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Looking that good she should

Looking that good she should be making money for her mistress above surgery cost quickly.

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This issue has been buzzing

This issue has been buzzing the world of gender. A Utah school district is facing controversy over a recent incident. Last week the school's assistant principal told a pupil's mother and father that their son is homosexual. Administrators continue to defend the action as a required security measure. The school has gotten a lot of heat for it. (See: http://www.newsytype.com/13989-school-out-gay-boy/)

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Oh how adorable!

I can think of more than a few I would love to turn this trick on! Oh delectably enticing!

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What is in store for me?

What will happen to me? I have signed a contract for employment at the M&R Corporation...

Loved it


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It's great fun being a prostitute!

It's mostly how I have sex now: I get to dress up sexily; they pay for my clothes and condoms, and I even give my panties to the first customer to make me cum.
It's best to just hang out on the streets because you can see the customers and avoid the creeps while flaunting your assets. It doesn't have to be in the Red Light District: guys recognise a whore when they see her.
Putting on make-up for just a date with 1 man is barely worth getting out of bed for.
Last point: black guys tend to be better equipped, if you need that.

Loved it