The Fantasy Machine

Jim and his wife Karen have been married for over 20 years and have three teenage daughters. Their marriage has been a good one but as with any relationship it is getting stale. They both agree it could do with some spicing up.
Karen sees an advert in one of her magazines for a new device that enhances your love life and helps you realize any fantasy you may have secretly held. She decides to take the plunge and orders one over the phone straight away.
It arrives a couple of days later. She can't wait for Jim to get home that night so they can try it out.
It is a Friday night and their daughters are all out.
Karen and Jim go off to bed early to try out the new device.
They open the box and read the instructions.
1. Place the head set on your head with the ear buds in both ears.
2.Turn on the main set and turn the dial to Low Medium or High intensity for the degree of stimulation you want.
3. Set the timer for how long you want the effects to last.
4. Lie back and hit the GO button.
They both put on the head sets , turn the dial to Medium and the timer to 60mins for their first try. They lie back and Karen hit the GO button.
The machine then reads their inner most fantasy.
Karen feels a sense of warmth spread through her. She is therefore shocked to hear Jim yelp in pain. Something kicks in and she drifts off into a sleep. When she wakes it is to find a large breasted brunette with her head between her thigh s licking her pussy into a frenzy.
OMG Karen experiences the deepest orgasm she has had in years.She is so engrossed in her fantasy that she completley forgets about Jim.
The woman then straddles her face and she licks her pussy....

To be continued

Nicole Lynn
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Great story but a little

Great story but a little short. WIsh it would have given a little more details of the dream. From both sides

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Loved it
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Good first story :)

Good first story :)

Nicole has a point try and pace it a bit more, but I am looking forward to finding out what is coming next.

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Loved it

Xanthe Altheia
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Thanks for your comments. I

Thanks for your comments. I was a bit rushed so will take my time for the next part.

I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

Xanthe Altheia
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Part 2

Part 2

Karen can't believe the feelings rushing through her body. Her whole body quakes . Her pussy is throbbing. Her tits are on fire .

The other woman appears to be in the throws of an orgasm too as she arches her back and grinds her pussy into Karen's mouth. They both climax together and collapse exhausted. Karen snuggles up to the sexy beauty beside her anf lays her head on the woman's awesome breasts.

She must have dozed off for when she wakes up she finds herself lying on her husbands manly chest. Where has her lover gone? The memories of what she has been doing are still vivid in her mind.

She nudges Jim awake .

"How was it for you." she asks

" I'm not sure. I feel as though I have had the most awesome sex ever but I can't remember exactly what I was doing. My chest feel all tingly. I had this amazing dream about being your lesbian lover and oh the sex we were having was unbelievable.What about you , did you enjoy it."

"Oh yes. But tell me more about this dream.What did she look like this fantasy lover you saw me fucking."

"Oh the usual siren .Large tits, long dark hair.Very hot."

"That's exactly the same as who was with me. I was having wild lesbian sex with just that woman. It was out of this world but when I woke up she was gone and you were there. I was a bit disappointed really she was a lot better than you have been lately."

With that Karen quickly turned the dial to HIGH and lay back hoping for more.

This time Jim screamed even louder and Karen managed to stay awake just long enough to see his body transform into the beauty that was her now preferred lover.
She pounced and straddled her lover's face , "Lick my pussy bitch until I say stop."

Jim in his new body could sense everything.His nipples were hard and swollen.Every thing they touched sent shivers of pleasure through his body. his skin felt softer and more sensitive.He just knew that he wanted to please his Mistress .No wife what was he saying.Oh whatever and he licked pussy for all he was worth. He felt himself orgasm .The shots of electricity shot through him and it was the best feeling ever.

They both then fell asleep and didn't notice the machine receiving a transmission from a secret lab that switched it off preventing any reversal.So when they woke up Jim was now stuck as the brunette sex bomb. It was a secret desire he had kept secret for years but now was going to be fulfilled.

To be continued...

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Loved it

I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

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Finally, no more hiding me!!! Nice.

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Loved it
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Fantasy Machine

Well done Sophia. I would love this to happen to me.

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Loved it