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Last update: 7/1/15

Mistress Updates

Merry Christmas (and a small update)

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. A quick update: for Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a desk that raises so that it can be worked at from standing. While I am still on the mend, and getting better by the day, my back prohibited sitting for and length of time. This also put a severe damper on both ability and also motivation for being at LIL and working on this lovely place.

I am optimistic that this new setup will be both a boon and a blessing.

Progress Report

So in case you have not been paying attention, I've been trickling out little dribbles of information about ... ...something...

It is something that has been a long time coming... and it is a lot closer to being here than it has ever been.

I found another one...

Seems like these keep getting smuggled out somehow... Don't worry everyone. We will find the culprit and they will be ... dealt with... Judging from some of the stains on it, it is very clear these are being used for enjoyment from someone not in a Sissy-Link belt. We should fix that. After all, we do NOT want the 'girls' reading about what is happening to them after all... do we? *evil grin*

A little piece of something I've been working on...

UPDATED: Wrong version was uploaded. File has been corrected.

I know I've been quiet for a few days... been working on something...

I also know people get antsy when I'm silent, so here's just a little peek of something much bigger... Not ready to talk about it yet, but thought you would all like an update.

Looks like some Sissies got their hands on a Sissy-Link brochure... Some of these ads you may have seen in the Motivationals... but it seems like this brochure is leading to something else, doesn't it? Curious...

Click Here to read the contraband Sissy-Link Brochure


So thank you very much for all the patience this last week as we restored some much needed functionality and poked at some long standing bugs.

A few of the things accomplished this week:

  • Restored functionality to image upload
  • Solved the error timeout when posting
  • JQuery updated (which should solved a lot of our scrolling and interactive button issues
  • Much needed update to the front index page of the site.
  • oh... and we migrated to a new, faster server. Woo!

I'm going to spend this week continuing onward with fixing some functionality of the site and trying to determine what needs works. Remember, this is being discussed here! Then it's back to M&R and the goal of getting that playable...

If you would like to be of assistance... I could use a few intrepid adventurers to go to the BUGS page and do some testing. Any volunteers?

Good Morning

Special thanks to our crackerjack server tech team, as well as our new server overlords for helping me work through the issues... but we are now migrated to a new server and several longstanding problems have been corrected. This message will self destruct...

No... wait... *fingers crossed that nothing really breaks*

*grumble mumble grumble*

Site Woes

So something is causing the database to continually crash. The troublesome thing is, I'm not sure exactly what is causing it. My gut instinct says it's the chat module / software... but I am on the case and we will determine the evil monster and fix it. Thank you all for your patience.



For those of you living under a rock, our own Miss Amber has been toiling away every week, providing inspiration images for our helpless Sissy community. If you've not been enjoying her efforts, now is the perfect time to jump on board. Miss Amber has graciously agreed to expand her vision, creating semi-weekly tasks for the community. These are role playing tasks for our 'girls' who are eagerly (or in many cases, reluctantly) becoming Sissy playthings.

What are your Resolutions?

Happy 2017!

It's time to spill all of those Sissy resolutions. Here are mine:

1.) A Special Surprise Release coming this week.
2.) Maidenhead's final two chapters pushed through editing and uploaded.
3.) The M&R Roleplaying game playable by summer.

Now it's your turn.

Girls: I expect to hear three things you legitimately plan to do this year to make yourself more submissive and feminine.

Fellow dominants: What's your three goals for torturing the toys around here?

Brief site shutdown tonight at 11PM (CST)

Our server company is shutting things down temporarily in order to initialize our new hard drive. Our database has just grown too darn big... you girls must be doing something to to it... what did I tell you would happen if you rubbed up against it like that?

This should be a very quick and easy turnoff and restart. Just giving you a heads up!

Some updates...

So in case there have been screams and shouts, you may have noticed the site has been intermittently down over the last two weeks. I've tried to time these outages to off hours where we have the least amount of traffic. Sorry for the inconvenience. These takedowns have been intentional to try to get ourselves back into good shape with our database, modules and backup cycles. As always, module updates bring with them a new set of bugs and 'features'. We need these things updated to keep the site secure, but being open-source software, the updates are not always reliable.

A plea for assistance

Work has begun on getting this place back up and running...

... and one of the first things that had to be done was the renewal of domains and certificates... *shudder*

This led to a good look at how this place is doing financially and it seemed like a good place to start asking for help. (and yes, we really need help) So it's time for the annual, please give us some money speech. (sing along if you know the words).

free falling

Coming up for Air

*peeks into the room*

Yep. Everything is still here. Good good.

Apologies for the long, unintended absence. The perils of having three active jobs is that any and all hobbies end up taking a back seat.

I hope everyone is happy and well...

It's the little things...

Just a quick little notes about some of the things you may have noticed the last few days. I've been trying to crank through some of the more annoying bugs and issues that have cropped up due to the most recent updates, module changes and just general wear and tear of the place.


So you may have noticed things look a little different around here. Don't panic. It's still a work in progress... but hopefully this will solve some long outstanding issues we've had around here along with giving us a bit of a spit-shine... (stop giggling... spit shine, it's a real thing.)

There are going to be some bugs, quirks and weirdness for the next few days. It's inevitable what with coding and web-design not being 100% my forte... so as you find things, please try not to be frustrated and post the stuff that needs work here so I can take a look.

2016 Sissy Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

In just a few hours we will be entering a brand new year and a brand new opportunity for all of you to embrace one more step towards femininity. Please take just a moment and list a goal for yourself for this year that will make you more physically, emotionally or spiritually connected with your submissive, feminine self.

Dommes... please pay attention... we will need to check up on everyone periodically and make sure they're following through. :D

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and happy evening. It's going to be a great year!


Electrified Update

So... um... my computer fried itself two weeks ago. I took it in for repair and it was supposed to be returned before the Holidays. It was not. *grumbles*

Apologies to those I just started posting with. I keep telling myself I can post quick little things with my mobile, but I find it disheartening. Mental note to fix mobile accessibility. I will return and with my return should come the conclusion to maidenhead, some more sissylink stuff and hopefully another fun surprise or two. Merry Christmas!

Back... but playing catchup

Sorry for the long delay. Literally just arrived home from a VERY unexpected trip overseas. Jet-lagged, tired and overwhelmingly behind with all my real life work, but safe, sound and HOME! Yay!

More to come...

Loli's picture

How about having an option to send messages to users LIL randomly, without knowing the addressee?

I agree, whenever there is a choice if you are willing to receive such messages or not.
50% (11 votes)
I agree, whenever there is a choice if you are willing to receive them or not and you can choose whether she is dominant or not.
18% (4 votes)
I don't agree. You need to have the patience and courage to take the first step.
9% (2 votes)
I don't agree. It will cause something like spam from the dumbest sissys to the rest of us..
23% (5 votes)
Total votes: 22

I would like to contact as many sissys and/or Ms. as I could but I can't decide myself. I am too stupid to decide and I think I can annoy people who are too high to notice a poor sissy.

So, I would like to know your oppinion about... having an option to send messages to users LIL randomly, without knowing the addressee.

Good old firewall...

A Note about Last Night

Just to keep everyone in the know...

We were aggressively hammered last night by a large number of messages and hits (primarily from blocked IP addresses). This means that our mods have been not only doing their jobs, but doing a fantastic job. Had those been active accounts it quite possibly would have been much, much worse. As it was, the extreme amount of server stress caused our server to essentially hibernate until the attack was done. In other words, it did what it was supposed to do, pulling the old rope-a-dope and then being easily restored with a minimum of effort.

Maidenhead - Chapter 4

And with this chapter we are now both one month AND one hundred pages into the book. One hundred pages is generally what I give a novel to catch or dissuade my interest. I expect this to be the dropping off point for those that are not interested in continuing. Because I'll tell you friends, it does not get easier from here for poor Mark. *maniacal chuckle*

Only 18 chapters left. Can you just taste the tease and denial? :D

As always let us know what you think!


That'll do...

Major update to core site software along with a hammer to the head of the private message module. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Permissions fixed so everyone can use the message system again.

KaBOOM-BOOM that all the boys chase...

The Private Message Nuclear Option

So in trying to rid us of the dreaded Holiday Message of Doom that lingered for years and kept getting brought back, I went into the database with a machete and removed all traces of it. But like the cancer that it is, a little piece of it remained. This has manifested in the persistent '1 new message' alert many of you are getting.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from all of us here at Locked in Lace!

With Spring Cleaning on my mind, it is time to do some maintenance, cleanup and reorganization of our lovely little internet home here. As I begin to dive into things, I would love to hear your Easter wish for the site. Be it a small annoyance you wish would be fixed, a feature you really wish we had, or an idea you wish we would pursue. I will go ahead and remind all of you that I am already working hard on the M&R Forums. So don't bother wasting your Easter wishes on that one. ;)

I look forward to your feedback.

UPDATE: As a special treat, I also rescued the flash game 'Hare to Serve' from the archives of the old site. Enjoy!

Maidenhead:  Chapter 1

Maidenhead - Chapter 1

It has been a LONG time in coming. But you girls know all about that kind of thing don't you? :D

As of this week, the final sentence of my first full length forced feminization novel has been written. Being ever the tease, I'll even share the sentence with you:

The hand explored upward, searching for the arousal that throbbed under the skirts.

Just a quick discussion question...

Some thoughts about chat

So I wanted to pick all of your collective brains about our chat system. As many of you know, this is still a relatively new feature and one that I think we've now had ample time to absorb, try and experiment with. It think it is a tremendously useful feature and I am very happy to continue supporting it, but there is a quirk with our current setup that maybe those of you who spend vast amounts of time chatting can help me wrap my brain around.

Where do those of us who wish to chat in a NON-roleplay environment go?

Locking up LIL

Literally Locked in Lace

So for those of you paying attention, we are now much more secure. As of this writing we have gathered $460 dollars in donations towards making LIL a secure https website. You should begin noticing a small lock icon up in your web address. I'm working tonight to begin combing through the site to fix any links that trace back to the old http: which then allows that pretty little lock to appear at the top of each and every page.

I will let smarter and more verbose techies explain why this is important, but suffice to say we are moving in a very good direction towards keeping our little haven here... well... a haven.

I will continue to work on little tweaks to make sure each page displays as secure... (if you see trouble spots, please let me know)... but in the meantime may I encourage all of you to say a special 'thank-you' to the VERY generous girls on this site who contributed towards buying our safety and security. Thank you ladies. Extra girlie rations for all of you! :D

UPDATE: The Lacy subdomain is having trouble with the redirect. I am working on it.
UPDATE2: Lacy is now directed correctly.
UPDATE3: Youtube component now fixed.
UPDATE4: https:// vs https://www fixed and redirected with NO www.
(NOPE... still sorta broken...) UPDATE4: https:// vs https://www fixed and redirected with NO www.

Just peeking...

So... How's it going?

After a noticeable absence, I have a chunk of time to sit down and play with you girls. There is some much needed site maintenance to attend to, as well as a few near completed (and long teased) projects that I want to tackle. Fair warning: There may be a few periods of downtime for the site as we make some minor improvements and security fixes. I'll try to make them short and/or well announced, so keep your eyes peeled.

A bit of RL Lissa land news

So as of tomorrow I'm traveling for a bit. I'm in the process of moving to sunny californication and the next few days / weeks are going to be a bit transitory for me. Whilst I'm bringing my computer, I will be living in a hotel room for a couple of weeks before getting established in my new apartment. My lovely blonde bondage babe will be joining me shortly after that, but in the meantime, we are in a state of transition.

Spam spam spam spam sexy sissy spam


I need your help. Part of the issue with the load on the server seems to also be coming from the automated mailer. I'm not sure where this is coming from on the site, but we are getting a huge number of email pings from
a php script:

I have shut down the legacy areas of the site in an effort to curtail this, but can all you wannabe blood hounds out there poke around and make sure this isn't appearing on this part of the site (or in the new Lacy?)

Any help is appreciated.

Backup Issues

Just to keep you all 'in the know'. We have arrived at the point in our LIL adventure where we have grown too large for our current automated backup system.

*mutters* stupid success...

You may have noticed that each morning we are experiencing a minor crash where access to the site is down. This happens because during the automated nightly backup the database is getting corrupted due to a memory time out and then the site is down until I log in and repair the database.

lacy is back

Well that took forever.

Over 40 solid work hours on it and it still has issues... but the core problem is solved. I'm going to go sleep now. Change updates are listed on the Lacy main page.

Lacy Update

Just a quick update on the state and mind of Lacy... Do NOT be alarmed.

In trying to implement a fairly simple if/then condition into the forums, I discovered a core insecurity that would have eventually caused a bit of a collapse of our delicate little feminine card structure. Imma gonna fixit.

Stormwatch: Hurricane Lissa tears up the place

So just a quick update on our little tropical storm. As you may have noticed the biggest immediate change today is that I've moved some stuff around here on the home page. Never fear... you'll find it. If not, complain. I'll fix. For the most part I just tried to eliminate menus. As we have added features and gimmicks over the last couple of years, the menu structure needed some tweaking. So you can now Add (and Find) content up at the top menu bar, where it makes some sense. *rolls eyes* Crazy I KNOW!!!!

The Lacy Place is now open

The Lacy Place is now Open!

What was supposed to be a month long project has now stretched on into years and finally... FINALLY... I'm pleased to announce that The Lacy Place forums are now open. Please remember that this is still early days and we are doing some things with this new environment that aren't being done anywhere else on the web. So consider the place still in 'Early Access'. There may be bugs. There may be quirks. But unless catastrophe strikes, all content from now on stays and we now have a new home for our Lacy Place family.

Go. Play. Have fun. I hope it was worth the wait!

The Lacy Place

UPDATE #1: I welcome feedback here. Good, bad (shudder) and the weird and wonderful.

UPDATE #2: There is a known bug where if you open a 'form' on Lacy and then click back to the main LIL site (here) and then go back to Lacy and hit 'submit' it will lose the post. Different browsers seem to solve the problem temporarily and I'm working on a more permanent solution to stop confusing our cookies.

UPDATE #3: Please reupload your sigs... we're trying a larger size..

Private Message update

I've just opened private messages up to be a lot less restrictive. They had to be locked down a while ago because users were abusing them, posting thousands and thousands of messages per day. I'm hopeful that our new(ish) chat system will have eliminated the desire to do such.

As of today there is no longer a limit to how many messages can be sent within a 'conversation'. I've also upped the amount of 'conversations' a girl can have in her inbox from 100 to 500.

uh uh uh... no hints here.

Something big is coming...

Get your mind out of the gutters, sluts. When I say something BIG is Coming... I don't mean 'cumming'. I know... I know... reign in your disappointment and brace yourself. Put on your best lingerie, immaculate makeup and your best pair of fuck-me pumps, because on Friday... there's going to be a surprise.

Let the speculation begin...

Coming Soon

I am nearing completion on the final edit of my forced feminization novel: Maidenhead. Little bits of this story have been dribbled out into this community over the last year or two, but it's finally approaching completion. It's well over 300 pages and a few hundred hours of my life. It's also the first real forced fem story I've released in over a decade. Yeesh. It's getting harder and harder to maintain the belief that I'm 23. We're looking at another week or so, but I thought I'd go ahead and tease this image that Ren put together for it.

All cleaned up and more secure

There we go. So it took a LITTLE longer than two hours... but we got there. Not much to look at, but a lot of under the hood stuff that will vastly improve the quality of the site and more important the security. In other words we got the maid out to clean and then tied her up at the end. Not bad for a couple of hours. Let me know if any new issues have arisen and stay tuned... more to come...

Site maintenance on June 13

As the first stage of sub-tropical storm Melissa, the site will be down for maintenance tomorrow: June 13 starting at 5PM EST. I expect the update to take 2 hours. As with all things technological this is an estimate and may only take ten minutes or it might take ten years. But let's say two hours. It's all very timey-wimey.

The whirlwind returns

Just a quick post to announce my usual cycle: return, cause chaos and the inevitable tornado of sudden content. I have come to the conclusion that I am a force of nature. I rear my head... make changes, add some new stuff, tear down some others and then life intervenes for a bit and I recede only to return back at full force. I am the hurricane... wet and wild. Fear me for I bring chaos! Mwahaha. So be alert, little sissies... we are now under Melissa-watch. Grab your ankles and huddle under your desks. I hope you have packed your sissy emergency kits...

Domme Chat

Gather around girls... It's story time.

Next Saturday, at 9PM (EST) I'll be hosting the first LIL Domme Chat. Many of you have questions, concerns and / or thoughts about LIL and I thought it would be useful to schedule a good old fashioned sit down and see who shows up. I will be creating a SPECIAL chat room that will appear that evening, so make sure your chat is turned on (you can do that in your profile) and look for it in the pop up chat window in the bottom right of the screen next Saturday.

Caption Winner

I'm proud to announce that Sabrina has won the first official Caption Contest at Locked in Lace. Hers showed the best use of space, content, originality and overall tone. (Although there were many fun ones to choose from... you girls didn't make this easy). Please congratulate Sabrina and give her butt an extra pinch when you see her!

Chatty Kathys

So I've reinstated the chat module and instead of running custom javascript on our server, I'm going through a paid chat system. This is good for a multitude of reasons (predominantly stability). You'll see some improved functionality too (such as the embedded chat room in the chat tab up top).

That being said... this is costing me an extra $20 / month.

If you like it... (and if you can)... help out.

Enjoy sissy girls...

Bullet Point Changes

  • cleared and repaired broken SQL tables causing the image upload issue.
  • Updated Jquery
  • Updated a number of modules including panels, views, chat, entity and increased drupal core by a few versions.
  • switched to the new server

*Note: We are getting persistent log errors because of the 'panels' mod. Recommendation is to uninstall and reinstall, but we will lose all pages formatted with panels to do such. It is a intrusive and resource intensive bug however, activating an error log every time someone submits a comment. Needs to be dealt with soonish.

Content type and structure created for AMBERVision

Woot! 200 GB of added SQL Database Storage installed!

Core drupal updated significantly by several version numbers.

Lots of module updates... predominantly

  • adaptive theme
  • admin-menu
  • colorbox
  • ctools
  • drupalchat
  • entity
  • features
  • field_permissions
  • fivestar
  • analytics
  • honeypot
  • countdown-timer
  • libraries
  • media
  • message
  • nodeviewcount (*this is the culprit)
  • organic groups
  • panels
  • publishcontent
  • quiz
  • recaptcha
  • scheduler
  • views (*this may also be the culprit)
  • and about a dozen more not worth mentioning

redid how the site saves backups and when...
Established a better site analysis messaging
removed some nasty malware
upgraded chastity belt software
integrated twine (somewhat)
confirmed correct installation of bakery for corp
removed several unused and outdated modules from the database

Certificates and Domains renewed

Disabled and removed the very outdated email subscription module. Not only was it a clunky thing, it was causing site drag and we should see some noticeable speed improvements.

Body and Comment forms are now a decent size again... They seem to work on mobile as well and continue to be adjustable with the grippy handle on the bottom.

Comments were not being accepted on the new Game content due to a faulty CAPTCHA. Fixed.

Also did a fix to get a limited toolbar back above text fields. This will hopefully continue to be expanded and improved upon, but I at least got the most common ones back. Yay.

Added daily Sissy affirmations to the front page and opened up the ability to comment on them. The hope is that dommes (and other Sissies) will read the affirmation and leave encouraging and 'dominant' remarks and tasks for the girls. The Academy remains closed for the time being for renovation and remodel.

Added a Games tab to the Fiction category that highlights all the games Ren and I have put together over the years... including a little circulated one that we are currently poking at called 'Corporate Training'. Fixed the slideshow to point there too. Enjoy!

Dug through the archives and found what I believe are all of the games and interactive stories (both finished and unfinished) from over the years. Menu item is now in the fiction submenu, and the main slide about games now links to it.

Took a small trip through hell and fixed the php install on the server to get affirmations working again. Classes are currently closed as I rethink/retool the Academy, but affirmations are back up and working.

Update core and theme... altered to a new (supported) version of BBCode. May solve some problems, will most likely cause more. Yay!

Modified Bookmarks to List in order of most recently updated.

  • Sorting bug on the Lacy forums solved.
  • Relations field on the character taxonomy removed on Lacy. Woo!

Created some dynamic content for the front page of Lacy Place including:

  • Most Recent Characters
  • Most Popular Storyline of the Day
  • Newest Store
  • and stickied admin posts.

Tweaked the Magazine Page at Lacy. No longer lists that previous issues will be posted. Fixed the comment system so that comments can be properly left on each issue. Added a line of code that displays unread comments under each magazine to mimic the motivational poster page.

Fixed an insecure link that was ironically enough on the links page.

  • Number of Views now counting upwards on forums
  • Rating of Thread now shown at the top of the post
  • Mall comments now showing on main store page
  • Private Messages can now preview

Lacy Diaries now jump to the top of the list when commented or updated.

Quick little update that added a personalized story and caption block to each users profile page. Users can now see what stories and captions each player has created.

The site is now SSL secure.

Been a little remiss in listing updates here... but it was time for a vast number so here are the bullets:

  • Drupal core updated
  • Updated the following modules: Scheduler, Entity, Views, Video, Context, Date, Drupalchat, Ctools
  • Major Database Full backup
  • Cleaned up obsolete database tables and fields

Major Lacy upgrade -

Amount of Force Preferred added to both characters and players -

  • Players see slightly different descriptions, players and tasks based off of how much force they choose to see.
  • Characters now have their preferred force level displayed under their avatar.

Core no longer truncating Lacy users. *
Redid the template for the comment view in stories.
Tweaked it to work on mobile as well.
Tried to fix the *new* bug and it's buried deep.
Area descriptions, NPCs and Tasks are now filtered by 'forced' or 'fluffy'.

Reconfigured the top news article on the main page of Core.
Enabled Private Message Notify so emails get sent when a new message is available. (forgot to enable. oops)

Fixed wrong profile link in tracking on Lacy.
Removed redundant My Characters menu item
Moved Log out into Quick Links
My Profile Tab removed from User Account Page

Restructured the SQL Database (again). More stable.
Added in an Advanced Forum component view that helped solve some issues on the OOC Forum for Lacy. (should implement some of this to all the other forums over there).
Fixed the line spacing issue. ugh.
Fixed the redirect that was taking people away from their user account to the profile. Should be more uniform now.
Added the OOC Forum
Added Personal Diaries.

  • Restructured the layout of the front page. Still not 100% happy and will continue to tweak.
  • Created a content type for Ren's 'motivational' captions, along with a view and a front page block.
  • Minor code cleanup on main.
  • Altered the theme to be a sub-theme instead of constantly having to not update the core one.
  • Released updated, re-edited (and in some cases rewritten) copy of Video Games in PDF.

Oh and the Lacy Place Forums went live. Yikes!

Massive updates to module and core including:

  • Updated themes
  • Improved Chat functionality
  • Improved Private message stability
  • Added Honey pot (less dirty than it sounds) as antibot protection
  • AJAX improved
  • Javascript component improved
  • Views and Entity Modules updated

Private Messages opened up to unlimited messages in a conversation and up to 500 conversations at a time.

  • Drupal Core Updated
  • Most all modules brought up to code... (heh code)
  • New Field Permissions Module installed
  • Awards added to account page along with pages and blocks to see them
  • Colorbox updated
  • Libraries updated
  • Users purged - Deleted users who never logged in and users who have been blocked (close to 1000 accounts)
  • Account Page cleaned and more functional
  • Fixed a flag issue

  • Updated achievements for Stories and Links and cleaned up some superfluous code.
  • Updated a few crucial modules.

Lots of achievement updates added:

  • Holiday Updates for logging in on certain days through to the new year.
  • Lots of new achievements for higher levels of posting responses.
  • Achievements for the Halloween Dressing Room.

    Oh and a Dressing Room content type has been created with specific comment fields.

  • Subscription Module added and permissions set. Playtesting still needed.

  • bookmarks tab in profile works now

  • Easter Achievements

  • Fixed Advanced Forum Bug that was preventing new posts.
  • Updated Main Articles page to be a little more friendly and tabled.

Major update to get drupal core and modules up to date. Drupal now on version 7.12. The following modules have been upgraded:

  • Advanced Help
  • Advanced Forum
  • Ajax Markup
  • BUEditor
  • colorbox
  • ddblock
  • entity
  • faq
  • fivestar
  • flag
  • links
  • panels
  • profile2
  • publishcontent
  • rules
  • token
  • token_filter
  • views

  • Achievements added for Captions
  • Special achievement added in new Other Category
  • New Side block added for anonymous users
  • Removed Bug List and added it to the User Menu
  • Rearranged front blocks for authorized users

  • Added a handful of achievements for different amounts of forum posts.
  • Cleaned up the spelling on a few achievements
  • Wiped the achievement cache to refresh icons

  • added the custom module of comment achievements
  • added the new leader board to track achievements
  • added the profile to track personal achievements

  • Added three new forums:
  • Welcome New Girls
  • The Bulletin Board
  • Real Life Adventures
  • Major under the hood work freeing the new site database from any sharing with the old site. This should greatly diminish the max_user_connections errors we receive on the new area.
  • Added a new 'Very Hot' button to most kinds of content. Anyone can have a "Like' button. :D Also as a test created a 'hottest links' block on the links page. Displays for different kinds of Hot content will be forthcoming.

  • Added 20 new terms to the Glossary FAQ section.
  • Changed content from lists to tables in the Site Navigation FAQ.
  • Minor tweaks or corrections made to various other FAQ entries.

  • Membership List now sortable by name and date joined
  • Two new forums added: TG News & Entertainment Discussion

We've gone GOLD.

With the software now fully up-to-date, play tested and major bugs fixed, we are now officially open with the new HUB of LIL.

Recent changes:

  • Updated to Drupal 7.7
  • Updated the following modules: Ctools, Entity, Views, Advanced Forum, Token, Bueditor, Colorbox, DDblock, Fivestar, Privatemsg, Profile2, Rules
  • Reverted to previous five-star when PHP version discrepancy caused error. Must revisit.
  • Fixed Story-list view to display correctly in new View UI.
  • Fixed Taxonomy Terms that in Caption and Story lists that broke on the Views update.

  • Added RP game descriptions to What is LiL? FAQ.
  • Converted list of programs to a table in Caption Creation FAQ.
  • Removed letter links from Glossary FAQ to tidy it up a bit.
  • Minor corrections and wording changes to other FAQ entries.

  • Posting effects in FAQ split into entries for text & images.
  • Personalization removed from FAQ entry on Account Settings.
  • FAQ entries adjusted to account for changes to the login system.

[list][*]Silly random quotes added to front page
[*]Profile 2 reinstalled along with the Token Insert module.
[*]First part of 'Kidnapped' posted.

  • 2 FAQ entries consolidated to create a single Forums entry.
  • 2 FAQ entries consolidated to create a single Captions & Stories entry.
  • Dynamic tokens added to a few posts in the FAQ.
  • Minor corrections and improvements made to some FAQ posts.

  • Added a special view to appear on the side panel of the Updates page.
  • Changed A Curious Sissy to Curious Sissy for better use with tokens.
  • IE8 now able to login. *needs testing*
  • New menu on the front page linking to eventual RP Forums