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Kelly and Susan

This is ours it is our beginning

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I ring my friend Susan and meet her at the shops waiting for her to show up.

I stand by the lingerie boutique hoping that she drags me in there first.

OOC Thanks honey for setting up the thread

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i come bouncing up to Kelly;" hi sis oohhh cool lingerie you wanna go in with me?"

"come on Kelly lets go in;"i take her hand and drag her with me;.

"whats your favorite color sis i like pink anything pastel color;?"

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I see that Susan is mad for shopping like me, hopefully we will find something nice.

I am asked to go inside the lingerie shop and take her hand as we crash in

"I am glad that you dragged me in honey because I wanted to start with sexy items first giggles"

She asks me my favourite colour.

"I love purple and blue but pink is nice and sweet like you Susan"

I pick up a purple Basque

"So what are you looking for and what do you think of this?"

Holding up the basque up to my body

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"ooo pretty i am not sure what i am looking for yet i aint got enough up top like you to hold that pretty thing up (giggles)..I think its beautiful;" i look around for something that suits my body hmmmm."i blush when i see some of the outfits they are so pretty but i know i just dont have enough up on top to wear them;."Kelly i mostly just wear panties and bra cuz i can buy those that fit me best;"(blushes intensely)

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I blush along with my sis and I think she is beautiful and can’t help but want to reassure her about her lovely bust line.

“I think you are gorgeous Susan, I really do and my boobs are just like anyone else’s small and they like to be played with giggles.”

I look for some bras hoping that both of us find that perfect two piece panty and bra set

“You know I think I will buy that basque and look for a corset but first let’s pick out some bras honey.”

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this maybe?what you think sis?[img][IMG]http://i66[img][/img]4.photobucket.com/albums/vv6/littletomato3800/Bra%20set/5021b.jpg[/IMG][/img]


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You pick out a lovely pink basque

"Oh that will suit you so well I love the ribbons on the bottom.”

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"sis i found a couple more what one do you think i would look cute in;"?



"kisses you i love shopping;"

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"I just love shopping Susan you have no idea how much, it is pity to have to pay for it late giggles"

I look at your choices and make a decision

"I love them both but I think the sexy pink and black basque goes nice with a ribbon or bow in your pretty head"

I blow her a kiss

"I had better look for something new as well."

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i like the pink and black also best it fits my shape or lack there of giggles