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Stepford Lady Cop busts a sissy

I have been offered a job on the Stepford Police forec, since all the male officer are beig converted into sissies. I start my shift and patrol downdown Stepford.



I notice a newcomer to our lovely little town. I stroll over to him "Hello Sir welcome to Stepford. I'm Sgt Angelique G. Conners , "

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I had been sitting on a bench in downtown Stepford for about twenty minutes trying to figure out what to do as the cop approached me. Great, that was all I needed I thought to myself. Just twenty minutes earlier I had been kicked off the Greyhound bus in this little town in the middle of nowhere after some woman sitting near me had complained I was making a nuisance of myself. Even though I had protested my innocence and even though the woman who had made the complaint was getting off at Stepford too, the driver kicked me off the bus anyway. Worse, I realized as the bus sped off that my back pack was still on the bus, along with my ID. All I had was a few notes and some change in my pocket.

"Hello Officer," I said looking up at the cop. She was cute at least and I loved a girl in uniform. "Is there something wrong?"

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I notice there quite a few Fews girls check ou the the sexy man, one of is my ex hubby Saffron. She is try to flirt with him, and give her should a look. I really have to put her in a chasity belt, she is becoming such a slut.She finally gets the hint and minces off, making sure to wiggle her tight ass. I will have give her a good spanking tonite.


I turn my attention back to the men.

"You are are used to the young girls flirting with you," I smile. " Now Sir may I see your ID."

If He doesn't have anyID with him, I will bring him back to the station. I'm sure the other girls would be glad to get a look at this hottie..

Aftera couple hours in the slamer he should ready to do whatever we want.

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I seem to be attracting quite a lot of attention, especially from the girls. In fact, I notice, I haven't seen a man around this place yet.

"Yeah, I do have a thing with the girls" I said laughing wondering if the cop liked me too. But then she asks for my ID. "Ah, here's the thing. My ID is in my bag and my bag is on that bus that headed out of town about twenty minutes ago. I was just sitting here wondering what to do about that."

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"mm well sure I will have to take you to Hq while we sort out who you are exactly, we had way to many drifters coming into town. Some of them are way too interested in our young girls. Please come with me. ONce you are IDed you can be on your way."

If he tries anything I will mace him.

I take hold of his upper arm and we head off to the Police station.

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The cop tells me she is going to take me in until they can ID me. But I wonder how they are going to do that... She then grabs my arm.

"Hey, are you arresting me?" I asked her as she continued to hold my arm.

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"OH I wouldn't say that Sir, its called protective custody." I pull his arms behind his back and cuff him.

"Don't resist Hon, this is for your own good, I wouldn't want to hurt you.' I hustle him down tothe station and we draw quite of a bit of attention form some of the ladies. "Oh Office Angie you have busted another one good work." Lots giggling and smirks from the crowd.

Once at the station I toss him into the lock up,

"We are going to find who you are and what you are doing here - talk."

There have been rumors that so male domme group is plotting to retake our lovely town. This one may be one of their agents.

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"Hey" I cried out, shocked as the cop pulled my arms behind my back and began to cuff me.

"Don't resist Hon, this is for your own good, I wouldn't want to hurt you.'

The situation now seemed a lot worse. She led me down the street and as quite a few women came out to watch I had the feeling I was being publically paraded more than just marched down to the station.

Once inside the jail she put me into a cell, but still kept my hands cuffed behind me.

"We are going to find who you are and what you are doing here - talk."

"Talk? I told you already. I was on the bus. I had a bit of a run in with the driver, he threw me off but then I realized my bag was still on the bus. My ID and everything is in the bag. Look, my name is Luke Ramsey, you can look me up. Washbain, CT. I'm a student."

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"Well ok Mr Ramsey, I will call the bus company but it may be awhile before I hear back from them. Is there anyone in Washbain CT that will vouch for you?

The desk Sgt smiles and makes a few phone calls and alerts the Trans Team to get things ready for our guest.


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Reluctantly I knew that it could be hours before she would manage to get hold of the bus company who in turn had to reach the driver who in turn had to call the cop back. "You could call my college," I said, but then realized it was the holiday season. They could be closed too.

"Say, could you at least uncuff me?" I asked feeling a bit helpless for myself.

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I give him a smile "yes the schools are closed right now . Don't you have a family? I sure your mother will be glad to help you right?"

He whines about being cuffed. "They are staying on for now, don't want you hurting yourself"

I fill up of water and bring it over to him. "have a drink sweetie, bey you could use it."

There is a tastesless drug in it and put him to sllep and then he will be transported to the Academy.