Forced to Have Breast Implants and Sex Change Surgery

Shauna Marie
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Oh this would be ideal.

Oh this would be ideal.

Stephie Mischel
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Mmm, now you have me jealous

Now my mind is 'Needing' this! Very nice job!

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small is great

I wish my dick was that small, no unsightly bulge in my panties!


Loved it
Nikki Anton
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Oh! This is Soooo Hot!

Is it okay to say just how exciting this is for me?


Loved it

Yes, that is really me!

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would love to be one in story

i would of loved to be the one in story being feminized and made to have breast implants even having to have penis removed to have a vagina instead. this is what i really want to have happen to me


Loved it
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that would be ideal

I would love to go to sleep and wake up to be a girl,and to have my penis removed

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count me in !!