*the ORIGINAL interactive forced feminization adventure*

This story requires flash animation
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The Office - Swimming in the Pool

Chapter One


paula x

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The Office

Just finished Chapter One. Loved it.

Sissy Hanna to serve you *curtsey*

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gold...just gold...*feints*

Wanna play with a boi toy?

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I loved being all dolled up OOC, but omg, how I wanted to escape.... but omg, heels and tight skirt!

Suzanne le Skirt

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Fun, fun, fun, Thank you

Fun, fun, fun, Thank you MIstresses!


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Love it

Love it

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The Office

Very addictive piece of work, i nearly came.


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just finished

This is awesome, I had to to take so many breaks just to keep from creaming my panties.

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The Office - Swimming in the Pool

I loved the whole story/game. I'm convinced I'd be a poor slut at this stage, but could do more if my boobs were bigger!. Enjoyed the transformation process endured no enjoyed by Angie. I luv being dressed in girls sexy clothes, specially shiny, stuff like latex or pvc. Mettaic materials really turn me on. It's tight,restrictive and add some cuffs, restraints and gags.
Well done my girls. I'll sumbit any time!

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My panties are so wet.

My panties are so wet.

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great read,love it

great read,love it

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All my fantasies rolled up into one huge pleasure read

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an incredibly horny story. It has everything in it including fear, submission,humiliation and lust. I just couldn't take a break from reading and just had to continue to the end in one session.
Oh if only such a place really existed then I'd gladly queue all week for a placement on their training program.

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Learning to swim & loving it!

really well done story! Nice Work!

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Adore the first chapter

Just finished chapter 1 - will be involve in chapter 2 asap!


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One wet read!

Oh Wow! I absolutely loved every single page of this story, from start to finish. The inter-activity in it really puts a twist on things, and you suddenly realise that it is actually you who made the choices that put you in the resulting predicament. You made that happen to yourself. Absolute genius.

A real-life Dolly - to dress as you please, position as you please, and do with as you please.xx

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Becoming Ms. Swallows

Made it to end, as Rajimara Swallows, unsuspecting tramp. My Goddess is pleased. But how do i lose the unsuspecting tag, can one improve herself?

Lady Rajimara
Our Lady of Solitude and Taciturnity

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trying the wrong decisions.

So i went the other way on every choice. got the last name Kitten this time. it was fun but i'll stick with Ms. Swallows

Lady Rajimara
Our Lady of Solitude and Taciturnity

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Lexie's outfit.

Great outfit

Lady Rajimara
Our Lady of Solitude and Taciturnity

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The Office

i Loved it, my panties were soaked, good thing i had my chastity belt on! i Loved being Chrissie Swallows

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LOVED IT!!! <3

This is the best interactive forced feminization stories I have read. I really hope that you write more like it in the future. <3

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I love this so much

Thank you!! mmm xxx

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swimming in the pool

Great fun. I'll have to do it over again, tho' acting on real reactions to each situation was thrilling enough.
Never really thought I'd be a tramp, let alone a whining one.
I felt more like moaning.


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the story i went through

I felt like I was actually there, I felt every emotion as if it were real.

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Very nice. And so are a few of the others I have read. Thank you.

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The Office - Swimming in the Pool

That was fantastic, what an amazing story. I loved my name Nikki Swallows. Wish I could have in the story.

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I wish i could be as sexy all

I wish i could be as sexy all day as you make me feel. I do love hosiery and heels and perfume and makeup!!!

Suzanne le Skirt

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Gosh, this the most exciting, wonderful story ever, really

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I have read chapter 1, and just a few pages in I was hooked. goodness, by the end of the chapter I was all tingly and moist.

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So Sexy

I have read all four chapters, with the choices I made I became rhiann swallows. I shall read again another day to see if my name changes. I do wish the story could lead a person down the path to be a trans-lesbian. perhaps it does? I plan to read again a couple of days from now to see if the ending changes. I so love the story as a whole... I thank the authors. warm regards, rhiann

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This is great

This is what made me make an account. Great Job!

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New job

Where does this sissy go to apply for the job.
Sincerely, lisa swallows

miss lisa

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Wish flash was android compatible.

Absolutely loved this little hidden gym. Too bad it's not compatible with my phone, sigh.

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I love this so much! Please do another like this.

Looking for a friend to chat to

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Fuck this

This was just an awful boring excuse for a supposedly "interactive" story. You do realize that part of what makes an interactive story good is that the choices have to be meaningful and actually change the direction of the story. you get abused by ms Payne no matter what, you get DDcup implants NO MATTER WHAT, and you get forced into the same bullshit tasks NO MATTER WHAT! that's not clever, nor is it hot at all.

I'd rather have a story with no agency than one with FAKE agency.

you don't truly dominate anyone unless they offer themselves to you willingly, you be nice till I say you don't have to

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What Flash animation did you

What Flash animation did you use