My new life

My New Life
By: Sissy Stephanie Suckswell

Shortly after my 18th birthday, my father left me and I was forced to live with my Step-mom. I had always dreamed and fantasized about wearing women’s clothing and I often used scissors to cut my own clothes into more feminine shapes. I would wear these “girl” clothes at night as a danced and spurt cum into my old tube socks. Living with my step-mom was a fascinating experience at first. She worked late which gave me plenty of “alone time” in the house. I would often find my way into her bedroom and “borrow” panties from her drawer. However, one day while my step-mom cleaned my room she found some of her own cute pink lace panties that I had hidden in my underwear drawer.
Two days later she rushed into my room and caught me jacking off into those very pink panties. She then angrily asked me where I had gotten the panties and I feebly told her that I had stolen them from a girl who I had hooked up with. She laughed at my obvious lie. She replied by saying, "You don’t have a big cock silly sissy, no one would ever want to suck that tiny baby sissy cock." This crushed me, but I thought that this horrible situation was to be forgotten forever.
To my surprise, when I came home from school the next day my room had been changed into a little girl's room with pink and white everywhere! A sign hung on my door that said "Mommy's little Sissy's Room". I found my step-mom lying on my newly sissified bed. She merely said, “ Remove your clothes, pantyboy!”
After I removed my boy clothes she led me by the hand to a newly installed pink bathtub filled with sweet little girl smelling bubbles. As I was being washed she told me that if I wanted to act like a sissy then I would be a proper little sissy boy. After she fully scrubbed me down she ordered me to stand up, and to my horror all the hair but the hair on my head had been washed away. I screamed! However, my step-mom slapped me across the face and declared “Sissy boys don’t misbehave!” She yanked me out of the tub and took me into my new little girl's sissy room and placed me on the bed where she continued my humiliation by putting baby oil and sissy pink little girl baby powder on my bottom and tiny penis and balls.
It was then that I noticed that the curtains, canopy and thick satin pink comforter were not decorated with tiny white polka dots but rather the white dots were little white erect cocks. She handed me a translucent BIG REAL MAN's Size cock shaped baby bottle filled with something that looked like a creamy form of milk. She then ordered me to suck on it until it was all gone. As I drank my surprisingly delicious new liquid my Step-Mom began to pick out my new sissy attire. After drinking half the bottle, I came to my senses and threw my phallic shaped bottle onto the ground. I had suffered enough but my step-mom was very displeased. She quickly and forcefully turned me over and took out a BIG MAN's belt that I had never seen before and proceeded to spank my sissied bottom until I begged for the Pink Cock shaped bottle to suck as a relief from the pain.
I cried as The BIG REAL MAN's Pink Plastic Cock was stuck in my mouth and began to suck the milk down eagerly, for fear of being spanked again. She asked me, "Does that bottle taste good little sissy?" I nodded yes because it did. Then she turned me back over and tied a pretty pink bow around my pink powdered tiny cock. I noticed the ends of each bow were shaped like a BIG MAN's Cock head and had the words "Sissy Cock" written on it. She first pulled out the frilliest bright pink pair of little girl panties I had ever seen. The lace on these was different from any other girl's I had ever seen. Instead of flowers on the white ruffled lace around the edges, they had tiny hard cocks with a little pink bow tied around each one, which had 'sissycock' written on it.

Then she said, "Do you want to wear this Sissy Little boy?" I shook my head to signify 'NO' while I continued to suck on the pink cock shaped bottle. She got mad and said I had better be willing and nod to the affirmative or she would belt me again. The thought of being spanked again was far too horrible. I nodded my head and acknowledged yes and she said, "What a sweet sissy you are becoming, dear." She then slid the soft bright pink satin panties up my legs and right away my tiny cock was sissified.
My penis became hard almost immediately as I felt the satin fabric on the underside tip of it. When she patted my tiny cock through the panties. I simply couldn’t contain the girly feelings that had arisen inside of me. I immediately shot cum into my panties. Step-mommy called my sperm, "sissy baby cum."
"What a sweet sissy" she said, "The little sissy boy loves his panties, doesn't he?" I nodded my head yes as I knew any further negative acknowledgement would subject me to a well-spanked bottom. I continued to pout like a silly sissy as she began to bring out the rest of my attire. She put me in pink translucent plastic panties with the same exact penis ribboned ruffles along all the edges. I took out the pink plastic cock baby bottle and asked why I had to wear this ridiculous outfit. She immediately smacked me on my pantied bottom. I was told that its purpose was to save the entire amount of precious REAL MAN's CUM I would be receiving. "What?????" I asked...she stuck the now half empty pink plastic cock bottle back in my mouth. She said I would learn about things soon enough.
She then held the Pink Plastic Panties up and said, "Would you like to wear this, my little sissy?" I sucked on my phallic shaped bottle and nodded yes. She then turned them around and showed me what was embroidered in big white letters on the front of them. It read "Little Sissy Cock". She smiled and said. "Wait to see what else mommy has for you sissy little boy." I pouted and nearly cried as she put little girl pink ruffled anklet socks on me, which had the same sissy cock lace as my panties. One sock had "SissyCockSucker" and the other had "SissyCockPleaser" sewn on the sides. Next she brought out my new shoes. They were little girl white patent leather shoes with big pink cock shaped bows. Each of the bows had the words "Sweet sissy boy" written on them. The little buckles were pink anodized silver buckles.
Step-mommy then made me stand up as I continued sucking on my cock shaped bottle like the little slut I was quickly becoming. She then brought out a little girl's short white dress. It was the most beautiful dress that I had ever seen. It had layers of pink ruffles with white bows around the abundant pink ruffled cock shaped lace on all of its edges.
When I was shown the front of the dress, embroidered on it were BIG Bright Pink letters that said "Mommy's Little Sissy Cum-Drinker" and all the "I's" were dotted with cockhead shapes. POUT! As I held my up my arms and stepped into the sissy satin sheer dress, I took the almost empty plastic baby bottle out of my mouth and said, "Mommy I'm not a sissy cum-drinker!" She replied in the most devastating tone, "What do you think you've been drinking from your pink plastic cock bottle little sissy? Milk??????" "Mommy??" "No Sissy, you were sweetly drinking My Boyfriend's CUM! So you are already a Sissy Cum-drinker!"
I knew I had become a sissy cum-drinker! The humiliation was complete. As I finally finished my cum-filled pink "REAL MAN's Sized" Baby bottle, she stood me up, buttoned the back of my dress and combed my little boy hair. She then told me to look in the mirror and I saw the reflection of a clearly sissified boy who couldn’t quite pass as a girl. To my horror (or to my excitement now) I saw that my dress didn't fully cover my now erect pantied cock! She turned me around and showed me that not only could everyone see my panties through my dress but it also didn't even cover them all the way! I was shown that through my pink tinted plastic panties everyone would be able to see the BIG white CUM COLORED LETTERS that read "Little Sissy CockSucker!" I said, "Mommy I don't suck cocks!!!" I was immediately told that I would beg for them very soon! POUT! She pointed out that the buttons on the back of my little girl sissy dress were shaped like little pink cocks, and that I could not remove my dress. I would have to ask for help each time it was to be removed.
I was then ordered to stand still while puckering my lips. Mommy painted my sissy lips with a bright pink cock shaped cum dipped lip-gloss. She walked me downstairs where to my horror I saw 20 girls from my high school. As I pranced in they immediately began to laugh at me while they saw my ridiculous outfit. They pulled my plastic and satin panties down around my ankles, which of course, showed to my absolute horror, the sissy pink bow around my now erect and throbbing but still tiny and pathetic penis. The captain of the cheerleading squad, Jennifer, asked me what had been in my pink plastic cock bottle and I had to tell them it was my Mommy's boyfriend's cock cum. The room erupted in laughter as they asked, "Well little sissy what happened to all of it?" I pouted and replied, "I sucked it all down." Their laughs roared again and finally after they had calmed down Jennifer asked, "Well, did it taste good?" I was in tears at this point but I still managed to reply a meek, "YES."
Every girl commented on what I sweet little sissy I was. I begged like the little sissy I was to have my panties pulled back up. Seconds after I had pulled my pretty pink panties back up; they invited some Football players into the room. I was forced again to show them what a little sissified cock I had. The boys laughed and I actually begged to suck their Cocks for fear of being spanked again. I was on my knees looking up at the Quarterback of the team and I begged to suck his hard throbbing cock until it was spurting all over my face.
While I was sucked his huge cock, I found out why my Step-Mom had put a ruffled opening in the back of my pink satin panties. It had been put there because as my pink plastic panties were pulled down, I unknowingly had to please another stud with my sissy bottom! As my sissy bottom was used, Jennifer, pulled down my panties and forced my tiny cock into a little pink baby bottle that had the words "Little Sissy's Cum" inscribed on the side. I couldn't help but spurt little amounts of sissy cum while I was forced to suck and please those boy’s big cocks with my mouth and bottom.
As I finished pleasing the last of all the football players, my Step-Mom pulled up my see-through plastic panties over my sissy pink ruffled satin ones. I felt all the boy's cum that I had not swallowed, flowing down into my plastic panties for everyone to see in my short hemmed little sissy ruffled dress. Everyone was sure to pat me on my bottom as I walked back upstairs and to finish off my humiliation my step-mom handed me a freshly filled sissy cock cum pink baby bottle. I took my bottle while being patted and groped as I walked up the stairs to my new sissy room. With each pat I could feel the boy’s cum squish up around my sissified sweet little girl smelling pantied cock and balls. As I sucked my own little sissy cum from my "Sissy-Cum" bottle, I knew I was to be Mommy's little sissy forever.

The End

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Totally adore this!! Love all

Totally adore this!! Love all the detail and pictures you create with your words, more more more babe!!

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Loved it

Cassie loves:
Frills and frippery
Being dainty
Being embarrassed in front of a handsome guy
Being spanked!

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Sounds like heaven for a sissy gurl love it

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Loved it