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The Adult SISSY BABY GIRL Pageant (contestants wanted)

It's Saturday night and i find my spot on the couch and start surfing the channels until i come to sumthin' called The LOCKED in LACY Cable Network... dub!?! There's a new reality show called The "The Virtual ADULT BABY Reality show" sponsered by, Serenity, adult-sized diapers and hosted by the famous "Darlinnng" of the Mistress World none other than "MOMMY DEAREST" who specializes in turning naughty boys into very obedient BABY girls, right before the viewers very eyes. Needless to say i'm intrigued... this is my chance to beCUM a famous reality-TV *star*... i could be the next "SpOOkie" in diapers!!! It saids all contestants must audition for a role in the show...

OK... so, it's not exactly the AMERICAN IDOL but still... it's my big chance (perhaps, my only one) for Fame and Fortune in this life!... and i'm gonna GO FOR IT!!! Even tho it means shaving myself in places boys don't normally do! i tell myself it's just like some elaborate costume party and i'm only acting out the part of siSSy adult Baby Girl! That's what told my Aunt Bertha and after she recovers from laughing hysterically on the floor for about a half n' hour, she finally agrees to help me with my "outfit". See, she does all those Beauty Pageants for her nieces and such so i figure she knows what's to do.

"I'm only doing this...!" She tells me... to teach you boys a lesson. "... to experience and APPRECIATE what a typical Female must go thru just to look attractive and pretty for her admiring public!"

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As instructed i pluck my own eyebrows, curl my long pretty lashes and give myself a facial cleansing masque before i apply lots of kissable red lipstick.


OK!... i admit sometimes my "BABY" fantasies intrudes on my Adult Male Life, but only in short intervals and in very private places. Excuse me... as i reach in the frig for a drink, the "Playtex Nurser" nipple is the perfect thing to suck down a baby bottle full of Coors Lite. As long my drinking buddies don't see me doing this... i figure i'm ok!

Finally, a package arrives and when it's opened there's a lovely frilly dress the kind wore by little girls. The dress is made from taffeta and organza with big puffy sleeves and a short ruffled skirt and underneath a huge, billowing petticoat that makes it stand almost straight out.


OK... so, i'm not exactly the brightest crayon in the box. How else would you explain a grown man willing to be dressed in the most siSSified, BABY GIRL, outfit and willing to appear that way in front of thousands upon thousands of TV views. i can't believe i actually thought this was a... GOOD idea. The guys in the locker room will NEVER let me live this down. Maybe... just MAYBE they won't recogize me in this get up!?! (yeah, like that's gonna happen)

"NONSENSE!!!" She tries to reasure me. "Once we are thru with you... NOT even your own mother will recogize YOU!!! i was taken back this a side of my Auntie Bertha, she was so...huh... DOMINEERING!

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my name is Little diana
my wife... well excuse me my mother has brought me here for participating in a contest of adult sissy baby girls.
my mother says that this is my story
she says i was a guy called diego who was 20 years old but i behaved like a small baby so she made me look like one
she had always wanted to have a daughter so when she made me look like a baby she turned me in a baby girl
i don't think that that can be true. nobody could believe such a thing seeing me


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Oh dear... just as i feared... the competition is STIFFER than i thought!

Just then a very attractive Lady wheels in baby-like carriage, stroller with a adult-sized "LITTLE DIANA" on it. She goes on to explain that when a husband who starts acting this way, the only thing a Wife can DO, is to treat him like the widdle Bayy-Bee "girl" that he is!

"Whatsdatmatter Babykins!" She chides so very condescendingly... "Does swookums-wookums have a BIG poopie in "her" diapee?" So, that pretty pink diaper with the ruffle lace is more than just decoration... Mmm. In any moment the poor little thing was ready to burst into tears. The embarrassment and humiliation must be beyond belief.

"Say goo-goo, gah-gah for ALL the people... and MOMMY would give you a nice treat!" ...And when baby Diana opens "her" mouth Mommy plop in a rather large rubber pacifier. The "girl" doesn't spit it out instead "she" sucks it with great eagerness "her" eyes longly fasten to "her" Mother's breasts, no wonder, this one has been nipple weaned back on mother's teat. "NOW, sweetie-kins have yourself a nice lovely SUCK!" She coos wriggle Her breasts in musical accompaniment.

These two have their act going into pure perfection and the guy appears to be happy to be stuck in diaper like... FOREVER! Is it possible to achieve permanent total urinary incontinence this way? And is his true inner child really a GIRL!?!

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i think my Auntie has lost it...

Even tho i still a full grown adult male She treats me like i'm Her little baby girl in diapers. Kept as a plaything for Her amusemenet and pleasure. i'm mocked and chastised, teased and cooed over dressed in the frillest of dresses and fancy lace panties, displayed as a novelty, treated as a human toy for her entertainment.

Strange as it seems, i love this and hate it at the same time. i try to fight it and yet crave it too. They laff as me and joke how i'm just a few french fries short of a happy meal and obviously not the brightest crayon in the box... dumb but cute!

My hair has grown out some, long full-swept, flaxen bangs that take on a flirtatous curl about the sides of my face to a shoulder length pageboy bob. But The Lady is not impress, She's expecting some pumper-upper, volumizing hairdo with lots of piled high ringlets and curls something a bubbing pageant debutante would wear on "her" 1st venture on "babydoll" society. Soon before me are hot rollers and curlers and a collection of hair extensions to be weaved into my own hair. i'm told being a girl now is a high maintenance job especially when there's those constant trips to the Beauty Salon, after my 1st PERM that is.


Won't this nightmare ever end?... and how do i explain to her why i don't want to do this?

PLEASSSSE, i don't wannabe a BABY GIRL anymore...

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Whatsdatmatter Babykins!" She chides so very condescendingly... "Does swookums-wookums have a BIG poopie in "her" diapee?

i nod my head embarrassed why has mummy to say so aloud that i popped myself. it's so humiliating...
Say goo-goo, gah-gah for ALL the people... and MOMMY would give you a nice treat!"

i was going to obey but then she gets a big pacifier in my mouth. it's very big and fills my mouth so i'm unable to say a word
i feel very calm with it and i'm used to pacifiers as big as this
so i calm down and suck it
i'm very hungry and i want to suck her tits for eating but mummy seems very busy and she doesn't look at me so by now i'll have to just keep sucking
i can see another girl like me here but i just want to sleep by now, without caring about the poopie in my diaper. my eyes are starting to get closed


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What came next i could barely believe my eyes...

That big rubber pacifier must have been coated nicely with a sweet mild sedative cuz it put baby Diana beddy-bye. The lil' sissy doll could barely keep "her" pretty baby eyes open anymore. What a clever and perceptive MOMMY, baby Diana has, in mere moment the baby was as docile and submissive as any new born sleeping infant.

"Oh..." She cries out loud undoing the snug warm diaper covering the crotch. "Looks like our little princess woke UP! Lets see if it likes the crotch-less panties too."

I gasped at Her words, what princess? "He doesn't have a princess, he has a cock!" i said. She simply looked at me, smiled as if She hadn't heard me and drew the pink panties over "her" legs. The effeminated cock got lost in the folds of the material and practically disappeared, only the head was poking through the opening. She lightly touches the head and singsongs.

"Isn't this the *CUTEST* sight! Oh, I have just the finishing touch for that princess." With that She took a pink ribbon and quickly made a big bow around the cock head and turn to my Aunt Bertha and they both agree that this is the most cute and Feminine princess now.

i blushed once again, and Auntie turns and whispers to Her... "I think baby siSSyfit wants one too!"

Then She reaches for the baby bag and pulls out a rather large phallus shaped dildo... and continues how baby Diana squeals and carries on and makes such noise with "her" penis rattle while "her" plays with "her"self in the playpen! And this is "her" most favorite FUCK TOY!

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when i wake up again i feel my diaper filled and start crying again
then mummy gets me changed and brings me some beautiful panties that show my clit. they are so funny giggle
it's even better when she puts a lace on it, i may look so cute...
the she brings me my favourite toy, my penis!!! giggle
i call it like that because it's like the penis in the videos mummy makes me look sometimes, i love them
so i start playing with it like the girls in the films
first i rub it against my sissy clit, i love how it feels and keep playing like that for a while
then i try to introduce it in my mouth but with the pacifier i can't so i cry for a while
but then i decide i can also play with my ass
so i start putting it inside
firstly it hurted a lot but after lots of times playing like that i've been able to introduce it a lot and i'm sure that soon i'll able to introduce it completely, i love those games


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Lil' "Diana's" MOMMY explains to us... that you are such a natural BABY, all She had to do was put you into a situation where you couldn't escape anymore. After all, what else do you do with a ...man?... Who's totally enamored and preoccupated by dressing and looking like (of all things??) a SISSY BABY GIRL!!!

In fact, She says you are more than willing to give up ALL your masculine characteristics and live full time this way... a full-grown male deteriorated into that of a helpless adult BIG BABY and kept that way PERMANENTLY!!! But this time with your Mother's help, you to get to grow up as a "girl".

Of course, winning the SISSY BABY GIRL Pageant will make this all a reality. Think of all the frilly girlish dresses you get to wear. However, most Woman's garments just don't fit properly on a man's body they need alterations. Imagine your dismay trying one on and discovering how the skirt barely covers the cheeks of your heinie. We all laff... silly... it's suppose to be that way. The solution is a frilly laced pair of precious pink panties with rows of ruffles decorating the seat... and we want everybody to know you are wearing diapers under it... with a ballerina style tu-tu, white billowing petticoat to keep that upturned "pantied" bottom fully exposed at all times. CUM -plete with garters and stockings and daunting dorsy arched pumps.

Well... so much for being demure and coy.

All contestants are expected to emulate Femininity in ever manner of dress and gesture and you will be no exception. You shall appear before your public wearing the glossy of red lipstick, lashes curled and mascara'd like crazy and your hair all done up in poodles curls and piled high ringlets. Unbeknown to your admiring public buried inside your diaper, hidden from view is a prostate massager fully insert up your ass. Your every move it rubs inside your sphincer muscles creating extreme excitement. They all think you are just being "spirited" but you are re-ee-ally fucking yourself, masturbating on stage in front of millions of TV viewers.

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i'm i front of the camera of TV that points me
it gets me very scard to appear in front of lot of people
mummy comes seeing me so frightened and sits with me getting me more relaxed
at the same time i'm getting very excited from my poopie's hole since the toy mummy got inside before is active and everytime i move just a little increases my excitement
"hi, i'm little Diana and i'm... how old i am mummy?"
"20 years old honey"
"how old! it's impossible i'm just a baby giggle. i want to win this contest for getting lots of clothes. i love being dressed in frilly dresses but mommy has lots of difficulties for finding them for me, i don't know why"


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There i stand... all powdered, perfumed, and wearing a snug-fitting, pair of frilly panties between my legs. Where my Auntie Bertha is zipping me up my siSSy pageant dress and fastening the clasp on up so i can't escape. All the while the fuzzy Teddy Bear in my arms looks accusingly at me with those big button eyes of his.

The curtain goes up and i'm standing on the stage in a large auditorium filled with people... She kisses my cheek and pats my "pantied" heinie and sends me off... and i hear the announcer.


"Lets give a big hand to our newest contestant...
Miss SiSSyfit DUMBFUCK!!!" i crinch when i hear the name, but there's no helping now as i step forward making my 1st venture as a bubbing debutante into babyland society. There surround by a panel of judges is Mistress MOMMY DEAREST giving me that "Simon Cowell" look... and i suddenly realize, in all my excitement i should have gone to the ladies room 1st. Now, i only hope i can hold it long enough.