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The Succubus


Now that the weather is getting cooler with fall approaching, more humans are leaving their windows open at night. I spy an open window and flutter past it with my black leathery wings carrying me the way. Peering inside I see a man sleeping.......alone. His body gives off a shiny sheen as he perspires in the hot night air. I perch upon his dresser looking down upon this man as he sleeps.

Fluttering over to his bed my body comes to rest upon his chest as his breathe is forced out of his lungs and I inhale its sweet fragrance. I reach behind me and feel this human's hard cock flesh in his underpants. I lie my body next to his, sucking the essence from his soul. As he moans in his sleep. I move closer putting my tongue to his ear, as my venom invades his mind altering his dreams into my sexual nightmares.

Sexual nightmares that I feed upon, tormenting his masculine soul.

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I go to sleep that night, leaving my window open for the cold fall breeze to keep me cool. Tired, I relax into bed and quickly fall asleep. I start to snore, dreaming of my past. I dream of hen my father would beat me, standing over me, my making it harder to breathe. I move with a start but do not wake up. As I dream him on me, pushing me to the ground, hitting me over and over again, making it a horrible nightmare. I groan to try to get away in my dream, but to no avail. As I sleep, the dream changes, from one horror to the next. A dead child next to me, a monstrous creature attacking me, a feeling of sadness as I lose my family... all this in my dreams. I try to toss and turn in bed, unable to get up, unable to get away...


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As the morning light starts to creep up, the Succubus turns to vapor and crawls inside a knot of wood in the frame of the human's door.
Dormant, waiting for the next night when he's sleeping.......a full night to invade his dreams and make him mine!

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I wake up in the light of day, screaming in fear. Looking around, I realize the nightmare is over. I slowly get dressed and start a new day at work, much more tired than I've ever felt before. After hours of hard, tedious work, I don't even spend time getting undressed. I fall in bed, but I am too scared to fall asleep. Slowly but surely my eyes close, only to be quickly opened by me. By the end of an hour, I am in a senseless, half sleep, half awake faze, unable to distinguish real form the illusion....


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As night approaches, the Succubus starts to vaporize out of the knot of wood, and into the man's bedroom. As he lies there, the succubus wonders what a fine specimen she has found, as she looks at his ripped muscles, gently touching them with her long fingenails. That's when she notices that the man is still awake, in a half dreaming state. The Succubus transforms herself into the most alluring form she could muster.


As the man stares at the Succubus, she wavers in and out of his vision, blurry. Just a pretty face one moment and a cute garter leg the next, the rest of her body hazy and out of focus.

I get up and walk to the man putting my hand over his eyes...."Sleep!" "Sleep"

I watch as the man falls asleep, I put my tongue into his ear again injecting my poison. Its soon affecting the human's brain. The succubus start to manipulate the mans dreams. "work, you're at work." "Work, you're at work, doing work." The Succubus toys with the human's cock, sees it getting hard under her touch. "Panties, you're wearing panties ate work." "Panties, why are you wearing panties at work?" "I think he is wearing panties." "take his pants off, lets see!"

The Succubus smiles wickedly at her work, playing with the human's cock.

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I can barely believe my eyes as I see a beautiful woman materialize ou of thin air, her beautiful eyes rocking me to sleep. I try to focus on her but I can;t, instead I'm dragged into her eyes, lie a black hole. As she walks ovr and covrs my eyes, whisperin "Sleep!" to me, I exhale softly, feeling her gently hands on me. I gently fall asleep. After a few moments of blackness, I hear the word "Work" and dream of being at work, working at the construction company, working. I drive the truck around, emptying and refilling the back with dirt...when I hear the words "Panties, you're wearing Panties at work!" I feel a tingling in my body, looking down, a warmth coming from my crotch, pleasure unknown to me before. Suddenly, my boss calls me out of my truck and makes me stand ouside with some other gys, all staring at me. I hear them speaking...

"Panties, why are you wearing panties at work?" "I think he is wearing panties." "take his pants off, lets see!"

I shake my head no but they attack me, ripping off my pants showing pink frilly panties underneath. I groan as i feel a hand on my hard cock under the panties, the warmth spreading again, unable to do anything as my mind fills with pictures of frilly panties on me, and these brutes on top of me. My strength leaves me, and I am trapped, unable to do anything but feel the unwanted pleasure in my body while wearing panties...


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The Succubus leans forward and sucks in the man's essence through his hard cock, being manipulated into a sexual nightmarish boner. As the essences drains out of him, his cock and balls shrivel up. His once hard cock now limp between his legs. The Succubus licks her blood red lips and vaporizes back into the knot hole.

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I wak up again, screaming in terror, the warmth on my cock exploding into pure pain. Sweat drips down off of me as I wildly pull off my sheets and stare at my cock.

"Oh...my ... God...."

I stare at in, uncomprehendingly. My manly cock is now shriveled and pathetic, pale and tiny.

"What's happening to me?"

I slowly get up, rubbing my eyes before getting ready for work. As i get my clothes for the day, I notice something pink in my underwear drawer. Pulling it out, i see the panties of my dream. Like something takes control of me, I slide it on under my pants before heading off to work. After another grueling day, I come back, more tired than I ever imagined. This time however, I could not will myself to go to sleep, in fear of something happening to me. I keep my eyes open throughout the night, looking around, paranoid of every movement, my eyes burning with tiredness.


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Its late and the Succubus is getting hungry, he lust for the human essence now peeked after having a few "tastes." But wary about seeing him awake last nigh the Succubus peers out the knot hole, seeing the man sitting up. After a while, his head starts to nod back

**Now's my chance**

The Succubus vaporizes out of the knot hole and see's the man's eyes bulge open. She quickly changes into an alluring disguise, more effective now that the human had tasted some of her venom.


Hi, Honey, I wave as the human stares at me. What's wrong, honey, don't you recognize me, your girlfriend.

I look down and see the human is wearing the panties I left him. "I see you have on my panties." giggles seductively. Now it's time to go to sleep. Sleep baby. you're tired, you need to sleep. sleep sleep sleep.

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"My....my girlfriend?"

I look at the beautiful woman who is in front of me. I look at her, mesmerized. As she tells me to sleep, I slowly nod back to sleep, but wake back up. As she tells me that I'm wesring her panties. I giggle and smile.

"They feel so nice on me"

As she tells me to sleep, i start to lull away. Right before i fall asleep I say...

"I want a kiss first..."

With that, i drift to sleep.


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"I want a kiss first....."

The Succubus giggles to herself as the human makes funny comments to her attentions. She wastes no time in getting busy on stimulating his cock, rubbing it through the sexy silky panties. She frowns a bit in disappointment at how much his cock had shriveled up. She didn't want to use this one up too soon or easily. The Succubus pulls the panties off the human and down around his thighs. She sticks her tongue into his ear injecting more of her sexual maddening venom.

**I'll give you something to kiss** I put my foot out pressing my toes upon your puckered lips. "Kiss me." "Kiss me" "Kiss me again." "Kiss me again." The Succubus watches as her human kisses her toes, as she tries to stimulate his shriveled cock into a hard on. "How do you like kiss my toes?" "how do you like kissing my toes?" "Those aren't toes, those are tiny penises." "Those aren't toes, those are tiny penises." "Do you like sucking on a penis?"

I jump upon the human's chest and he pops awake. "What are you doing to me girlfriend?' he asks. Sitting on his chest with my back to his face, looking down on his hard shriveled cock....."I'm icing your dick, I reply coldly. And let out a blast of cold air from my lungs, freeze blasting the human's penis icicley hard. I hear a whimper behind me, sleep sleep sleep sleep, I say.

The human's cock now throbbing in my hand, I whisper in the human's ear. "Give it to me baby. Fuck me with that rock hard cock of yours." "What's wrong, can't you reach?" I rub the tip of the human's cock with my talon, teasing it menacingly. When I hear the human moan about fucking, I vaporize and go back into my hole......leaving the human alone to recoup with the icy boner I just gave him.