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as they left us alone we barely manage to sit trying to recover ourselves from the drugs
after a few i recover myself and son Brad does the same
the first thing we try to do is to free our cocks from their prisons, but the locks are too strong and we can't do a thing
later we try to get some clothes for getting covered but the only thing we can find in the wardrobe are female clothes
"we can get dressed like this... i'm not going out in women's clothes!"
"neither do i want. i don't want people seeing me in woman's clothes"
"why didn't you tll me about it? we're friends"
"i knew you'd think in me as a freak"
"well let's try to get out of here and we'll find some clothes out"
then we checked the Windows and the door but there was no way to forcé them out
"it's time of thinking in a trap for the time they come to take us out
we're starting to think in the details when suddenly i feel myself excited, not just nervous very sexually excited
it makes my cock hurt in it's cage as it tries to grow but finds the cage
as i look at brad i can say he's in the same situation
we wait a few hoping it will stop since we're not really excited but it just continues
then a voice sounds around us
"hello girls and welcome to your new home. as you may have already noticed you've no chance of using any male clothes. they are not for cute girls as you soon be so you won't use any of them from now o, just the prettiest clothes"
she has to be joking! she can't intend us staying here and less as girls!
by Brad's look it seems he's as scared as me
before we can sprotest she keeps talking
"now i'm unlocking the door so you can leave the oom" at the same time some noises come from the door as a prove
i'm about to run there when she gives s the bad news about it
"giggle but i'd not try to leave the room like this... unless you want to suffer in my guards hands"
i stop myself at the instant
"they're all women, but they love using their toys in males... and they've my allowance to use them if someone leaves the room not properly dressed"
"said that i wait for you in half an hour, the guards will show you the way to this place. if in that time you've not left... well she can get into the room to take you, hace fun with you and after selecting you some clothes bring you here"
then as i hope the message is over her voice sounds again "oh and don't worry about your hair and make up, we'll help you with that later giggle"
Brad and i look each other atonished
"w-w-we've to do it" is brad first comment
"what? just because such a menace: some women agains us? make whatever you want but i'm not going to do it in no way"
"and what are you going to do? try to escape between god knows how many guards?"
"they're not guards they're women who may be dressed as guards!"
"and you are going to try to escape between whole of them just hoping your nul training in anything will be enough for defeating a group of people?"
"no, i'll stay in the room and as they enter they can be more tan two at a time so it'll be easy"
he looks at me denying with his head
"either ways if we follow their rules maybe they will free our cocks, this shit really hurts!"
i don't think it may be so easy i prefer trying to do what she intends... it can't be so bad...
then he starts getting dressed
with that he leaves as he opens the door i see three women following him
they don't seem to have a weapon...
after waiting to see if someone else leaves someone closes the door
half an hour later is trancurred two women appear by the door
i jump from behind the door trying to beat them, but as son as i hit the first one i feel a Sharp pain in myc cock that makes me scream as i fall in my knees
"oh por girl, did miss forget to tell you about the electro shock system connected to your chastity cage"
the other woman says showing me a remote
"if you're a bad girl..."
"but i don't think we need to worry, you'll be ga good girl, won't you?"
i'm still on the floor from the pain but i still manage to say "fuck you" just then another shock hits my cock
"it seems this one is one of those who don't learn a thing..."

then two of them grab me by my arms
they must be much stronger tan i thought since even i i try to resist i can't do a thing to stop them
"giggle it's a pity miss wants to keep you virgin for your girlfriend, but either ways i'm sure you won't like not having obeyed her" i wonder which girlfriend is she talking about since i don't have any but right now i'm more worried about what may they have in mind
then they get me tied to a chair in front of a mirror
"miss wanted this to happen slowly and at a time for both of you but since you don't want to be a good girl... we'll accelerate your change
"say goodbye to your old image honey, son it'll be very different"
then they take a needle connected to a big tank
"this is a tattooing needle, we're going to make you a big tatoo... in your face giggle. nothing to worry, just you'll always look like if you were using make up"
what is she talking about? she can't be serious! that would be permanent!!!
i try to free myself from the ties but it's useless
then they start working on my face
once it's done and i can see myself in the mirror i can't believe it
i'm not looking as a woman... but closer to a whore
"if you'd been a good girl, you'd have looked like a proper girl and just out but since you decided not to obey... wel now you'll always see a sissy as you look yourself at a mirror"
as i look at myself in the mirror i wonder how will i ever go out looking like this
"plase stop this" i say scared and wondering what may come next
"honey we've just started"
then they inject me something in the nipples and son my chest tarts pumping untl giving me some nice tits, but it keeps growing more and more to a very big size
"congratulations honey, now you're the proud owner of a pair of H cup tits"
i'm crying aloud at the sight of my new self,
"y-y-you're not turning me ino a woman b-b-but a joke of a woman"
"giggle you lost the right of looking like a real one when you misbehaved"
then they free me and forcé to get up
first they give me some panties for me getting dressed
i cry even louder "p-p-please no..."
"do you need any help?" one of them asks with a wicked smile
seeing her i don't protest and get it on
as i see myself in the mrror i want to die, noone would believe i'm a man looking like this... lookily they'd i'm a whore... a very cheap whore
but it'd to get worse
they hand me a bra and show me to get it tied by the front before getting it on the right possition
firstly i don't notice anything strange but as i look myself i see it
it almost look like i've nothing on it and with that bulge it may seem my nipples are hard in excitement whole the time
"giggle people will think you're excited whole the time honey even under the dress the will be noticeable... tha's if the dress covers it"
then they give me a dress that i want badly to get on for not having to see myself
finally they make me sit and get some boots locked on my feet
they help me to get up but inmediately make me walk on them out of the room
as i'm starting to walk i fall on the floor
they just laugh at me and wait for me to dress up
"come on, you can do it by yourself, we won't help you always"
once i finally manage to get up i walk a few steps before falling again
they keep laughing at me once and again when i fall
finally i manage to walk on them a few without falling, i just need to bounce my ass properly as i walk... or better said bounce it as a slut
at the same time my cock is killing me since in excitement it keeps hurting against the cage
finally i manage to arrive to the dining room where i see that mad woman sitting in a couch with anther woman...
wait those were the clothes brad was using when he left before!
when he looks at me he almost looks scared "diego?????????"

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Enjoying this story .Keep it

Enjoying this story .Keep it coming.

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I am owned and enslaved to Lady Johanna Vendela Liv Silfverstråle.

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thanks sophia son next

thanks sophia son next episode: brad story in the meanwhile


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Can not wait for the next eposide

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the forth is already

the forth is already published


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love it

mmm. Im getting hard, I better put on something lacy to finish reading

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