A slight change in living arrangements...

Poor little Neil..
Or should I say 'li'l Nellie'!
Went to sleep all nice and cosy after giving his wife the usual hard time about her cooking, cleaning, spending etc.
Woke up HERE...in this AWFULL place that resembles some kind of medieval dungeon more than anything else!
Naked and shaven smooth, with a curvy, feminine body and even false BREASTS for crying out loud!!

Set upon by two female body-builders who painted a type of tight, latex covering on him, forced a type of tube into his mouth to keep it open and bound him up!

Now, the terrified pantywaist has a penis-harness locked on him, and is being lead along the gruesome halls by a stunning, no-nonsense woman at the end of a collar and chain, tottering behind her in a pair of RIDICULOUSLY tall high-heels!!

I wonder what's in store for the pathetic EX-hubby?

Miss Circe
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Hello Bambi dear

Hello Bambi dear
You know how to write good stuff :-*, and if possible, an elaboration of Nellie`s story would be pure gold :D

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Loved it

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Dear Bambiand Misstress Circe, i must confess to being that type of husband off and on. i didn`t mean to be because my nature is to be kind. i don`t know how Your story turns out , but i hope it is that the husband is trained to be submissive then sent home to his wife.

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Good story

Good story

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Loved it
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Wonderful story

A wonderful chapter in what I hope is a series of sensual enslavement stories.

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Loved it

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