█ #8A8A8A Gray54
█ #8C8C8C Gray55
█ #8F8F8F Gray56
█ #919191 Gray57
█ #949494 Gray58
█ #969696 Gray59
█ #999999 Gray60
█ #9C9C9C Gray61
█ #9E9E9E Gray62
█ #A1A1A1 Gray63
█ #A3A3A3 Gray64
█ #A6A6A6 Gray65
█ #A8A8A8 Gray66
█ #ABABAB Gray67
█ #ADADAD Gray68
█ #B0B0B0 Gray69
█ #B3B3B3 Gray70
█ #B5B5B5 Gray71
█ #B8B8B8 Gray72
█ #BABABA Gray73
█ #BDBDBD Gray74
█ #BFBFBF Gray75
█ #C2C2C2 Gray76
█ #C4C4C4 Gray77
█ #C7C7C7 Gray78
█ #C9C9C9 Gray79
█ #CCCCCC Gray80
█ #CFCFCF Gray81
█ #D1D1D1 Gray82
█ #D4D4D4 Gray83
█ #D6D6D6 Gray84
█ #D9D9D9 Gray85
█ #DBDBDB Gray86
█ #DEDEDE Gray87
█ #E0E0E0 Gray88
█ #E3E3E3 Gray89
█ #E5E5E5 Gray90
█ #E8E8E8 Gray91
█ #EBEBEB Gray92
█ #EDEDED Gray93
█ #F0F0F0 Gray94
█ #F2F2F2 Gray95
█ #F5F5F5 Gray96
█ #F7F7F7 Gray97
█ #FAFAFA Gray98
█ #FCFCFC Gray99
█ #FFFFFF Gray100
█ #2F4F4F Darkslategray
█ #97FFFF Darkslategray1
█ #8DEEEE Darkslategray2
█ #79CDCD Darkslategray3
█ #528B8B Darkslategray4
█ #696969 Dimgray
█ #D3D3D3 Lightgray
█ #778899 Lightslategray
█ #708090 Slategray
█ #C6E2FF Slategray1
█ #B9D3EE Slategray2
█ #9FB6CD Slategray3
█ #6C7B8B Slategray4
█ #000000 Black

You can add images to your posts and messages pretty much everywhere on the site. You just need to enter this code:

[img]Image Address[/img]
[img=WxH]Image Address[/img] (Width x Height e.g. 100x200)

You can also use the following codes to do more with your images:
[url=Weblink][img]Image Address[/img][/url] - Turns the image into a clickable link, pointing to an email address.
[email=Address][img]Image Address[/img][/email] - Turns the image into a clickable link, pointing to an email address.
[float=left][img]Image Address[/img][/float] - Floats the image on the left, so the text after it wraps around the right side.
[float=right][img]Image Address[/img][/float] - Floats the image on the right, so the text after it wraps around the left side.
[float=left][url=Weblink][img]Image Address[/img][/url][/float] - Combines the above to make a floating, clickable image.
Note: If you turn your image into a link, it won't be obvious that it's clickable, so you might want to add a note to tell people:

Finding the image address depends on where it is. Click the relevant option below for more information:

The image is already on the internet. *Click me!*

Go to the website and make sure you can see the full-size image in your browser - i.e. not just a thumbnail of it.
Right-click on the image:
  • If you see an option like Copy Image Location/Address/URL, then click it. Job done!
  • If you're in Internet Explorer and can't see those options, just click Copy instead.
  • If there are no copy options, select Properties or View Image Info. In the box that appears, highlight the image address it shows you (double-clicking it usually works). Then right-click on that selection and select Copy.

Now that you have the address, return to your post here on LiL:
  • Click the first toolbar button above the text box, to bring up the Insert Image form.
  • Right-click in the URL box and hit Paste.
  • Click OK, and the image code will appear in your post.

Remember, you must use the address of the image itself, and not the page it's on. An image address will end with an extension like .jpg, .bmp, .gif or .png. Also ensure it starts with http:// or https://, depending on whether the site's secure or not.

The image is saved on my computer. *Click me!*

You'll need to upload it to the internet so LiL can see it. There are various picture hosting sites you can use for this, and they're generally easy to use. All you have to do is register a free account with them, and use the Upload option to save your images. Some popular sites are:
  • Flickr - A common site for general images. Useful features here include the ability to view and use different sizes of the same image.
  • Imageshack - Also for general images. You don't have to register to host an image, but you can organize images if you do so. Adult images sometimes work here, but not always.
  • Mediafire - A free site for organizing images as well as other types of content (video, audio, documents, etc).
  • FileFap - This site is specifically set up for adult images (nudity, sex, etc).
  • Pixxxels - Another site where people can store adult images.
  • Sta.sh - This site also accepts mature content. You need to register with DeviantArt to use it.
  • Photobucket is no longer recommended. It used to be free, but you now have to pay a large annual fee to use your Photobucket images on other sites. As a result, you'll see a message about '3rd party hosting' instead of any Photobucket images you use here. You will need to move your images to other sites and update your links in order to make them visible again.

Once you've uploaded your image, you then need to grab its address. Some of these sites helpfully provide the image code for you - just go to the image and look for a box saying IMG Code, Forum Code or BBCode. You'll know it's right if the code starts with [img]. You can copy that code and paste it into your post without using the toolbar. However, if you can't see this option, you can still open the image full-size and right-click on it to get the address as described above.
Note: It's always worth keeping a backup of your pictures on your own computer. That way, if the hosting site crashes, or removes your pictures for any reason, or closes down, you won’t lose them.
Also, we cannot give detailed help on using these sites, as we'd be here forever! But each site does have its own help system, and our users will be happy to assist if they use the same site(s) as you.

You can embed video clips from Vimeo and Youtube directly into your posts. For videos on other sites, you must post a standard link to the page it's on.
All you need to do is use the relevant code:
[vimeo]Video Code[/vimeo] - The video code is the number after https://vimeo.com/.
[youtube]Video Code[/youtube] - The video code is the short string of text after http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= or http://youtu.be/
Ignore any text starting with & or ? when grabbing the video codes.
For example:
https://vimeo.com/120581033 becomes [vimeo]120581033[/vimeo]
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dszl_U2jGLw becomes [youtube]Dszl_U2jGLw[/youtube]

  • For sites other than Vimeo or Youtube, you can only = post a standard link to the page the video is on (see the text effects FAQ for more on links).
  • You can only use the basic video code. You cannot add options like the start time.
  • BBCode must be set as the Text Format below the text box for the video to appear.
  • Videos will only be shown if they have embedding enabled and are not private.

Here's an example of how an embedded video will appear:


Emoticons (also called emoji) are 'emotional icons' - small pictures that represent different feelings and moods. We have a big selection of these that you can use on the site, all of which are listed below.

  • In Chat, there is a small set of icons you can click on to insert them. However, the full set is below. Simply type the code in the first column - e.g. :) - to insert the icon in your message. If an icon doesn't have a code below, then it's not available in hat at present.
  • In forum posts, Private Messages, etc, you need to use the code in the last column below e.g. [emoji=1] or [smile]. Unlike other types of BBCode, you must not use closing tags for these. Just use the single tag on its own.

Chat CodeImageDescriptionBBCode For Posts, PMs, etc
:)Happy[emoji=1] or [smile]
:(Sad[emoji=2] or [sad]
;)Winking[emoji=3] or [wink]
:DBig grin[emoji=4] or [grin]
;;)Batting eyelashes[emoji=5]
Big hug[emoji=6] or [hugs]
:xLove struck[emoji=8]
:*Kiss[emoji=11] or [kiss]
=((Broken heart[emoji=12]
Devil[emoji=19] or [evil]
:))Laughing[emoji=21] or [lol]
:|Straight face[emoji=22]
/:)Raised eyebrow[emoji=23]
=))Rolling on the floor[emoji=24]
=;Talk to the hand[emoji=27]
8-|Rolling eyes[emoji=29]
Feeling sick[emoji=31]
:-$Don't tell anyone[emoji=32]
[-(Not talking[emoji=33]
Blowing raspberry[emoji=47]
%%-Good luck[emoji=54]
$-)Money eyes[emoji=64]
b-(Feeling beat up[emoji=66]
[-XShame on you[emoji=68]
Bring it on[emoji=70]
;))Giggle[emoji=71] or [giggle]
(%)Yin yang[emoji=75]
^:)^Not worthy[emoji=77]
:-jOh go on[emoji=78]
:)]On the phone[emoji=100]
:-cCall me[emoji=101]
~X(At wits' end[emoji=102]
:-tTime out[emoji=104]
:-??I don't know[emoji=106]
%-(Not listening[emoji=107]
:o3Puppy dog eyes[emoji=108]
x_xI don't want to see[emoji=109]
:!!Hurry up![emoji=110]
:-qThumbs down[emoji=112]
:-bdThumbs up[emoji=113]
^#(^It wasn't me[emoji=114]

There's a lot going on here, so you may need help keeping track of it all. To help with this, you can use Tracking and Bookmarks (email alerts are not currently available). Click each heading below to find out more.

Tracking *Click me!*

LiL will automatically build a list of items that you've created or commented on. You can see the list by going to the Track tab on your Account page. Just click the name of the item to visit it. If you look at another user's profile (by clicking their name or avatar), you can also use their Track tab to see the items they're involved with - which is handy if you want to explore the history of a character's story, for instance.

Bookmarks *Click me!*

You can create a library of links that you want to refer to again and again - e.g. forum threads, stories, captions, etc. To bookmark an item, look just below the very first post, before any comments or replies. On the right-hand side, you'll see a link called Bookmark this - click it to set the bookmark. It will then say Unbookmark this - you can click this to turn the bookmark off any time.
To see your bookmarks, hover over the Account tab at the top of the site and click Bookmarks on the drop-down menu. As with tracking, you can also see the bookmarks created by another user if you click the Bookmarks tab in their profile.

Listed below are a few goodies you may find yourself earning here. They are all just for fun, so you don't have to use them if you don't want to. But we hope they'll encourage you to get involved, try things out and help others to have fun here. Click each one below to find out more about it.

Achievements *Click me!*

These are awarded automatically to each user, depending on how they use the site. As soon as you do something that earns you an achievement, a pop-up box will appear alerting you to it. Each achievement is worth a set number of points, and some achievements have multiple levels, with higher levels worth more points. Please don't spam the site just to earn these achievements, or we'll deduct them from your profile.
To see which achievements you've earned, and which ones to aim for, click the Account tab at the top of the site and go to your Achievements tab. You'll be given your score, along with more tabs listing all the different achievements. You can see how other people are doing by visiting their profiles as well. If you click on the name of an achievement, you'll see how many people have earned it, who got it first, and who achieved it most recently. There's also a hidden Leaderboard listing people by their total score.
Note: Some achievements will be marked as hidden until you've earned them. This means you'll have to figure out their secrets, or ask another player to help you, or cheat by reading the list below. If the achievement is new, however, it might not be revealed here until enough people have found it first.
Posting Achievements
You earn these for:
  • Posting new forum topics - New achievements are earned after 1, 10, 25, 50 & 100 topics.
  • Commenting on forum topics, stories, captions, news updates, etc - You get new achievements after 1, 10, 25, 42, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2584, 5000, 5309, 6969, 8008 & 10000 posts.
  • Adding links - You get new achievements after submitting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50 & 100 links.

Creative Achievements
You earn these for:
  • Posting captions - You get new achievements after 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75 & 100 captions.
  • Posting stories - You get new achievements after 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 25, 50 & 100 stories.

Holiday Achievements
Some holiday achievements are awarded just for logging in on specific dates:
  • 08 Apr 2012 = Playboy Bunny (Easter)
  • 31 Oct 2012 = Slut of 2012 (Halloween)
  • 22 Nov 2012 = Gave Thanks in 2012 (Thanksgiving)
  • 22 Dec 2012 = It's the End of the World as We Know It... (The end of the world)
  • 25 Dec 2012 = Happy Holidays 2012 (Christmas)
  • 01 Jan 2013 = Ringing It In.. (New Year)

Others are given out for taking part in special events (thus some are no longer available):
  • Apr 2012 = Ipad: Earned by clicking the icon in this topic.
  • Apr 2012 = Bit of Fluff: Given to users who played in our Easter story.
  • Oct 2012 = Costumes: 3 achievements, earned by trying on 1, 5 & 10 outfits in the Dressing Room.
  • Dec 2012 = Secret Santa: Earned by reading a post in the Dirty Secret Santa group.

Other Achievements
  • Gossip Girl: Awarded the first time you send a Private Message to another user.

Nominations *Click me!*

These are awarded by users to each other, as a fun way of saying thank you for being amazing members of the community. To nominate a user for any reason, simply visit their profile page and click Nominate this player.
You can see who has nominated you by going to your Account page. Only you can see this - the list of nominees is private for every user. You can also include or exclude yourself from the nominations feature by clicking this link on your profile page:

Awards *Click me!*

These are occasional prizes handed out by Melissa to certain users, for all sorts of reasons. The latest award winner is listed on the Home page, and the awards won by each user are shown on their profile page. To find out more and to suggest users who might deserve an award, visit this thread. And you can see all the awards given out so far by visiting the Awards page.

If you have a technical problem on the site:

  • First check if your problem is answered in the sections below, or in another relevant part of the FAQ. Click the headings below to reveal their information.
  • If you can't find the answer here, you can ask one of the admins about it, or submit it as a bug report, by hovering over the Info tab at the top of the site and clicking Report A Bug on the menu that pops-up.
  • If you're raising a bug report, make sure it's not already in the list of reports. Duplicates will be deleted.
  • Don't just say "it doesn't work", because that doesn't help us. Give as much information as you can. What page is the problem on? What were you doing? What happened that you didn't expect? If you got an error message, what did it say?

Using Mobile Devices (phones, tablets, etc) *Click me!*

To reveal the menus, click the Menu icon at the top right of the site. Beyond that, the site works much the same as the desktop version. If your browser isn't showing LiL correctly, however, make sure it's up to date or try an alternative. As well as famous names like Firefox and Chrome, users have also recommended programs like Puffin and UC in the past.

Registration Problems *Click me!*

New accounts must be approved by the admins before you can log in, so please be patient. You will receive an email to let you know when your account has been activated. This will usually take a day or two. Also make sure that you spell your username correctly, and the same goes for your password when you have to set that. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, so be careful with upper and lower case.
If you don't get an activation email within a few days, there could be a few reasons. Before contacting us, check if any of these apply to you:
  • We will not approve accounts that use a disposable or temporary address, nor addresses hosted on hidden/dark servers. Examples of rejected sites are given in our Account Registration FAQ. Therefore, please use an address from a recognized provider, such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. We will not pass your address on to anyone else and we will never spam you.
  • Check the Junk/Spam folders in your email account. Emails from LiL do end up there sometimes. If that's the case, then consider adding us to your safe list or contacts to ensure our emails get through correctly.
  • If your address was spelt incorrectly, then we obviously can't email you. We may fix an address if the error is obvious, but often it won't be. To rule out the possibility, try to register a new account with the same address again, typing it carefully. If it's correct for the first account, the second attempt will fail, as the address already exists on our system. If the new account works, however, then maybe the address was wrong before. Let us know and we can correct/delete it.

If you've checked all those things and still can't get in. feel free to contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Logging In Twice *Click me!*

If you find you're having to login twice, or you appear to get logged out when leaving a comment, you're probably using the wrong version of the site.
Always make sure you use our secure https site - https://www.lockedinlace.com/main. Make sure your favourites or bookmarks reflect this as well. Otherwise, if you try to log in to the non-secure http site, you will be redirected to the secure site and must login again.[/i]

Forgotten Passwords *Click me!*

If you forget your password at any time, click Request new password below the log in boxes. Enter your username or email address and click the button provided. If it matches an account on the site, an email will be sent to the account's email address, with a link to reset the password.
If you've forgotten the password for your email account as well, however, then you will need to read their own help pages for assistance. If you have to set up a new email address, you will also need to register a new LiL account if you can't log in to your current one.

Changing Your Username *Click me!*

If you want to change your username, please contact one of the admins. They will need to do this for you, as it has to be updated separately on each of our sites.

Avatar (Profile Picture) Problems *Click me!*

Our software automatically resizes avatars to 135 x 200 pixels and converts them to JPEG format, to ensure consistency for all accounts. Resizing may involve some cropping of the image to fit the proportions, and animated GIFS are not supported. See the FAQ entry on Account Settings for tips on preparing your avatar image.

Private Message Problems *Click me!*

If users visit your profile and cannot see the option to send you a message, or if you can't create a new conversation, then it means your messages area is full. You'll need to delete a conversation or two to free up some space. To see how much space you have left, go to your Messages area and look at the line of text below the list of conversations.

Text Effects (BBCode) Not Working *Click me!*

If you're trying to add effects to your posts using BBCode or Filtered HTML and they're not working, make sure:
  • You have the right Text Format selected below the text box. The most common and versatile format used here is BBCode. The toolbar above each text box uses BBCode only.
  • You have the correct start & end tags e.g. [b] & [/b]. Missing just one character from the tags will cause the formatting to fail.
  • Read the Text Effects FAQ post to make sure you're entering the codes correctly.

Images not appearing in posts *Click me!*

If your image isn't showing, make sure:
  • There are no spaces anywhere in the image code.
  • The address starts with https:// for secure sites, or http:// in other cases.
  • That you're linking to the image itself (.jpg, .bmp, .gif, .png, etc), and not the page you found it on (.html, .php, .aspx, etc).

Videos not appearing in posts *Click me!*

Remember, only Youtube videos can be embedded. If the video appears in your post but won't play, check its settings on Youtube. In order to play, the video must have Embedding enabled (under Advanced Settings), and its Privacy setting must be Public or Unlisted.

Deleting Comments *Click me!*

It currently isn't possible for a regular user to delete their own posts, but we're hoping to enable this in the future. In the meantime, if you really need a post removed, please contact the admins. If removing your post interrupts the flow of an existing thread, however, then it might not be removed. And remember - you can still edit your own posts, so you can still alter a post instead of removing it completely.

Deleting Your Account *Click me!*

The urge to delete an account often results from anger, sadness, guilt, etc. But these feelings are always temporary, so give yourself time to calm down before deciding on anything. The majority of people who insist they're never going to come back actually do the opposite - whether it be days, weeks or months later.
If you're having a problem here that you can't resolve on your own, then talk to one of the admins about it first. They will support and help you. If another user is being hurtful or offensive, then it's very important that we know about it, so we can stop them. Otherwise they'll just harass others, and that isn't fair. By talking to us, you could be making life easier for many users, not just yourself.
If you really want to leave the site though, for a short or long period, then just walk away and focus on other things. You don't need to do anything special here. Nobody else can touch your account, and it will always be available if and when you change your mind later.
However, there is a Cancel account button on the Edit page of your profile, which you can use if you really want to. Just be aware that it will simply block you from logging in. It will not delete your account. Everything will still be here, but you won't be able to access it unless you ask us to activate your login again.
If you ask us to delete your account completely, we will generally refuse, especially if will destroy threads and conversations you've been in with others. It wouldn't be fair on users you've interacted with who want to look at their own history. Plus, as noted above, deletion is often a hasty decision that people regret later, no matter how insistent they are at the time.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly, welcoming, supportive community here. Respect for one another is one of our primary rules. Yes, characters in stories can disagree and fight - but Out Of Character, and out of the stories, we expect everyone to be tolerant and respectful of one another.

So if you feel you're being upset by another user, and you're finding it hard to deal with, please tell one of the admins. They're here to support you and help resolve disputes in any way they can. They are the only people at LiL with any authority to decide what is and isn't allowed - nobody else can do this, not even dominant players, managers, etc (beyond what's agreed in stories of course).

Remember, we're here to help, but we can't help you if you don't tell us there's a problem. That's the key message we want to get across. Don't be shy and just complain to your friends - tell us what the issue is, and we'll try to help you fix it so you can be happy.

If it helps, here are some answers to common problems and questions that you may find useful. Click each heading to reveal the information.

I posted a new thread, but nobody's replying to it. *Click me!*

First, you have to be patient, it can take a few days. But don't wait too long either - say, no more than a week - otherwise your post will just get lost among the crowd. So don't sit there too quietly. There are various things you can do:
  • Post on the Bulletin Board, describing what you're after. You're basically advertising yourself, so the more detail you can give, the more interested people will be. Why should they play with you? What are your turn-ons? What are your limits? If you have a story already in mind, give a description of it. And make sure you include a link to the story thread you want help with.
  • Check your original post in the thread you want help with. Again, detail is important. A single line with barely any detail simply won't grab people's interest - but a detailed, well-thought out post is much more likely to get a response. Don't forget the title of the thread either - does it give a clue as to what it's about? Will people be tempted to click on it in the first place?
  • Contact people directly. You can use the Chat system to get to know people in general. Or, if you see someone on site you like the look of, you can send them a respectful Private Message. If they don't reply or say no because they're busy, try someone else. Don't give up. There will be a match out there for you, so it's worth making the effort.
  • Take part elsewhere on the site, so that people notice you and get to know you. Although you must not invade other people's story threads, you can post and comment in other forums, including all the ones that aren't about roleplaying. You can also comment on, and create, captions, short stories and polls, and get involved with the LiL Academy. Don't use your comments in these places to beg for help with a story - instead, keep your comments relevant to the item that's being talked about.

Why does it take a long time for people to reply to my posts? *Click me!*

Be patient and don't expect instant responses. The forums are not like chat rooms - many of the people you interact with won't be online at the same time as you. We all have real lives away from the site (which must always take priority), with family, work, socialising, illness, etc. So everyone logs on at different times, and for different lengths of time. Some people are very limited as to how long they can spend here. Plus we're spread around the world in different time zones as well. And even if you can see that people are online, they'll have other threads and messages to look at as well as yours.
So it's perfectly normal for people to take a little while to reply - the average for most people seems to be a day or two. A few people might be quicker, and some people will take longer. If it's a major concern for you, politely discuss it with your play partner using Private Messages. But don't put any unfair pressure on them, as thee might be a very good reason for their posting speed.

I posted in someone else's thread, but people are ignoring me or telling me to go away. *Click me!*

If the thread is marked as private or invite-only, or if it's clearly a private story when you read it, then you must not post there if you weren't invited in the first place. Even if you play a dominant character, you do not have any authority to barge in. The only people who can give you permission to enter a private thread are those already involved, and they must all agree. So always ask permission before entering a private story. If they say no, respect them and stay out.
If the thread is marked as open to all, then you may be able to post. But read the thread first. Some general threads for socialising are often open all the time. But other stories, like classes, may reach a point where it's too late to join in - if such a thread has been going on for a while, ask the thread's creator to check it's still ok to join. And if the thread has clearly finished completely, there's no point posting at all.
And in general, if you're not sure, it's always best to ask the person leading the thread if it's ok to join in. And whenever you join someone else's thread, make sure your post is contributing to the existing story. Always read the thread before posting, so you know where the story has got to, and don't try and take it in a different direction without people's permission. Just try and add to the story that's already in progress. Otherwise, if you change things unfairly or post random things just to get attention, it won't go down well.

I was already playing with someone, but they've stopped posting! *Click me!*

If your playmate's taking an unusual length of time to reply (e.g. a few days), and they haven't warned you they won't be posting, you can try sending them a polite PM to check if everything's ok. Don't pressure them - they might be thinking about a reply, or they could simply have overlooked you (it's easy to forget a thread when you're busy). Or they might be busy in real life, which means their time is limited here (real life must always take priority, and can often throw up unexpected things). And if you still don't get a reply after a few days, you could ask a few their friends to see if they know what's happened.
If you still don't get anywhere, and your playmate seems to have vanished completely, then it's most likely because real life is keeping them away from the site. It could be for all sorts of reasons - e.g. illness, computer problems, family emergencies, work, holidays, etc. Sure, it could also potentially be because of problems here, but that's pretty rare really, and you would likely already know if something was wrong.
So you then have to decide how long you want to wait. Many players who disappear do return - some after a short time, while some take a bit longer. It's impossible to know when they'll be back if they haven't said anything, so there's no right or wrong length of time. If your story can wait until they get back, then just leave it and focus on other threads in the meantime.
If, however, you're keen to continue with it, don't be afraid to ask another player if they can take over. Posting in the Bulletin Board forum can be a good way of getting attention. It's a good idea to send a PM to your original playmate to explain what's going on, and to apologise if they feel put out by it - but chances are they'll be very understanding. f they had enjoyed playing with you, they won't want you to be stuck forever, so they'll be happy that someone else has been able to help you.

I'm having an argument or dispute with someone and want it to stop. *Click me!*

There will be occasions when someone says or does something here that makes you feel upset. It happens in real life, so it's bound to happen here. And most problems are due to a breakdown in communication, which means most problems can be easily resolved.
If a problem comes up between you and another user, avoid these common mistakes:
  • Don't post anything straight away if you're really upset. It won't help, and you might say something you regret. Take some time out, perhaps for a day or two, to calm down and think about things.
  • Don't jump to conclusions before you've talked to them. In many cases, the problem is simply down to an innocent mistake or something being misinterpreted.
  • Don't gang up on them or take the high ground ("I know better than you because..."). That just upsets people all the more. Remember - all players are equal, regardless of character rankings. Only the admins have any OOC authority.

Instead, do try to discuss it in a calm, polite manner. Take your time writing a Private Message, or talk to them using a chat program, to clearly explain the problem and how you might like it to be fixed. Work together and be open to each other's suggestions - they might have ideas for resolving it or reaching a compromise that you haven't thought of. Talking to your friends can help a lot as well.
And if you still can't reach a solution...
  • Perhaps you're just not compatible playmates. It happens, you can't get along with everyone. If so, just don't play together any more. If that affects a story you're doing, you'll have to find someone else to play with.
  • If you want to stop a user sending you Private Messages, go to your Messages page and click the Blocked Users tab. You can enter their username here to block them. Be aware, however, that they can still register new accounts to contact you - but if anyone does start harassing you like that, please report them to us and we'll deal with it.
  • The admins are here to help, as noted earlier. Please do let us know if someone is breaking our core rules (we prohibit bestiality, pedophilia, incest and anything underage), or if they're causing a serious problem, or if you just want some advice. Don't be shy, we don't bite! We want to ensure that LiL is a friendly, respectful and fun place for everyone.

IMAGE(https://lockedinlace.com/main/sites/default/files/images/donations/sig.jpg)Locked in Lace is a labor of love. Since its launch in 2005, it's grown massively, and is continuing to do so. We want LiL to be one of the premier hubs for forced feminization content on the internet, and we want it to be free for everyone to use. However, the bandwidth and server maintenance costs aren't cheap! So we can either fill the site with adverts, or ask around to see if anyone's able to chip in.
Now, if you can't or don't want to pay anything, that's absolutely fine. As long as you're enjoying yourself here, that's by far the most important thing! But if you are obsessively spending time here, please at least consider chipping in, even if it's just a few dollars. It will really help us, and you can carry on playing here in the knowledge that you've done your bit in helping to keep the site alive for everyone to enjoy.
Click here to find out how to donate. In summary, donations are made using Paypal - either as a one-off donation (you don't need an account for this) or a monthly subscription (which you're free to cancel at any time). Paypal accepts many of the major credit cards. The entry on your bank statement won't identify us.
If you don't want anything to show up on your bank statement at all, Paypal also accepts prepaid credit cards. These are supplied by Western Union, Moneypak and other major credit card places, and you simply top them up with cash, so there's no link to your bank at all. However, please read the terms and conditions carefully, as many prepaid cards do charge fees. You may find the best solution is to use it for a single, one-off donation - and then, once the payment has been successfully processed, you can cancel the card to avoid extra fees.
Please be assured that donating is completely anonymous. We never look at your details, and they will never be passed on to anyone else. So, if you want us to thank you for your contribution - which we would love to do - then you'll need to tell us you've done it!
And if you do make a donation, no matter what the amount is, we thank you ever so much! Every little bit really does help! :D

If you have a problem or query, and you can't find the answer in the FAQ, then you can contact one of our admins via the links below.
They will reply as quickly as they can, but they are volunteers and cannot be available 24/7, so please be respectful and patient with them.
Send Galatea a Private Message
Send Chrissy a Private Message
Alternatively, you can email the admins by using the Contact Form (which can be found under the Info menu at the top of the site).
The owners of the site are Melissa and Renee. They should only be contacted if you cannot resolve your query with the admins listed above, or if you want to give them general feedback about the site. They are extremely busy, so it may take them a while to respond.
Melissa Daniels
Send Melissa a Private Message
Renee Carter
Send Renee a Private Message

Ever seen a word or phrase used on LiL that you don't quite understand? Well, you might just find it explained in the table below.
If you can't find the word or phrase you're looking for, and would like to see it included, or if you want to suggest improvements to existing definitions, then please post your comments at this link.
Tip: To find a word or phrase on this page quickly, use the Find function in your browser (often under the Edit menu).

  • Academy - The LiL Academy contains lessons you can follow, to help you think more like a sissy. See the FAQ entry on the LiL Academy for more details.
  • Achievements - You can earn these for doing certain things. See the Awards & Achievements entry in this FAQ for details.
  • Admins - Contact one of these users if you have a problem on the site you need help with.
  • Adult Babies (ABs) - These are adult characters that dress up and act like babies or children. You can roleplay ABs here - provided you make it absolutely clear that the character is over 18 years old and you do not post any pictures of children. We strongly recommend adding an OOC disclaimer to the start of such stories to make this clear, and to warn those who want to avoid such stories.
  • Affirmations - Affirmations help you think more like a sissy, and by posting them on a daily basis, you earn points to unlock the various lessons in the LiL Academy. See the FAQ entry on the LiL Academy for more details.
  • Alternate Characters (Alts) - Where a player has more than one character on the site, their extra characters are sometimes referred to as alts. You must register separate accounts with unique email addresses if you want multiple characters.
  • Avatar - An image that represents you or your character on the site.
  • Awards - Occasional prizes handed out by Melissa to certain users, for all sorts of reasons. To find out more and to nominate users for an award, visit this thread.
  • BBCode - Short for Bulletin Board Code. This is special code that allows you to add effects to your posts, by adding 'tags' around your text - e.g. [b]Text[/b] for bold, [img]Address[/img] for images, [url=Address]Text[/url] for links, etc. See the Posting sections in this FAQ for details
  • BDSM - Combines the terms Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. It's a roleplay or lifestyle choice between two or more individuals, who use their experiences of pain and power to create sexual tension, pleasure, and release. See the BDSM topic on Wikipedia for more information.
  • Bestiality - Sexual activity between humans and animals. It is strictly prohibited here, and must not be in any posts or links.
  • Bisexual - Having a sexual or relationship preference for both males and females.
  • Blog - Short for"web log", this is an online journal or diary, which can include text, pictures, videos, links, etc. The blogs you see listed here at LiL focus on the subject of feminization.
  • Bondage - The practice of being physically restrained e.g. using cuffs, rope, gags, etc.
  • Browser - The program you use to access sites on the internet e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari to name a few. They're all free to download, and pretty easy to use.
  • Bugs - These are errors and problems in computer programs and websites. And, just like real life bugs, they need to be squashed and eradicated if they're a nuisance. So please report them if you find any!
  • Captcha - This is a security measure to prevent spambots from registering and posting here. When you register a new account, you will see 2 words that have been morphed or disguised slightly, so that only human beings can read them. Simply enter the 2 words into the box provided, with a space between them. If you can't see them very well, click the reload button next to the text box for new words, or the audio icon to have words spoken to you.
  • Character - A fictional person that you create for storytelling and roleplaying. They may be based on you in some ways, or might be completely different.
  • Chip - A unit of currency you earn by posting and replying to stories in the Lacy Place game. They can then be used to create stores, banner ads, etc.
  • Chrome - A free program used to browse websites on the internet, developed by Google. You can install it from this link. See the Browsers entry for other programs you can use.
  • Consent - Giving consent to a playmate here means to give them permission to do certain things to your character (e.g. you might allow a dom to spank your character). There can be limits on how far this goes (e.g. you might not want the dom to spank too hard or leave severe marks).
  • Core Site - An alternative name for our Main site - https://lockedinlace.com/main/. This is the primary home of Locked in Lace, with forums, stories, captions, links and lots of other goodies. You must login to the Main site to access our roleplaying game sites.
  • Corporation - A fictional, evil corporation that feminizes men and trains them as secretaries, schoolgirls, slaves, maids and nurses, before renting or selling them to their distinguished clients.
  • Crossdressing - The wearing of clothing and other accessories commonly associated with the opposite gender, as seen and accepted by society in general. For more information, see the cross-dressing article on Wikipedia.
  • Discipline - The act of punishing a submissive character. This can be for bad behavior and/or to train them to behave in a particular way.
  • Domination - The act of controlling a person or a situation e.g. by physical or mental manipulation. So, in our roleplaying games, domination can involve the control of things like a character's appearance and behavior. The people are who being dominated are often called submissives, because they submit to what's happening - either willingly or by force.
  • Drupal - The content management software we've used to build this version of Locked in Lace.
  • Femdom - Short for Female Domination - when the dominant character in a scene is a woman. A dominant female may have a title like Domme, Dominatrix, Miss, Mistress, Ma’am, Goddess, Princess, etc.
  • Firefox - A free program used to browse websites on the internet, developed by a company called Mozilla. You can install it from this link. It's the browser we recommend using, but others are available (see the Browsers entry for more.
  • First Person - A writing style often used by people on our roleplaying forums and when writing stories. It involves writing from the character's own point of view - e.g. "I did this", "I said", "I thought", "we decided", "we did", etc. The writer is directly acting as the character. Compare this to Third Person, the other common style, where the player observes the character and writes as a narrator - e.g. "Curious Sissy did that", "He said", "She thought", "They decided" etc). For more on this, see the Wikipedia article on First-person narrative.
  • Forced Feminization - In this type of play, there is a dominant person, of any gender, who forces a male (or, occasionally, a 'masculine' female) into taking on a feminine and submissive role. The submissive is often seen as unwilling and reluctant, hence the force - but, deep down, actually WANTS it to happen. For a more colorful explanation of the concept, click here or watch this video.
  • Forum - A collection of public conversations (often called topics or threads), based on a particular theme. Each person's entry in a conversation is called a post. Forums may be divided up into sub-forums to further divide a theme into sub-sections. Here at LiL, we use forums for our roleplaying games - for example, the M&R Corporation forum has sub-forums for places like the Academy, Offices, Dungeons, etc.
  • Gay - A term often used to describe someone who is homosexual, having a sexual or relationship preference for someone of the same sex.
  • Gender Role - Refers to the set of social and behavioral norms that are considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex. This may refer to the way people dress, speak, behave, etc. For more information, see the Gender Role article on Wikipedia. Compare this with the definition of Sex (the noun), which isn't always the same as gender.
  • Goddess - A title submissives sometimes have to use to address a Mistress.
  • Google Chrome - A free program used to browse websites on the internet. You can install it from this link. See the Browsers entry for other programs you can use.
  • Heterosexual - Having a sexual or relationship preference for members of the opposite sex.
  • Homosexual - Having a sexual or relationship preference for members of the same sex.
  • IC - See In Character below.
  • In Character (IC) - Anything written from the point of view of your fictional character is described in this way. Compare this to OOC (Out Of Character), which refers to you, the player behind the character, instead. When roleplaying with other people, you must always make their OOC (Out Of Character) wishes a priority - even if their character apparently isn't happy, it's vital to ensure that the player behind the character is still having fun.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) - Microsoft's free program for browsing websites on the internet. Often comes as part of Windows, but can also be installed from this link. See the Browsers entry for other browsers.
  • Isle Of Submission - This is a long-term development project that we hope to bring you in the future. It will be about an evil company, based on a remote island, that captures and feminizes men. It will be more heavily structured than our other games, in that you have to make choices, complete tasks and achieve goals in order to progress through the set 'chapters' of your character's story. You can read more about the concept here.
  • Lacy Place - A fictional, evil casino, set just off the Las Vegas strip. It tricks men into gambling a special chip, which gets them heavily into debt with the casino. The only way for them to pay off the debt is to work there... and they only take female employees.
  • LiL - Short for Locked in Lace.
  • Lesbian - A woman who is homosexual, having a sexual or relationship preference for other women.
  • Limits - These are things that you really don't want to happen to you or your character while you're playing here. Everyone has limits, even if they say they don't. Maybe it's extreme pain, or bondage, or a certain item of clothing you despise. Whatever it is, your playmates won't know about them unless you tell them. It's one of the many reasons why it's important to communicate with people when planning and playing out stories here.
  • LMAO / LMFAO - Short for "laughing my ass off" or "laughing my fucking ass off" when chatting online.
  • Locked in Lace (LiL) - LiL is a network of interactive, adult-only sites (including the one you're reading now) dedicated to the fascinating and frilly world of forced feminization, where you'll find role-playing games, stories, captioned images, blogs, news, games, general chatter and much more.
  • LOL - Short for "laughing out loud" when chatting online.
  • M&R Corporation - See The Corporation above.
  • Magic - Magic is allowed in stand-alone stories and captions here on the Main site. However, it is not permitted in our roleplaying games, as they are set in the real world (or a close equivalent of it). This is to make the games accessible to as many people as possible, and ensure the experience stays consistent for everyone. Characters may still have a belief in magic (e.g. Wicca), but any threads where this plays a major role should be kept private, ideally with an OOC disclaimer to inform those who want to avoid it. It's also fine for a character to think they have magical abilities - but they can't actually prove it, so it should always be a possible that it's just in their imagination.
  • Main Site - Our Main site - at https://lockedinlace.com/main/ - is the primary home of Locked in Lace, with forums, stories, captions, links and lots of other goodies. You must login to the Main site to access our roleplaying game sites.
  • Masochism - Receiving pleasure from mental, emotional or physical pain or humiliation. The term refers to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose novel Venus in Furs explores a sadomasochistic relationship.
  • Master - A male character who takes on a dominant role to control and train the submissive characters. If you're looking for a Master, please don't bombard them with demands or put pressure on them. The masters here at LiL are usually not professionals, and are played by ordinary people just like you. And they cannot read your mind, so don't say they can do anything - communicate with them so they have some idea of what does and doesn't turn you on. The female equivalent is often a Mistress.
  • Melissa Daniels - Owner and webmistress of Locked in Lace, in partnership with Renee Carter.
  • Mozilla Firefox - A free program used to browse websites on the internet. You can install it from this link. It's the browser we recommend using, but others are available (see the Browsers entry for more.
  • Mistress - A female character who takes on a dominant role to control and train the submissive characters. If you're looking for a Mistress, please don't bombard them with demands or put pressure on them. The mistresses here at LiL are usually not professionals, and are played by ordinary people just like you. And they cannot read your mind, so don't say they can do anything - communicate with them so they have some idea of what does and doesn't turn you on. The male equivalent is often a Master.
  • Moderators - Contact one of these users if you have a problem on the site you need help with.
  • Nominations - These are a way of showing appreciation for other users. You can nominate someone via the link in their profile, and see who has nominated you on your Account page. For more info, see the FAQ entry on Awards, Nominations & Achievements.
  • Non-Player Character (NPC) - When taking part in our roleplaying games, you can write supporting characters into your main character's posts, to help tell the story (e.g. an extra girl, manager, client, guard, relative, ex-partner, etc). This extra character does not have a separate registered profile, because they don't need one. It's not the player's main character, and it's not a character played under another account, so therefore it's a Non-Player Character. You just need to ensure the supporting character is clearly distinguished from your main character (e.g. you could use different color text for their speech and thoughts).
  • OMG! - Short for "Oh My God!" when chatting online, as an expression of surprise.
  • OOC - See Out Of Character below.
  • Opera - A free program used to browse websites on the internet. You can install it from this link. See the Browsers entry for other programs you can use.
  • Orientation - See Sexual Orientation below.
  • Out Of Character (OOC) - Anything written from the point of view of you, the real-life person sitting at your computer right now. Compare this to IC (In Character), which refers to anything said or done by your fictional, virtual characters on the site. When roleplaying with other people, you must always make their OOC (Out of Character) wishes a priority - even if their character apparently isn't happy, it's vital to ensure that the player behind the character is still having fun.
  • Permalink - When people leave comments on items here at LiL, you will see a 'permalink' option next to each one. For forum posts, this is a number at the top-right of the post (e.g. #1). This link is simply the direct address for that particular comment. This means you can right-clicking on it and select Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Location, so you can then paste the link elsewhere.
  • Player - The real-life person sitting at their computer when using our website. This is in contrast to any characters they create, which are fictional and virtual instead.
  • PM - Short for Private Message (see below).
  • Post - If you make a contribution to a conversation or story here at LiL, or leave a comment somewhere, your individual entry is called a post. A collection of posts collected together as one conversation is often called a topic or thread. And if groups of topics/threads on a similar theme are collected together in one place, this collection is called a forum.
  • Private Message (PM) - A message that you send to another user, that nobody else on the site can see. PMs are extremely useful for getting to know one another and planning stories together. You have separate message boxes for each of our roleplaying games, as well as on our Main site, allowing you to keep messages on particular areas separated.
  • Profile - Information about a player or character on the site is contained in that individual's profile. You can see a person's profile by clicking their name or profile image e.g. Curious Sissy.
  • Ratings - Stories and captions here on the main site, and content within our roleplaying game sites, can have ratings to indicate the type of content they contain. G-rated content has no sex or nudity, R-rated content may have some nudity and softcore sexual situations, X-rated content involves more hardcore porn activities, and XXX-rated content isn't for the faint of heart (and we will remove anything we consider too disturbing).
  • Real Life (RL) - You have a life away from LiL and your computer. So does every other user of this site. And this Real Life of yours must always take priority. Look after your friends, family, work colleagues, home, possessions - and most of all, yourself. Don't sacrifice things just to be here. And if there's a problem that needs to be dealt with in RL, then do it. If you can, let your friends know that you won't be around for a bit - you don't need to say why. They'll all understand and wait for you.
  • ReLILtivity - We've invented this term to refer to the difference between the real-life timeline of you, the player, and the virtual timeline of your characters in your stories and roleplaying adventures. For example, a story that happens over an hour of your character's life may take days of your personal life to write. And as you get more involved in our roleplaying games, you'll find yourself in multiple stories at the same time, all of which happen at different points in your character's timeline. It can take a bit of getting used to, especially if one story has to happen before or after another for it all to make sense.
  • Renee Carter - Owner and webmistress of Locked in Lace, in partnership with Melissa Daniels.
  • RL - See Real Life above.
  • Roleplay (RP) - When you create a character here at LiL and tell their story, you are playing the role of that character. It's a fictional character in a fictional world, but there can be elements of the real you in there of course - be it personality, looks, desires, or whatever. You can roleplay in our Corporation and Lacy Place games, where you'll find lots of characters, created by lots of different people, all interacting with one another. Just be sure to respect all the other players. And, most of all, enjoy it!
  • ROTFL / ROTFLMAO - Short for "rolling on the floor laughing" or "rolling on the floor laughing my ass off" when chatting online. ROTFL is sometimes written as ROFL.
  • Sadism - Getting personal pleasure, excitement or satisfaction from causing pain, suffering, or cruelty in various ways. Named after the Marquis de Sade, whose writings described the pleasure of inflicting pain on others.
  • Sadomasochism - A combination of sadism and masochism. A sadomasochist enjoys both inflicting and receiving pain and cruelty.
  • Safari - A free program used to browse websites on the internet, developed by Apple. You can install it from this link. See the Browsers entry for other programs you can use.
  • Safeword - A word or phrase used by a submissive to end a scene because of genuine pain or other problems. The word "No" or similar terms should never be used as a safeword, because 'forced' scenes often involve the sub pretending to resist (e.g. pretending they don't want to be spanked). Instead, recommended words could be 'Green' (to say everything's fine), 'Yellow' (to ask the dom to slow down or back off a bit) or 'Red' (to say stop immediately). Here at LiL, the use of Private Messages and OOC comments makes safewords unnecessary, as problems can be communicated that way. But in real-life scenes, safewords are important.
  • Science Fiction - Sci-fi is allowed in stand-alone captions and stories here on the Main site. However, our roleplaying games are set in the real world (or a rough equivalent of it), in order to make it accessible and consistent for all players. This is because most people prefer to play in a realistic setting, as they like to imagine things happening for real. So science fiction is generally prohibited. However, we do make an exception for advanced technology that is used to feminize people, for those who want instant or more complex transformations. But please be careful not to push it too far, and don't force it on other people who aren't interested in it. If we feel that you're taking the sci-fi elements too far, or if it's significantly disrupting other people's fun, then we will consider reining it in.
  • Second Person - A writing style that is effectively directed at you - e.g. "you look around and feel lost", "you kiss her tenderly", "you wonder what to do next", etc. In our games and stories at LiL, however, people should write about their own characters, so the more appropriate styles are first-person (from the character's point of view) or third-person (writing as a narrator). Please remember that you should never write another character's speech or actions unless the player behind that character has given permission.
  • Sex - As a noun, this refers to the chromosome makeup of a player or character (i.e. XX = Female and XY = Male). It often corresponds to the genitalia of the character, but not necessarily always. For more information see the Wikipedia article on Sex. Compare this to the definition of Gender Roles, as gender and sex aren't always the same thing.
  • Sexual Orientation - Describes your emotional, romantic, and/or sexual attraction to males, females, both, or neither.
  • Signature - A small amount of text and/or small images appears below every post you make. You can create a signature in your Account settings. Please keep signature images reasonably small, as large images can be distracting and/or interfere with the way the site is displayed on some devices.
  • Submission - If you are being controlled or dominated by another person, and you do what they ask - either willingly or by force - you are submitting to them. Of course, here at LiL, any 'force' is only pretend, as the players being 'forced' really want it to happen, even if their characters in the games don't. That's why you must always ensure the player behind the character is happy.
  • Switch - A person who has a preference for being both submissive and dominant (though not necessarily at the same time).
  • Third Person - A writing style often used by people on our roleplaying forums and when writing stories. The player writes as a narrator (an invisible 'third person'), observing their character and describing what they're doing - e.g. "Curious Sissy did that", "He said", "She thought", "They decided" etc. Compare this to First Person, the other common style, where the writing is done directly from the character's point of view - e.g. "I did this", "I said", "I thought", "we decided", "we did", etc. For more on this, see the Wikipedia article entitled Third-person narrator.
  • Thread - Also called a Topic. This is a collection of comments or messages (called posts) on a specific subject. A collection of threads in one place on a specific theme is often called a forum.
  • Toys - 1. The physical objects used in a scene for erotic or sexual purposes e.g. whips, paddles, cuffs, blindfolds, gags, dildos, etc.
    2. The submissive girls owned by the companies in our roleplaying games are often called Toys, because they exist for the company and its clients to 'play' with.
  • Transgender (TG) - Where a person considers their gender identity to be different from the sex they were born into - e.g. a man who believes he is a woman in a man's body. It has nothing to do with sexual orientation - TG individuals can be straight, bi or gay. It can be a complex topic though. For more information, please see the Transgender article on Wikipedia.
  • Underage - Any player or character that is below the age of 18 years is underage, and is therefore not allowed here, period.
  • Vanilla - A term often used to describe people who do not participate in activities relating to BDSM, domination, submission, etc.
  • Webmistresses - Refers to Melissa Daniels and Renee Carter, who own and run all of the Locked in Lace websites.
  • WTF? - Short for "what the fuck?" when chatting online, as an expression of confusion.
  • X-Rating - Used when an item of content (such as a story or caption) contains themes that are only suitable for adults to view (e.g. sex, violence, etc). The more X's in the rating (e.g. XXX), the more extreme it's likely to be.