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Experiences wearing large breast forms.

Hi Girls and sissies ,
Just wanted to share peoples experiences of wearing breast forms and let those of you who don,t know what it feels like into some of the wonderful and some of the strange things that you experience when wearing a pair of (40 c, not huge but big enough!) silicone breasts for a week.
I do like to experience things properly after all.
The first question is do you have to shave your chest? Well one should always of course , but if it is not possible here is what happens.
The medical glue you need to attach these (1.1 kg each) beauties will stick the form to your chest hair in lots of places rather than your skin, this means that if you go bra-less you will get a sharp reminder everytime you lean forward or try to move quickly in your heels and make your breasts jiggle up and down. This is not a bad thing as it serves to remind you that you are just a sissy male toy and not a real woman and that you must suffer to achieve femininity.
Come on and share your experiences or ask questions ?

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I have worn breast forms when dressing but only for a temporal basis so it wasn't full on surgical glue or whatever you can use but they did look realistic and blended in with the rest of my skin well.I have no hair of my chest (naturally) and it is one of the things that makes you look very feminine (along with a flat groin and a female hairstyle and make up).

Thing is with the breast forms is that the first thing you do is put a bra on over the top of them so you kind of forget about them a bit.Though it feels nice when they jiggle a bit!I did try once with a corset and a low cut dress and that was fun but too scary to go out like that! :)

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I have wet dreams about wearing them. Taping up my chest and shading my moob cleavage just isn't the same. Also, I've lost alot of weight recently and they've shrunk to the point where there's not much to tape up. Sigh.


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Hi Aqua ,
I agree entirely , I though about putting on a bra and then realised that it may take away from what i wanted to feel .
however , i think the key is finding the right type of bra to wear and we need a mistress to give us divine feminine guidance on that one !

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I was a lot heavier a few months ago and my natural boobs looked great when taped . My stomach was a different story!
So off came the weight and away went the boobs . Cant have it all I suppose but tThe he breast forms are a good substitute .
I think size can become addictive though , i though 40 c would be huge but i often think they could be a lot bigger.
Then again i sometimes think are too big and dont look so nice under my dress or blouse. SIGH also , what is a poor girl to do?

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EW- "i've lost alot of weight" - Sonja... you little braggartrix. It sure beats us who get asked...

"How far along are you!"


Hey... what happened! I can't find anything to 'TUCK' !!!

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Here is another funny, I never realised how difficult it was to shave under your arms when you have a pair of 40 c boobs to get around !!!
Or how difficult it is to carry anything heavy !
Try lying chest down down flat on the floor -- it is impossible .
Every man should try this to see what women experience .

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I wish I had a full week to wear my forms at a time. At the time of typing this, I've been wearing my 38 DD forms for 36 hours straight, not counting the 10 minutes I had to take off my bra to jump in the shower. I slept in them last night and plan to do the same again tonight, which will bring my total up to 53 hours, then I'll have to take them off to go to work. My previous record was something like 15 hours, so I'm feeling pretty good about this, in more ways than one.

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Well i DO wear my C cups 24 / 7 and i LOOOVE it and couldn't live without them to be honest due to i AM living as the REEL me 24 / 7 (wink)

Notice not able to log out (im trying my best to logout again & IF i wont get in until were 100 up & running.. Don't bother Pm me as i cant see that either or anwer until /IF we meet again & THANK you AL for this time (MEGA HUG )

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For me it's just crossdressing, but even "just" crossdressing is fun. Official time ended up being 54 hours.

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Jeri dear i NEVER will NEVER EVER look down on you LOVELY T`vs (hugs ) and you can count you're blessed lucky star that you're ONLY Tv` s

WOW thats impressing hon (smiling )

Notice not able to log out (im trying my best to logout again & IF i wont get in until were 100 up & running.. Don't bother Pm me as i cant see that either or anwer until /IF we meet again & THANK you AL for this time (MEGA HUG )