[color=darkred]The LIL Academy is a fun little diversion that lets you complete tasks and lessons. These lessons MAY actually impact your day to day life. Proceed with your own caution. Locked in Lace takes absolutely no responsibility should you turn into a submissive sissy toy by playing these little games. By playing the following game you understand that this is a game and should it start to impact your real life in a negative fashion, you will stop. Fair warning, lessons are not designed to discriminate between turning you into a submissive for a specific gender. The Sissies from the LIL Academy are toys for males and females and are trained to be used as such... if that doesn't appeal, proceed at your own risk. From here on out the games begin. Resist if you can![/color]

[color=darkred]The lessons of the LIL Academy have begun. You are expected to complete each and every class in order to become a LIL trained sissy slut! Once a passing grade has been obtained in a class, it will be recorded on your account page. Now we know that not every lesson will be your cup of tea, but you are expected... nay... ordered... to do your best in each and every class. You may notice these classes are beginning to seep into your Real Lifeā„¢. Never fear... I'm sure it's just a fun little diversion and will absolutely not alter you for real in ANY way. At the moment, only a few classes exist at an entry level. Should interest and energy remain, additional lessons, teachers and skill levels will be added. These are just the first baby steps on your *ahem* 'imaginary' journey into becoming a submissive bimbo toy. Enjoy![/color]