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Jamie stood outside in the fresh air for the first time in hours. He had begun to wonder what it felt like. The air was cool. It was very early morning and it was still dark out. His hands were bound behind his back by buckling cuffs that had been linked by a clip. He had a ball gag that pressed heavily on his tongue and was buckled behind his head. The ball was white and you could see that it matched his white latex wedding dress, if not for the heavy bridal veil that was pinned to his head. On his feet he still wore, 3" locking high heel shoes. They had been on his feet for what seemed like forever, and a coating of BioFreeze administered awhile ago was still keeping him from raw agony. He was only outside for minutes before Rae and Leann stepped outside to join him.
"Let's go...gotta make sure we get to the church on time..." Leann said as she linked her arm in his.
Rae thought the scene was almost too cute for words, "We're off to see the wizard... what no skipping? You mean you haven't learn to skip in those heels yet? It's only two or three hundred feet. I know it's dark back here on the loading dock side of the strip, but would you rather go into 'Homewreckerz' through the front door?"
Jamie's veil shook left and right in the universal sign of "No." After a short while, the trio was walking up the back steps to the club. Some strippers were out talking and smoking. The back door was ajar.
"What we got here ladies?"
"This fine lady wants to renew her vows. Eddie said it was Ok. You won't want to miss this..."
"Ok, honey...that's right. I remember now. They were getting 'the chair' ready earlier. I thought it was for a bachelor party, but Eddie had the DJ make an announcement. I think some of the rowdy boys stayed just for this."
Jamie was shoved through the back, led down a hallway, and found himself in the strippers dressing room. The dancers seemed to ignore him.
Rae and Leann thrust him into a chair. They pulled back his veil. He then heard a familiar voice...
"I know it's bad luck for the bride and groom to see one another on their WEDDING DAY, but I figured you would want to use some of my make-up. I am not sure the strippers' community property is too clean." Lucy stepped forward with make-up bottles and brushes. "Make sure you accent his pretty green eyes. I brought the sluttiest red lipsticks I own. I don't wear any of them."
"Thanks Lucy. We'll put the lipstick on him when we get 'out there.' He needs to keep quiet for now. Rae you finish the makeover for our sweet bride. I'll make sure everything is in order out front. I can't wait." Leann left.
As Rae was finishing up, she gave Jamie a mock version of the talk. "Now, Jamie you may be feeling a little nervous with this being your wedding night. There will be some pain, but you will get used to it. Your lover may get rough with you from time to time, but as long as you set 'limits' you will be Ok. I think you can have some limits starting tomorrow."
Jamie was lifted from his feet by Rae. She lowered his veil, and pulled him through the stage curtain. The music was very loud. He didn't recognize any of the songs. They all seemed like long songs from one Pop Princess or another. There were plenty of flashing lights. Pulsing strobe lights and an array of colors dazed him. He was easily led to a kind of 'throne.' In the middle of the stage was an upholstered high back chair made of a very sturdy wood. Along the arms and legs were various straps. When he was plopped into the chair, he had been distracted by the lights, sound, and of course the naked girls. Everywhere the eye could see there was a selections of slutty women in theme costume and tawdry lingerie. They served drinks , chatted, and mostly were draped on a patron--being groped for tips. Sitting in the chair Jamie saw Leann and Rae disconnect the cuffs from behind his back. Before he could do anything with his hands two strippers hopped in his lap. He was pinned down. From there the straps were easy to connect to his arms and legs. Moments later he was fully secured to the chair.
Leann took a hand held microphone and motioned for Lucy to stand next to her on the stage. A chorus of strippers were gathered on stage as well. The club was less than half full at the time. It was coming up on 4am and Eddie (the owner) would be closing at 5.
"I'm Leann from down the block and my friend Lucy here wanted to renew her vows with her spouse. It sounded like a good excuse for a party, so let's have some champagne and beers all around. A special thanks goes to Jamie our host. For our entertainment from now until close, the girls will dedicate a special dance to the happy couple."
The girls started to organize themselves into a procession of sorts. For a good half hour, they would climb on Jamie's lap, spin on the pole, grind against one another. The would take of bras, panties, stockings, and hang the clothes on Jamie's chair. The last dancer came out in a bridal gown herself. She danced to Madonna's "Like a Virgin". This was a song that Jamie was already very sick of.
Her performance was sort of a closing number for the club. The remaining customer received all her attention. When she had stripped off all of her clothes except for a garter, she took it off and slipped it in place around Jamie's thigh.

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WOW out of the heat and

WOW out of the heat and in the skillet so to say (gasp )

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